Women's Halfpipe Live Results: Chloe Kim Goes for Gold in Debut

• Three other Americans are also among a 12 finalists.

• The snowboarders will take 3 runs, and usually a best run will count.


Chloe Kim and Shaun White.

Kin Cheung/Associated Press, David Ramos/Getty Images

The Shaun White of Her Generation

Kim, a 17-year-old bullion award favorite in a snowboard halfpipe, was sitting nearby Shaun White when a doubt about vigour was destined her way. Kim, lined adult on an auditorium theatre with a American group on a eve of a Winter Olympics, was, after all, approaching to overcome a foe here, and maybe during several some-more Games after this.

She shrugged a doubt away.

“I don’t unequivocally cruise about it as pressure,” she said. Pressure is a byproduct of expectations, she added, and expectations meant that people trust in you.

White, 32 years aged and a many famous supplement in history, fielded deeper questions about his life and career. Without many prompting, he kept returning to a judgment of expectations and pressure. It was apparently on his mind, a consistent messenger for about 25 years now.

The years have taught him that a hardest pretence is nutritious success when everybody expects it from you.

His assembly was a room full of journalists, yet it felt aimed, intentionally or not, during an assembly of one: Kim.

“It’s only kind of a mental mind-set of carrying won, and afterwards carrying to win after winning, and win after winning after winning, we know?” White said, laughing. “It’s a good problem to have, yet it’s anticipating that motivation, anticipating that drive.”


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Kim was widespread in subordinate on Monday and was a transparent favorite entering a final on Tuesday.

It will be White’s spin on Wednesday, supposing he creates it by subordinate Tuesday afternoon. For a fourth time, he arrived as a favorite to win a Olympic halfpipe competition, looking for his third bullion medal. In 2014, he finished fourth.

He has grown from ardent childhood idol to elder politician of a foe — a movement, unequivocally — now gliding into a subsequent generation. The steer of him nearby Kim felt like a mash-up of past and future.

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The comparisons are apt, and Kim’s arise feels like a clever relate of White’s. Both grew adult in Southern California. Both were enthralled in skateboard enlightenment early. Both had relatives who took them to a plateau to snowboard. Both began to browbeat halfpipe contests by a time they strike puberty.

Kim stomped a foe in subordinate contests before a 2014 Winter Olympics, yet she was too immature to be authorised to contest in Sochi. She has won a X Games halfpipe foe in Aspen, Colo., 3 times, and also has a china and bronze.

Both White and Kim soar past peers with a brew of gallantry and acrobatics. Unafraid of speed (perhaps from years on skateboards) or height, they customarily fly aloft than others, giving them time to perform tricks many others have never landed or even tried.

Both have poignant social-media followings (though White’s fans series in a millions while Kim has several hundred thousand). Both have a far-reaching spectrum of sponsors and teams of handlers — and difficult relations with their competition. Snowboarders generally cruise their trade some-more a lifestyle than a vocation. Camaraderie and an ambivalence toward winning contests interfuse a culture.

White has prolonged been a bit of an alien among his peers, many of whom perspective his blurb interest and welcome of celebrity with a brew of scorn and jealousy. Kim is a bit different; she forsaken into an already determined culture, and riders like Clark became mentors and sister figures. But it is not tough to suppose a order growing, as it did with White, between Kim and her peers — a women she continues to leave behind in foe and commercialism.

But no one asked about intrasport tensions when White and Kim were on theatre together a few days ago. White talked about how many his concentration altered when celebrity and happening came his approach as he prepared for his initial Winter Olympics.

“I was 19, we had these outrageous contracts and deals and things, and my life was flattering many set, we know,” White said. “And afterwards a proclivity became only to indurate a fact that this is only who we am and what we do.”


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White is a formidable male — partial athlete, partial businessman, partial informative icon. He prolonged ago strew his Flying Tomato nickname. His red hair is cut rather short, stylistically mussed, a practice of someone who wants to play yet also wants to be taken seriously.

He was sponsored by Burton during age 7 and was a snowboarding and skateboarding idol by center school. Soon he was approaching to win each foe he entered, from a X Games to a Olympics. From his beginning memories, he was approaching to be a subsequent large thing, he said.

“I was also teed adult to be a subsequent large failure,” he added.

All of this was pronounced as Kim sat within arm’s reach. White never mentioned her, and he didn’t seem to comprehend that he was articulate about her — over and over — as he was articulate about himself.

A contributor asked White about Ayumu Hirano, who was 15 during a 2014 Winter Olympics when he won a china award in a halfpipe for Japan. By then, he was already being compared to White, heaped with large expectations.

“That’s a really tough position to be in,” White said. “I know, from being a immature snowboarder myself.”

By then, Kim had leaned brazen and incited to listen.

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