What Lewis Black Can't Travel Without


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He always brings melatonin sticking bears, moisturizer and a “goofy” necklace.

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Feb. 26, 2018

The comedian Lewis Black, famous for his abrasive, expletive-laden character of stand-up, appears frequently on late night speak shows and has expelled 12 comedy albums. His latest, “Lewis Black — Black to a Future,” was expelled final fall.

Mr. Black travels a nation doing as many as 200 shows a year, so he has turn spooky with anticipating approach flights — “All we caring about are approach flights. My life is clinging to approach flights” — and even arranges his transport so that he’s withdrawal his New York section to get to Newark airfield during low-traffic times. “Between 11 and 12 in a afternoon, that’s a window. Plus, usually, trade in a airport, too, has left down during that point.”

When on a road, he also spends substantial time on a debate bus. “If we have dual weeks back-to-back out west, or we know, in a center of a country, afterwards it creates clarity that we don’t get off a bus. So I’ll spend dual or 3 days on a train roving to a subsequent set of shows.” He’s created many of his 3 books on buses in between shows and recommends it for anyone perplexing to write. “Yeah, though on a debate bus. A Greyhound, it’s not going to happen. You’re going to kill yourself after 12 hours.”

Here’s what he takes on each trip.

CreditEstelle Morris

Melatonin sticking bears

“I got recommendation from a troops crony who travels a lot and has wackier hours than we do, and they suggested melatonin sticking bears. we find that zero else can give we a leg adult on relaxing. But we don’t do dual of them, we do 4 or 5 of them. Probably doctors will contend I’m wrong, though it does work.”

Marijuana edibles

“I’m not doing this to get high, I’m doing this to go to sleep. But boy, some of those edibles we have finished to try to go to nap and I’m like, oh no I’m going to lay here and examination everything. Once a man on my debate train said, ‘Let’s take a small of this and it’ll hit us out.’ But we were adult all night and we went by each attribute I’ve ever had, each one, and how we failed, and what was my fault, and it was exhausting. Eventually, we fell defunct though it was mostly since we had run out of relationships.”

CreditEstelle Morris

Neti pot

“I move a neti pot. How unhappy is that? I’ve always had kind of a sinus-y problem, and drifting doesn’t assistance that during all. You know, it dries we a ruin out. Essentially what you’re doing, you’re respirating a filth, essentially. The longer you’re on a plane, a some-more pollution you’re breathing.”


“I wear this nonsensical thing around my neck that somebody gave me, that presumably sucks adult disastrous energy. Big bad thoughts get sucked into that. Why not? we don’t know if we trust in it though it was free.”

CreditEstelle Morris


“What it does is yield we with some clarity of a regimen. People ask, ‘How do we transport that much?’ Well, we yield yourself with a daily routine. So, if you’re doing a slight in your house, we do it on a road. It helps we contend a stretch between we and a utterance that is a void.”

The Week

“I move a garland of The Weeks with me, customarily 3 or four. we use them to locate adult if I’ve missed anything over a past month. They’re unequivocally good during summarizing news. They also have a garland of unequivocally humorous pieces, we know, surprising things that’s occurred via a United States — congressmen or internal member who contend things that are so over abominable that we consternation how these people are in office. Or is there not a psychological section in a area? And afterwards we use some of that on theatre to kind of give a clarity to my assembly that there is a turn of foolishness that continues to go on in this country, and partial of it is that we listen to people, who really, we shouldn’t be listening to since something’s wrong with them. And they need to see — we have a large mental health problem and a lot of it is represented by a lot of people in government. we keep saying, a largest outpatient hospital in a universe is Congress.”


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