Why Google Capital Placed Its Hadoop Bet On MapR

Now that MapR has perceived a bucket of income from Google Capital, it is time to ask: What does this latest turn of Hadoop appropriation mean? All 3 of a vital players have gotten immeasurable amounts of income from obvious investors. What can we infer from looking during who saved whom?


To my thinking, Google Capital’s investment means that a start of a foe is over. There are 3 vital players, MapR, Cloudera, and Hortonworks, with Pivotal, WANdisco, Syncsort and dozens of others offered superchargers and enhancements. But a categorical eventuality will be between a vital players, any of that has a opposite strategy.


To win, any of a players needs to support a foe a opposite way. It is already transparent that all 3 companies are removing traction. And with Hadoop and MapR saved with sum appropriation of usually brief of $200 million each, and MapR saved with some-more than $1 billion, it is transparent that all have staying power. Remember, it is approaching that all 3 can win in a clarity that a stream employees and investors get a plain exit. What is some-more engaging is bargain how Hadoop will attain in a enterprise, where many of a income will be spent. Here’s a run down of a foe as we see it.


Hortonworks: Embeddability and Open Source Purity


I always suppose a Hortonworks offices as full of monks in orange robes. Five times a day, a bell rings and everybody meditates about resplendent blank that is a energy of pristine open source.


Captured by uploader.

Captured by uploader. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This picture resonates since a Hortonworks plan is formed on dual elements. First is that they are a pristine open source company, that doesn’t sell any exclusive software. This explain alone is adequate to attract those in a craving who adore a open source indication and wish to equivocate lock-in of any sort. Hortonworks wins deals on this tender alone, though it is not adequate for them to win.


The genuine motorist of Hortonworks plan is protected embeddability. Hortonworks has partnerships with Microsoft and Teradata who have sanctified a Hortonworks placement and are incorporating it into their information room ecosystems. These incomparable players have a vast commissioned bottom and precocious channels that will deliver Hadoop into thousands of accounts.


Hortonworks offers to be an unthreatening beam to Hadoop for a information room ecosystem giants. Hortonworks can assistance change a growth of a open source projects to improved adjust to a information room ecosystem. Hortonworks also can claim it is a slightest melancholy of a 3 vital Hadoop players since it will never rise exclusive capabilities to contest with a information room ecosystem.


Clever sales staff from Hortonworks mostly use a analogy of Linux and Solaris, a dual flavors of Unix, a former open source and a after creatively grown as exclusive handling complement before it was expelled as open source. The summary would be, “We are Linux. They are Solaris. Remember, open source always wins.” While this research has extraneous bite, it fails to commend that a immeasurable infancy of all 3 of a vital players is done adult of a Apache Hadoop core distribution.


Hortonworks is betting that any gaps in craving usability will be addressed by their information room ecosystem partners. Cloudera to some extent, and MapR in a vast way, are arguing that these gaps are distant incomparable than Hortonworks assumes and need some-more vicious remediation.


Cloudera: First Mover Momentum


I consider of Cloudera as a Wall Street sidestep fund, legitimate visionaries who trade forward of a market. Mike Olson, initial CEO of Cloudera and now Chief Strategy Officer, is a Gordon Gekko figure, in suspenders behind a table fluttering around a vast cigar. Amr Awadallah, a CTO, is a conduct trader, meditative of ways to get ahead.


Wall Street

Wall Street (Photo credit: zoonabar)

I recently wrote about Cloudera in dual articles (“Cloudera’s Strategy for Conquering Big Data in a Enterprise“, “Cloudera’s Cash is Not an Adequate Business Strategy“) and following spoke to Mike Olson. My research was vicious of Cloudera’s plan that we epitomised as follows: Cloudera is seeking to fill a opening between craving needs and what a Apache Hadoop offers by formulating a tiny volume of exclusive program to raise a preference of regulating Hadoop in a enterprise. Cloudera will grasp a prophesy of an Enterprise Data Hub by charity what we call “proprietary convenience” that is dictated not to close in business though to close out a competition.


My research was that even with hundreds of millions in a bank from Intel that exclusive preference would not yield a differentiating advantage agains possibly a information room ecosystem or opposite Hortonworks and MapR. A billion competence not be scarcely adequate to rise Hadoop into a complement that could take immeasurable amounts of marketplace share divided from Microsoft and Teradata. Because Cloudera is dedicated to gripping as many open source as probable and avoiding close in, putting that income into creation a Apache Hadoop core improved usually would assistance MapR and Hortonworks.


When we got on a phone with Olson, we approaching that he would chuck his Cohiba during me, though instead he had a peace of someone who was in a 9th inning and 10 runs ahead. Olson was gracious, did not find inaccuracies in my writing, though kindly disagreed with my conclusions. Olson’s assertions was that Cloudera had a many customers, a many partners, a many money, and would keep doing what it had been doing, now with a assistance of Intel, and that’s that.


As a tech man who had worked in dual companies as a CTO, we was annoyed that Olson could have so small regard for my research of a product. That’s when we satisfied that for Cloudera it is not about a product. It is about a initial inciter momentum. Cloudera can indicate to a distance of a patron base, a partners, a investment from Intel, and run a aged “Nobody got dismissed for shopping IBM” routine. Olson was happy since we think he believes that a vast volume of income from Intel creates this story impregnable.

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