Weinstein Co. Executives, Board Under New Scrutiny in NY Attorney General Lawsuit

Weinstein Company executives are underneath renewed inspection for unwell to stop Harvey Weinstein’s passionate bungle in a new lawsuit filed on Sunday opposite a association by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

TWC executives are not named as defendants in a fit — solely for Harvey and Bob Weinstein — yet a censure sum mixed instances when comparison government did not conflict to allegations of violent behavior. The company’s Human Resources dialect is singled out mixed times for not rising any grave examination into charges opposite Weinstein.

The inspection could mystify attempts to tighten a tentative sale of The Weinstein Company to an financier organisation led by former Obama Small Business Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet.

Though he is not directly named, TWC COO David Glasser’s purpose is called out in this lawsuit, formulating a intensity adhering point. As partial of a group’s $500 million deal, that was approaching to be finished on Sunday, Glasser was set to turn a new CEO of a association to palliate transition underneath a new government group. Contreras-Sweet, along with billionaire Ron Burkle, was approaching to renovate a association and give it a new name and a female-majority residence of directors.

In a matter from Schneiderman’s business announcing a lawsuit, it is remarkable that complaints filed by TWC employees opposite Weinstein were not rubbed by a H.R. department, yet by “the COO [Glasser] and other members of TWC comparison management, as good as warn shielded to strike victims of misconduct.” Glasser has been with TWC given 2008, and was mostly regarded as one of Weinstein’s closest partners in using a association along with his brother, Bob Weinstein.

The lawsuit could also spell difficulty for former members of TWC’s residence of directors, many of whom quiescent in a days following a New York Times’ news on Weinstein’s passionate nuisance behind in October. The lawsuit claims that a infancy of a TWC residence refused to behind efforts to obtain Weinstein’s organisation record after complaints opposite him were filed.

Board mins also uncover that a residence of directors also unanimously validated Weinstein’s agreement prolongation before to this past October, including a sustenance that enforced financial penalties opposite Weinstein in increments of $250,000 for each time he had to make a allotment to infer a explain of bungle and nuisance in defilement of a company’s formula of conduct.

“Thus, pursuant to [Weinstein]’s practice contract,” examination a AG’s statement, “[Weinstein] could continue enchanting in passionate nuisance and bungle with impunity, supposing that he paid a costs of any settlements and that he avoided avowal of bungle that competence risk causing ‘serious mistreat to a company.’”

In further to Glasser and Bob and Harvey Weinstein, a TWC residence during a time of Weinstein’s exclusion final tumble enclosed Lance Maerov, SVP of corporate growth during WPP Group USA; Tim Sarnoff, Deputy CEO during Technicolor; Marc Lasry, owners of Milwaukee Bucks and CEO of Avenue Capital Group; Tarak Ben Ammar, owners of French distributor Quinta Communications; Paul Tudor Jones, owners of The Tudor Group; and Dirk Ziff, handling partner during Ziff Capital Partners, a owners of World Surf League and also serves on a residence of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Ben Brafman, profession for Harvey Weinstein responded Sunday, observant in a statement: We trust that a satisfactory examination by Mr. Schneiderman will denote that many of a allegations opposite Harvey Weinstein are yet merit. While Mr. Weinstein’s function was not yet fault, there positively was no criminality, and during a finish of a exploration it will be transparent that Harvey Weinstein promoted some-more women to pivotal executive positions than any other industry leader and there was 0 taste during possibly Miramax or TWC.”

He continued, “If a purpose of a exploration is to inspire remodel around a film industry, Mr. Weinstein will welcome a investigation. If a purpose however is to victim Mr. Weinstein, he will energetically urge himself.”

79 Hollywood and Media Heavyweights Accused of Sexual Misconduct Since Harvey Weinstein

  • In a arise of a Harvey Weinstein passionate bungle scandal, women and organisation comparison have been some-more outspoken about vocalization out opposite neglected passionate advances and contact. The accusations have been many, and a greeting and fallout has been quick opposite a industry.

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  • brett ratner

    Brett Ratner

    Six women have indicted a executive and author of passionate misconduct, including Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge. Ratner’s counsel says no lady has ever requested or perceived any financial allotment from Ratner.

    Fallout: Ratner chose to privately step divided from all Warner Bros. associated activities, and Playboy put Ratner’s biopic about Hugh Hefner on hold. Ratner has filed a defame lawsuit opposite one of his accusers, Melanie Kohler. 

    Getty Images

  • James Toback

    James Toback

    Hundreds of women contacted an LA Times author to credit Toback of passionate nuisance and assault, including Selma Blair, Rachel McAdams, Julianne Moore and Caterina Scorsone.

    Fallout: Just before a LA Times story broke, Toback told Rolling Stone that anyone who has indicted him, “is a fibbing c—sucker or c— or both.” Toback and Harvey Weinstein are both under investigation by a Beverly Hills military department.

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  • mark halperin
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  • Kevin Spacey
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  • Louis CK
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  • Dustin Hoffman

    Anna Graham Hunter, who worked with Hoffman as a prolongation assistant, pronounced Hoffman attempted to examine her 4 times and finished a licentious criticism while on set.

