You can buy a Fire Phone in a UK – though we unequivocally shouldn’t

Amazon Fire Phone

How to buy a Amazon Fire Phone in a UK, since we can’t buy the Fire Phone in a UK – and since we unequivocally shouldn’t bother. [See also: Amazon Fire phone launch: as it happened and Amazon Fire Phone recover date, cost and specs.]

What is a Amazon Fire Phone?

Amazon has announced a initial smartphone. The Amazon Fire Phone has a quad-core chip and 2GB RAM, and runs Amazon’s possess handling system, and allows users to indicate products in a earthy universe and afterwards buy them approach from Amazon. There’s Dynamic Perspective, in that 4 front-facing cameras concede a user to correlate with a phone around facial recognition. This allows for auto-scrolling, sloping and navigating menus – all though wanting to hold a screen.

Amazon has combined support for a record to a built-in apps including maps and games. For example, we can ‘peek’ in maps to see Yelp ratings, or pierce your conduct around in Lili to demeanour around corners or objects.

There’s also Firefly, with that we indicate your camera during earthy universe posters, records and even TV shows in sequence to save new contacts, make phone calls, send emails and revisit websites though carrying to form in any details. It can even perform OCR in magazines, or on posters to brand text. It’s substantially best suspicion of as a ‘universal Shazam’, recognising cinema and TV episodes and even live TV, afterwards regulating information from IMDb to uncover information on actors and associated sum so we can supplement titles to your watchlist.

Critically Firefly also works for music, vouchsafing we get information on a strain that’s personification and charity a couple to buy it. From Amazon, of course. (For some-more info, see Amazon looks to take on Samsung, Apple with Fire Phone.)

Sound good? Well we can’t have it. (Okay we can, though you’ll have to review on.)

Why we can’t buy a Amazon Fire Phone in a UK

Here’s why. The Fire Phone is during heart a comparatively common device. What creates it engaging is a approach it integrates into Amazon’s world. Walk down a street, see something we like, indicate it and Amazon will broach it subsequent day. Hear a strain a TV show, Firefly it and we can buy and download it to your handset.

This is both what creates a Fire Phone engaging to consumers, and how Amazon expects it to beget income and profit. But for a knowledge to be good it requires seemless formation with a outrageous series of third-party sites, services and stores. You need internal chartering deals with music, movie, books and TV makers. FireFly needs to know bar codes and internal language.

When a Kindle Fire launched in a US, it took around 18 months to get to a UK. And this was predominantly since of a requirment to get all a calm owners to pointer adult to deals that worked in a UK. The Fire Phone adds a whole other covering of complexity to this, and for it to work for Amazon users need to be means to spend, spend, spend from day one. Unless it is a outrageous disaster we will get a Fire Phone, though substantially era two, substantially in a year or so. However, we can buy an Amazon Fire Phone, even if we live in a UK. The doubt is: why?

How to buy a Amazon Fire Phone in a UK

Buying a hardware is easy. Ideally we need a crony who lives in a US, since a easiest and cheapest process is to get someone over there to buy your Fire Phone, and afterwards boat it to you.

If we don’t have a US hit (and design them to start appearing on eBay during arrogant prices soon), a choice is to bound on a craft with a credit card, have a brief outing to a States and mix it with a mark of tech shopping. The plea here is that to buy a smartphone we might need a US travel address. Your Amazon comment positively will.

Either way, we should also be wakeful that we might be compulsory to compensate avocation to import your Fire Phone into a UK.  If it is posted to we a package will expected be opened, and we will get a minute requiring additional payment. If we lift it by etiquette we will expected get divided with it, though we couldn’t presumably suggest that.

How to use a Amazon Fire Phone in a UK

Even in a US a Fire Phone is sealed to ATT, so in sequence to use your phone as a phone in a UK we will need to get it unbarred (or use it with Wi-Fi only). Elsewhere on these pages I’ve created a minute underline on how to clear a phone, though sufficient to contend there are dual methods and conjunction is guaranteed to work. You can source and use an clear code, or use a wire to bond to an clear server. The former will expected be wily for a phone that is not accessible in a UK, though is value a try. You are some-more expected to have success with a cable, if we can find one. And a third-party phone clear store might be your crony here.

But customer beware: this a phone that is sealed down in a US, so there is no pledge that we will be means to clear it to use with UK SIMs. The good news is that a unsuccessful clear try is doubtful to repairs your Fire Phone.

But in sequence to use it scrupulously we need a US Amazon comment – and we need to fake we are in a US to use it. So, we can use a US comment we had to set adult when we bought a phone, and give someone in a US your comment details, and afterwards let them know what we want. Or we can travesty a US IP residence on your PC, set adult an comment and make purchases there. Let’s face it: not unequivocally ideal.

So a doubt is not *can* we buy a Fire Phone in a UK, though since would you? (See also: The 30 best smartphones: The best phone we can buy in 2014 and Apple won’t remove nap over Amazon’s Fire Phone.)

Amazon Fire Phone

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