Where does Greg Monroe finish up? Here's a 6 many expected destinations

Greg Monroe is a initial domino in a always-entertaining NBA buyout market. On Wednesday, it was reported a Phoenix Suns had concluded to a buyout for Monroe’s final year, value about $18 million, and he would be attack giveaway agency.

Five years ago, it would be absurd to consider of Monroe as a buyout candidate. At a time, he was rising for a Detroit Pistons as half of their two-headed frontcourt beast along with Andre Drummond. During a four-year camber there (excluding his rookie year), Monroe averaged 32 minutes, 16 points, 10 rebounds, 2.5 assists, and 50 percent sharpened from a field.

But a NBA’s modernization happened quickly, and starting spots for players like Monroe are few and distant between now. Monroe doesn’t space a floor, he’s done 0 three-pointers in his career, and he isn’t a good defender — dual lethal sins for a actor his size. It says something that he couldn’t mangle his approach into a Milwaukee Bucks revolution to start this year.

Still, Monroe has useful qualities, and there’s unequivocally a purpose for him on someone’s dais — it’s usually a matter of where. There is “significant seductiveness league-wide” for a 27-year-old, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. It feels expected Monroe will wait for a Feb. 8 trade deadline before creation any decisions, nonetheless there competence be a conditions so good he creates indeterminate skeleton before then. As it stands right now, though, here are a situations that make a many clarity for Monroe.

7. The field

Chances this happens: We’re about to list a 5 teams many expected to obstacle Monroe, yet we never know. Twenty-eight teams technically could pointer Monroe — anyone who isn’t Phoenix, who bought him out, and Milwaukee, who can’t pointer him for one year given trade him.

Miami usually got a infirm actor exception, yet a Heat have 3 centers already. Houston competence wish a backup behind Nene, even if it can’t guarantee Monroe many minutes. The Raptors make some clarity for Monroe, generally if they representation a trade for Jonas Valanciunas by a Feb. 8 trade deadline. (There’s no fume that such a trade is imminent, though. Not many teams need starting centers and Valanciunas’ agreement is massive.) And while it doesn’t make many sense, Cleveland is desperate. Maybe a allure of LeBron James is adequate to drag in Monroe.

For that reason, we’ll contend that a margin has a 10 percent possibility to obstacle him.

6. Oklahoma City Thunder

Why it creates sense: The Thunder don’t have a loyal backup core behind Steven Adams, instead stuffing his mins with smaller options like Jerami Grant, Carmelo Anthony, and Patrick Patterson. Oklahoma City competence wish another backup large with similarities to Adams, usually in case. The group used Enes Kanter with good success final year, and Monroe carries some aspect turn comparisons.

Why it doesn’t make sense: Oklahoma City won’t be giving adult on those small-ball lineups, and while Monroe competence be identical to Adams in a clarity they both can’t shoot, he won’t scarcely replicate Adams’ defensive abilities. Do a Thunder have a improved shot during row than, say, a Celtics? Do they have some-more than 10 mins for Monroe, like New Orleans would? Both answers are likely, “no.”

Chances this happens: I’m going to contend 4 percent. It feels like there are improved options out there, yet we never know.

5. Golden State Warriors

Why it creates sense: Golden State’s frontcourt is done adult of dual arguable veterans, David West and Zaza Pachulia, and dual engaging younger bigs, Jordan Bell and Kevon Looney. They also have JaVale McGee, who has played sparingly this season. All of them are useful, yet Monroe is a maestro large male who is some-more arguable than a younger players and expected some-more prolific than a comparison core. Imagine a Warriors being meddlesome in signing you, and revelation them, “no.” Could Monroe unequivocally do that?

Why it doesn’t make sense: Monroe is a unbending 6’11 who wouldn’t fit all that good into a Warriors’ constantly switching defense. (Then again, conjunction does Pachulia and arguably West.) Plus, Golden State’s best lineups mostly omit normal large group altogether, opting for a Draymond Green and Kevin Durant combo.

