What Tom Thibodeau has schooled from Patriots manager Bill Belichick

1:17 AM ET

Doc Rivers stares incredulously as he processes a question.

Has Tom Thibodeau altered during all from a time we met him until now?

“You’re teasing me?” Rivers pronounced with a chuckle.

Thibodeau, a conduct manager of a Minnesota Timberwolves, was an partner underneath Rivers with a Boston Celtics when they won an NBA championship in 2008, so Rivers has seen one of his pupils arise to a top row of coaches in a joining over a past decade.

“I consider he likes finer food now than he did when we initial had him in Boston,” Rivers continued. “Thibs was a large follower in Arby’s when we was in Boston and now he likes going to excellent food [restaurants] and carrying good wines. He only loves a game. … we adore guys like that. we adore players who only adore it and coaches, and Thibs is one of them.”

It’s that loyalty to a diversion that has always drawn Rivers to Thibodeau, and finished him such an engaging mimic in joining circles for years. One of Thibodeau’s favorite sayings is that “The sorcery is in a work,” a word inbred in him during his 20-plus years in a NBA as an partner underneath conduct coaches such as Rivers, Jeff Van Gundy and Bill Musselman, As many as associate coaches honour Thibodeau for his work ethic, there is one manager in another competition that Thibodeau binds on a quite high pedestal. Any time Bill Belichick’s name is brought adult in Thibodeau’s presence, a basketball lifer speaks with a bend frequency listened during any other indicate during a season.

Rivers pronounced he has regularly used a Patriots’ success, and a togetherness indispensable to win in football, as an instance for his possess teams over a years.

“I use it all a time,” Rivers said. “Football, Belichick and we always giggle like, ‘How could we manager basketball? You can’t call a play each [time].’ Every play they get a crowd and it drives him nuts since how do we get a play in there? But we use football, and not only a Patriots, as an instance in execution all a time. Because we consider about, they can’t wince or it’s an offside. Their execution in football has to be perfect.”

Even yet their appearance and a approach they promulgate their summary might be different, Warriors manager Steve Kerr pronounced he is elegant of Belichick’s ability to always get a many out of his players.

“I’ve never met Bill, I’ve dignified him from afar,” Kerr said. “I met with Bill Parcells before we took a Warriors job. we attempted to accommodate with as many coaches as we could. I’m 0 like Belichick and we don’t work a same way, yet we have extensive honour for him. [The Patriots] have had an extraordinary run.

“Every manager that we met with before we began coaching [when] we asked their advice, they all pronounced a same thing: ‘Be yourself.’ You can’t come in and try to be somebody else. If we are yourself your players will feel that genuine dynamic. We’re all opposite people, we all have to have a possess coaching styles, yet I’m like everybody else, we marvel during what a Patriots have done.”

Kerr had to giggle when told that Belichick was one of Thibodeau’s biggest coaching purpose models. He wasn’t surprised. Nobody who knows a coaches and their particular styles is. They both know that teams need talent in sequence to win, yet they are both indifferent in a faith that a team’s habits and structure are built over a entirety of a season.

“In basketball, your turnovers, your fouls, we got to discharge those,” Thibodeau said. “In football, it’s fumbles, it’s interceptions, it’s penalties. Baseball, walks and errors. You start each year with a 0 bottom and we build it with your fundamentals. And afterwards a fortify partial of it is huge. The conditioning partial is huge. The mental partial of it, huge. You demeanour during playoff situations, oftentimes a mental mistake can be a disproportion between relocating on and going home.”

Thibodeau is carefree that he will be in assemblage on Sunday during US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis to hearten on his crony and his favorite group in a biggest diversion of a year. Of course, Thibodeau won’t publicly dedicate to going to a Super Bowl until he feels that his credentials for that week’s line-up of games is ready. As he’s schooled from examination Belichick all these years, coaches can’t skip stairs on a approach to a approach to greatness.

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