Why a 2017 deteriorate is explanation a College Football Playoff should never expand

At about 12:30 p.m. ET Sunday, a college football universe stood still. 

Brandon, ESPN’s graphics guy, had built out a final College Football Playoff bracket, and a network played adult a No. 4 mark like a consummate to a Hollywood thriller. It was 11-1 Alabama, that mislaid to opposition Auburn to remove a SEC West one week before, circumference out 11-2 Ohio State, that hoisted a Big Ten championship prize about 12 hours before a announcement. Almost immediately, a cry from a republic was to enhance a playoff.

In reality, it should have been a opposite. If there should have been a cry to do anything, it should be to agreement behind to a two-team playoff some-more ordinarily famous as a BCS.

Think unequivocally tough about a discuss that has taken place in a 48 hours given a Buckeyes were snubbed in preference of a Crimson Tide. 

On one hand, we have an Alabama group that didn’t win a de facto multiplication pretension game, got dominated in probably any aspect in that diversion and afterwards saw a opposition that kick them — Auburn — get smoked by Georgia in a in a SEC Championship Game. Its best win is over No. 17 LSU with Ohio State carrying 3 that were noticed as improved in a eyes of a CFP Selection Committee (No. 6 Wisconsin, No. 9 Penn State and No. 16 Michigan State). 

It’s ostensible to be a “four best teams,” nonetheless Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia and Auburn are improved than Alabama.

On a other hand, those Buckeyes — a ones with 3 plain wins — also mislaid by dual scores to a playoff group during home and got smoked by 31 by an unranked Iowa. That was too most for a cabinet to ignore.

The dual primary contenders for a No. 4 mark had injured résumés, and enlargement would entice even some-more injured résumés to a celebration that should be indifferent for soundness — or during slightest something tighten to it. Expansion would change a idea of a playoff divided from excellence, bearing entrance instead.

Give me value over entrance any day — even if that creates it tough for a ubiquitous open and those of us in enthralled in a college football universe to define.

Only a best should contest for a inhabitant title.

With 130 FBS teams, there will always be subjectivity. That’s not a bad thing. The beauty of a College Football Playoff is that it defines what championship-worthy is formed on a specific landscape of any season, not something that has zero to do with value like discussion connection that is mostly dynamic by geography. That landscape shifts not usually from year to year, though week to week and hour to hour.

For that reason, it’s an practice in futility to use story to envision what a cabinet will do in a future. Just go along for a ride.

If we enhance to six, a usually approach a commissioners give it a go-ahead is if it’s a 5 Power Five discussion champions and a top-rated Group of Five team. What if there’s an dissapoint in a discussion championship game? We had a flattering offset line-up of discussion championship games this season, though because on Earth would Stanford – a three-loss group in a unchanging deteriorate that mislaid to San Diego State – merit a shot during a same value as No. 1 Clemson? It doesn’t. Yet, with involuntary bids for discussion champions, it would have perceived one.

The same problems exist for an eight-team playoff, that would usually get upheld with a same 6 involuntary bids and dual furious cards. In 2012, that means 8-5 Wisconsin would have had a same shot to win it all as then-undefeated Notre Dame and one-loss (and contingent champion) Alabama.

Hard pass. 

Dodd: Why there will not be an eight-team playoff anytime soon

It’s improved to have a estimable group on a outward looking in any once in a while than one that isn’t estimable get in, get prohibited and win it all. The latter would endorse a misfortune fears of those who adore and conclude a biggest 3 months in American sports — a college football season.

All of it.

College football’s structure army it to be opposite than all other vital veteran and college sports due to a series of teams in a tip turn and nonesuch of games.

CFP executive executive Bill Hancock and others always speak about safeguarding a unchanging deteriorate when fortifying a stream system, and that nonesuch tact demand. There’s zero wrong with that. It should be stable during all costs. 

Auburn had a possibility during creation a margin and squandered it Saturday.

But what got mislaid in a Ohio State-Alabama hullabaloo was a fact that a significance of a unchanging deteriorate was already negated this season under this structure.

We had an Iron Bowl that, for usually a second time, served as a play-in diversion for a SEC Championship Game. At a time, we suspicion Auburn’s 26-14 win meant everything.

In reality, it meant nothing. The Iron Bowl meant nothing.

And a resolution to that is to make some-more suggestive games meant nothing?


College football’s postseason doesn’t need to be fixed; it needs to be accepted. Inevitable subjectivity needs to embraced, value needs to be rewarded and disorderly debates on championship-worthy teams need to be avoided as most as possible.

Expanding a playoff would usually raise some-more of them on.

Just suffer a ride. It’s improved that way. 

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