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The star of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” loves loungewear, her unstable humidifier and her dog Wiley.

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Jan. 26, 2018

Rachel Bloom is a co-creator and star of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” a standout radio uncover on the CW network that combines elaborate song-and-dance numbers with comedy and drama. It has scooped adult a series of awards, including a Best Actress Golden Globe for Ms. Bloom, and is now in a third season.

Based in Los Angeles, Ms. Bloom travels frequently, though still struggles to (politely) equivocate conversations with strangers on a plane. “I like to be unique and kind of left alone when we transport and so something that I’m still training is, how do we sojourn solo and be in my still space but feeling guilty — like we have to speak to someone only since they speak to me?” She’s grown a technique to understanding with talkative seatmates. “I discuss now, and when we contend to someone, ‘Hi, we know, I’m only gonna meditate,’ they don’t know what to say. They go, ‘Oh, oh, O.K.!’ It’s possibly that they unequivocally honour it, or they consider you’re a weirdo, and possibly approach they leave we alone.”

Her favorite transport accessory? Her dog, Wiley. “Because my father was in New York for so long, we got my dog approved as an romantic support animal. And we can always tell when you’re on a moody entrance in from L.A., with a volume of romantic support dogs on it.” Wiley’s initial cross-country moody was a success. “She accepted that it was still time. She’s in her center years — my dog’s around 8 — so she’s a lady in her gentle center age, who kind of knows how to chill out.”

Here’s what she takes on each trip.

CreditEstelle Morris


“My throat gets unequivocally dry on craft rides, so we have a small unstable humidifier that we bring. It indeed only plugs into a phone charger, it’s a USB-powered humidifier. What we do is we get a H2O bottle, and we screw it in, and a H2O bottle creates a dampness for a humidifier. So that’s always exciting.”


“I wear fundamentally pajamas on a plane. we wear a softest pants that we can find, a softest shirt that we can find. we meant infrequently we won’t wear a bra. we am only fundamentally scheming to fake that I’m in a bed for six, 7 hours.”

CreditEstelle Morris


“I did this thing a integrate years ago where we subscribed to one repository and somehow got like 7 repository subscriptions that I’ve been definition to cancel, so my residence is filled with magazines. we meant each singular lavatory in my residence is filled with all these magazines. So customarily in my carry-on we will have some multiple of magazines and afterwards 9 times out of 10 we finish adult descending defunct or examination a film and we don’t finish a magazine, so I’m walking around with a same duplicate of The Atlantic for a whole vacation, and afterwards we move it behind home.”


“I customarily am perplexing to get work finished on a plane. Usually it’s essay a song, essay a script. we always had this thing even before we was operative on a show: we didn’t wish people to see we was operative on a book since when people see you’re operative on a book it becomes a unavoidable question, ‘Oh, are we a writer?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘What do we do?’ and afterwards unexpected we have to go over your whole career with a stranger. And afterwards we have to get into a nitty-gritty of what you’re operative on, or people are looking to network, and we only wish to be fundamentally left alone. So, we try to censor what I’m operative on. we only wish to work on my lonesome, and we don’t wish to go into a story of how we found my passion with a chairman that happens to be sitting subsequent to me.”

CreditEstelle Morris

Dog supplies

“Obviously when we move a dog, we move dog treats. It’s her food, it’s her treats, that’s half of what I’m carrying. When we went to New York final time, we fooled myself into meditative we would take her on a transport by carrying her around in a dog backpack. They make these bags that we only kind of tag your dog into like you’re climbing a mountain, and so on this latest trip, we brought this dog backpack. we didn’t finish adult regulating it since she’s a dog and she wants to walk.”


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