Whatever Happened to a Budding Rivalry Between Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz?

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If we wish to feel old, demeanour behind on what we suspicion about Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz usually dual years ago.

Remember how we felt about Prescott during his Rookie of a Year deteriorate in 2016. Remember a excitement, a highlights, a constrained come-from-nowhere story, a MVP chatter, a near-certainty that he was about to take a NFL by charge and make a Cowboys a powerhouse for a subsequent decade?

Now remember how we felt about Wentz. Sure, there was excitement, generally after a second altogether collect in a 2016 breeze led a Eagles to a boiling 3-0 start and incited Philadelphia into Carson City, Wentzylvania.

But by a 2016 midseason, when Prescott threw an overtime touchdown to Jason Witten to lead a Cowboys to a 29-23 feat over a Eagles, Wentz was usually a Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield, another rookie battling turnovers and craziness after a earnest start. Prescott was on his approach to apropos a sensation.

Wentz vs. Prescott was a prohibited radio discuss subject in those ancient days. Provocateurs took predicted sides. Others approached a evidence more logically, nonetheless a Prescott hum was tough to balance out. Here in a created media, analysts supposing deep-tissue breakdowns of a stats and film. Eagles and Cowboys fans—not famous for their receptive and polite discourse—engaged hostilities on an all-new battlefront.

The Tom Brady-Peyton Manning adversary had usually ended, and here were dual resisting superstars-in-training staid to duel twice per year for another 10 years. And Prescott, a unheralded underdog, was lined adult to be a Brady.

Feel aged yet?

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If not, watch a highlights of a Cowboys’ Monday night detriment to a Titans. Watch Prescott nictitate a red-zone interception into double coverage or continue mixed sacks by indolence in a slot forever. Recall Prescott’s defensive-sounding Oct “I know I’m a improved player” comments or Jerry Jones fluctuating votes of certainty for both Prescott and coach Jason Garrett in a arise of an descent unemployment that has lasted roughly accurately a calendar year.

The Prescott-Wentz rivalry, if not dead, is in vicious condition these days. Wentz has a Super Bowl ring, nonetheless he indispensable a three-inning save from service ace Nick Foles to acquire it. Prescott is a one-hit consternation from dual years ago, one wave divided from a bonus rack.

The difficulty started this time final year, when Cowboys using behind Ezekiel Elliott was dangling and All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith missed a few weeks with an injury. The Cowboys got outscored 92-22 in 3 blowout losses, one of them to Wentz and a Eagles. A infirm Prescott threw 0 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in that span, with a would-be authorization quarterback remade into a more mobile Nathan Peterman once his using diversion and pass insurance were downgraded.  

Prescott’s opening stabilized rather after Smith and Elliott returned, though in a offseason, a Cowboys mislaid Witten to retirement and Dez Bryant to top issues/melodrama/declining play and transposed them with rookies, projects and sad thinking. Prescott was marooned in a weaponless, uninspired offense.

Prescott hasn’t cratered like Blake Bortles. He still produces a good diversion here and there when all is going a Cowboys’ way. But he has solemnly receded from relevance, from a man who should be starring in commercials and heading Super Bowl runs to one instead throwing shade passes on 3rd-and-15 in dull losses.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Wentz, meanwhile, went on an MVP-caliber tear, tore an ACL, rode in a Super Bowl parade, rehabbed by a initial dual games of a deteriorate and is still jolt off a decay while a Eagles try to persperate out a Super Bowl hangover.

Wentz’s career has been speed-plotted, 6 or 7 years’ value of events congested into two-and-a-half. And with a few game-killing turnovers on his portfolio and Patrick Mahomes claiming a MVP hiss Wentz took from Prescott, last year is already starting to feel like a prolonged time ago in Philly.

But let’s not strech for some fake equivalence. Few would disagree that Wentz and Prescott are in a same weight category anymore, unless loopy arguments define their brand. The Eagles are set during quarterback. The Cowboys are scheming to settle during quarterback.

“Listen, Dak is a quarterback of a Cowboys,” Jones pronounced Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan. “He’s young, and he’s removing extended.”

Poking fun during Jones’ declarations and decisions is always fun—”he’s young” competence be a usually quarterback enrich some-more weak than “he’s tall”—but Jones has a right thought here. There won’t be any improved options than Prescott on a breeze house for a Cowboys, who usually spent their first-round collect on Amari Cooper, a arms for Prescott. Free group will usually be an event to overpay for someone like Foles.

The best gamble for a destiny of a Cowboys will be to try to pointer Prescott long-term and wish a preference doesn’t demeanour like Oakland‘s Derek Carr understanding roughly immediately.

That’s right: It’s already time to worry about overpaying Prescott, usually dual years after he rose from mid-round shade and a third fibre to reinstate Tony Romo—a excellent quarterback though a walking bill deficit—simultaneously elucidate both a Cowboys’ quarterback and financial problems.

Prescott was too good to be loyal as a rookie. But we wanted to trust a backstory, so we abandoned that he benefited from armored-car insurance and a using diversion that incited each play-action toss over a linebackers into backyard pitch-’n’-catch. We were confused for what would occur when fissures non-stop in a descent line and Prescott faced worse situations. Prescott and a Cowboys were confused too.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Quarterback takes from dual years ago make us feel aged since they sound so naive. We usually saw Prescott and Wentz in a handful of games before we began sketch comparisons and framing a rivalry. We filled in a blanks with storytelling: a child from Fargo, a child who overtook Romo, America’s Team, a City of Brotherly Boos.

Now that we’ve seen more, Wentz vs. Prescott is a conflict of a infrequently well-developed and a mostly acceptable, with a Eagles and Cowboys perplexing to scratch out of a swamp multiplication for a right to be a rebellious manikin for a Rams or Saints. Not accurately a things of Roman numerals.

If a 2016 quarterback takes make us feel aged now, suppose how today’s impressions competence demeanour in 2019 or 2020.

Maybe Mahomes will have depressed to earth by afterwards and Mitchell Trubisky will be a toast of a NFL. Josh Allen and Sam Darnold could be a impassioned local adversary in dual years, or we’ll be wondering because we didn’t speak some-more about Deshaun Watson. Maybe Nick Mullens is about to spin a Prescott of 2016.

Perhaps a Cowboys will build around Prescott, and he’ll grow into a pesky, underappreciated Alex Smith type. Perhaps Wentz gets a magisterial agreement that hamstrings a Eagles and becomes one some-more man for Philly fans to spin on.

It all sounds as crazy now as this destiny would have sounded in 2016.

Prescott vs. Wentz competence not be most of a adversary anymore, though Cowboys vs. Eagles is eternal. And with both quarterbacks doubtful to be going anywhere for a prolonged time and a new tract turn each few weeks, there are still copiousness of stories left to tell.

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