Chances this happens: 10 percent, even with no genuine denote so distant a Warriors are even interested. ‘

4. Washington Wizards

Why it creates sense: John Wall is out 6 to 8 weeks after a teenager arthroscopic knee procedure, and a Wizards’ usually loyal large male off a dais after Marcin Gortat is Ian Mahinmi. Monroe has valid to be a arguable low post scorer who could assistance Washington’s intermediate dais unit, and TNT’s David Aldridge lists a Wizards as a group meddlesome in a scoring center’s services.

Why it doesn’t make sense: Monroe creates Washington’s dais a small bit better, yet he doesn’t indispensably pierce a needle in creation a Wizards some-more rival in a playoffs. He’ll also have to contest for mins behind players who have been staples in Washington’s revolution for years.

Chances this happens: Signing Monroe on a buyout marketplace is a pierce that creates a Wizards a small bit improved yet giving adult any assets. Let’s run with a 10 percent possibility these dual work something out.

3. San Antonio Spurs

Why it creates sense: The Spurs have a prolonged lane record of holding in underappreciated veterans and branch them into excellent, prolific backups. The many approach comparison is David Lee, who averaged 19 mins for San Antonio final deteriorate while personification in 79 games. Monroe and Lee are intensely identical players during this stage, and a Spurs wanted to move Lee behind final summer yet couldn’t fit it in underneath a income cap. Maybe Monroe can be their Lee replacement.

Why it doesn’t make sense: Is San Antonio going anywhere this season? The Spurs are unresolved onto a No. 3 seed in a Western Conference, yet this puzzling Kawhi Leonard damage has put a check on everything.

Chances this happens: Let’s slap an 11 percent on this, since we should never count out San Antonio for anything.

2. New Orleans Pelicans

Why this creates sense: New Orleans usually mislaid DeMarcus Cousins for a season, and according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, a Pelicans are entertainment movement in a competition for Monroe. They’ve even pronounced he will have a possibility to win a starting pursuit alongside Anthony Davis.

New Orleans had creatively targeted Nikola Mirotic, yet that understanding has depressed by for now, and maybe for good. The Pelicans have been personification with dual large group all year and can space a building subsequent to Monroe. If Monroe is looking for a payday subsequent season, afterwards there’s no group that can give him some-more mins to infer himself.

Another reason: Monroe was innate in a New Orleans suburbs. Not any actor feels connected to their childhood, yet there’s usually one group that could publicize homecoming in their sales pitch.

Why this doesn’t make sense: Monroe, and everybody else, contingency know a Pelicans aren’t critical contenders and substantially aren’t even creation it past a initial round.

Chances this happens: 20 percent. There’s event and personal connections, yet there’s also zero like fasten a contending group for a initial time in your veteran career. It’d be tough for Monroe to pass that up.

1. Boston Celtics

Why this creates sense: Boston now uses Daniel Theis, Marcus Morris, and Semi Ojeleye as backup large group behind Al Horford and Aron Baynes. All 3 have range, yet Ojeleye is usually attack 30 percent from deep. But nothing of them finish and miscarry as good as Monroe, who would immediately supplement another component to their dais and their No. 14-ranked resilient percentage.

It has already been reported a Celtics are meddlesome in Monroe, and they have an $8.4-million infirm actor difference they could use on him. That difference allows them to outbid anyone else, while Boston would also give Monroe one of a best shots during winning. That said, Monroe is still collecting some commission of his $18 million agreement this season. Money competence not indispensably be a many critical thing.

Why this doesn’t make sense: It’s probable Monroe could tumble out of a postseason rotation, generally if he isn’t effective.

Chances this happens: I’ll contend there’s a 45 percent possibility Monroe heads to Boston. It was usually reported so quickly there was seductiveness between a dual parties, and it does make sense.

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