What a EU unequivocally wants from a understanding with a UK

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Fancy some slideshows about Free Trade Agreements, non-regression clauses and something called EASA? Thought not.

During Jan officials from a 27 remaining EU countries perceived a array of presentations from a European Commission about ideas for their destiny attribute with a UK.

The slides exhibit profitable clues about a EU’s meditative forward of a subsequent proviso of talks.

I’ve review them all so that we don’t have to.

  • Pressure on May to select over Brexit
  • Calls to tell Brexit investigate rejected
  • The pivotal Brexit dates in 2018

To assistance a dual sides conduct an attention that catches 100 opposite forms of fish value £625m a year, a EU is mulling over a bespoke fisheries partnership with a UK.

It would be formed on stream and existent fishing patterns. In other words, it competence demeanour really identical to a Common Fisheries Policy.

The European Commission willingly forked out that a EU catches a lot of fish off a British seashore and a UK sells a lot of fish to EU consumers, suggesting a couple between entrance to any other’s waters and any other’s markets.

Officials pronounced that a UK could not sojourn a member of a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and a best it could wish for was a understanding identical to those with a USA and Qatar, that would concede British airlines to fly into a EU though not between cities inside a EU.

Crime, confidence and unfamiliar policy

Britain’s umbrella joining to European confidence has been listened shrill and clear.

The EU is meditative about an agreement to share personal intelligence. The UK could be invited to join particular projects in a EU’s new counterclaim co-operation programme, called PESCO.

There was a warning that a fall-back for unwell to determine a deputy for a European Arrest Warrant would be a 1950s-era gathering on extradition that’s most reduction effective.

The EU insists that a UK maintains a same information insurance standards and guarantees a tellurian rights of EU adults when it comes to a quarrel opposite cross-border crime.

Ground rules

“Governance” is a name a EU gives to a resource for traffic with destiny problems in a attribute and a punishments accessible if one side breaks a rules.

The categorical summary here is a some-more a final understanding relies on EU law, afterwards a larger a purpose for a European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Brussels has suggested a ECJ settles disputes with a UK if a Joint Committee of British and European officials can’t solve them first.

That doesn’t fly with a British, so European Commission officials also flagged adult a EU’s agreement with Ukraine. Ukrainian courts can ask a ECJ for advice, though a rulings could lead to a proxy cessation of sections of a understanding with a EU, not changes to a law in Ukraine.

The turn personification field

This is going to be a outrageous partial of a talks about a destiny relationship. Also famous as a LPF, it is Brussels formula for ways to stop a UK undercutting a EU on tax, work and environmental standards.

EU officials acknowledge there are few authorised ways they could forestall post-Brexit UK from slicing house taxation to attract businesses, for example.

Does a EU pointer a taxation co-operation understanding like they have with Liechtenstein and Monaco? Do they insist on a created oath to provide any other nicely? Or do they rest on a hazard of a UK one day finale adult on a EU’s list of taxation havens?

And officials seemed quite disturbed about State Aid – a British supervision regulating open income to assistance sectors of a economy with subsidies or investments.

The European Commission says this contingency be dealt within a Brexit understanding since existent general manners aren’t adequate to cope with a really big, really rich, really tighten neighbour like a UK.

The genuine deal?

The slides uncover a EU looking assured in some areas, reduction so in others. Officials are wading by precedents, though are anticipating a UK is too large and too tighten to use off-the-shelf solutions for everything.

And now a warning. These are a EU’s thoughts about some of a things that will have to be addressed in a negotiations over a destiny attribute with a UK.

It is not a process for a subsequent proviso of Brexit talks. At least, not yet.

For that we will have to wait for EU leaders to determine their plan during a limit in March.

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