    Fallout: Hoffman released an apology, observant it was “not contemplative of who we am.” Later that same day, a second lady accused him of passionate harassment.

    Getty Images

  • michael oreskes npr

    Michael Oreskes

    Two women told The Washington Post Oreskes finished neglected passionate strike towards them while he was Washington business arch of The New York Times.

    Fallout: Oreskes was forced to resign as Senior Vice President of News and Editorial Director during NPR.

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  • Getty Images

    Jeremy Piven

    Actress Ariane Bellamar, a former Playboy Playmate, tweeted that Piven groped her on a set of “Entourage” and during a Playboy Mansion, twice cornering and fondling her. Actress Cassidy Freeman after indicted Piven of “predatory behavior.”

    Fallout: CBS is looking into a situation, and Piven has “unequivocally” denied a allegations and charity to take a polygraph exam to infer his innocence.

    Getty Images

  • Ed Westwick

    Ed Westwick 

    The “Gossip Girl” star has been indicted of sexual attack by dual women, including actress Kristina Cohen, who pronounced Westwick forced himself on her while she was asleep during his house. Westwick denied a allegations, pursuit them “provably untrue.” 

    Fallout: Westwick pronounced he was “cooperating with a authorities” on an investigation to transparent his name. Westwick was replaced on a BBC series “Ordeal by Innocence” after creatively pulling it from a schedule.

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  • Andy Dick

    Sources tighten to a prolongation “Raising Buchanan” told The Hollywood Reporter Dick’s bungle on set enclosed kissing, licking, groping and creation licentious propositions toward during slightest 4 members of a production.

    Fallout: Dick was dismissed from a prolongation of “Raising Buchanan” and from a film “Vampire Dad.” Dick denied a groping claims yet pronounced it was “possible” he licked people.

    Getty Images

  • Roy Price

    Amazon Studios control Price allegedly told “The Man in a High Castle” author Isa Hackett, “You’ll adore my dick,” during a cab ride.

    Fallout: Amazon placed Price on a leave of absence.   

    Getty Images

  • Chris Savino

    Several womanlike employees during Nickelodeon indicted “The Loud House” showrunner of passionate assault, with 12 other women accusing him of passionate bungle and threats of being blacklisted.

    Fallout: Nickelodeon dismissed Savino, yet will continue to atmosphere and furnish a show. Savino has given apologized. 

    Getty Images

  • Lionsgate

    Andrew Kramer

    Lionsgate general COO Kramer was investigated for an indictment of inapt function toward a womanlike assistant.

    Fallout: Kramer left Lionsgate, yet a company’s inner examination was ruled “inconclusive.”

  • Ken Baker Solo

    Ken Baker

    Three women anonymously spoke with TheWrap claiming Baker, an E! News correspondent, sent inapt content messages and in one instance groped a lady during a party.

    Fallout: E! is questioning a accusations and Baker will not seem on atmosphere during a investigation. Baker pronounced in a matter to TheWrap that a “anonymous allegations are simply not true, and, frankly, are distressing to hear.”     

  • Ben Affleck

    Ben Affleck

    Affleck grabbed thespian Hilarie Burton’s left breast while on atmosphere during an entrance together on MTV’s “Total Request Live.”

    Fallout: Affleck wrote on Twitter, “I acted inappropriately toward Ms. Burton and we unequivocally apologize.”  

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  • andy signore honest trailers

    Andy Signore

    Several women supposed passionate bungle opposite Signore, a creator of a YouTube array “Honest Trailers.” Signore was indicted of passionate assault, promulgation inapt messages and creation licentious comments to employees.

    Fallout: His employers during Defy Media and Screen Junkies dismissed Signore following an investigation.

    Getty Images

  • Bill O'Reilly

    Bill O’Reilly

    After being dismissed from Fox News progressing in April, it was reported in Oct by a New York Times that O’Reilly paid $32 million to settle passionate nuisance claims from a coworker.

    Fallout: O’Reilly told Matt Lauer he’d finished “absolutely zero wrong” and that this was “a domestic and financial strike job.”


  • tyler grasham

  • Rick Najera

    Rick Najera

    Najera, executive of a CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase, finished inapt and licentious comments to coworkers in mixed instances. Actress Rachel Bloom sent an email to participants warning of his behavior.

    Fallout: Najera quiescent from his purpose and released a matter observant he was “heartbroken and astonished by counsel and vicious defamations.”

    Getty Images

  • David Corn

    Mother Jones’ Washington Bureau Chief was investigated for a second time in 3 years for claims of inapt earthy control and “rape jokes” in light of dual emails from former staffers in 2014 and 2015, according to Politico

    Fallout: Mother Jones’ CEO pronounced that in a initial investigation, they dynamic there was “no misconduct.” Corn denied a allegations yet pronounced it was probable his past actions had been misinterpreted.  

  • Kirt Webster

    Kirt Webster

    Former nation thespian Austin Rick indicted Webster, a maestro Nashville publicist, of regularly intimately assaulting, drugging and violating him in 2008 when Rick was 18.

    Fallout: Webster will step down from his association Webster Public Relations and a company’s name will be changed. 

    Getty Images

  • David Guillod Jessica Barth Atomic Blonde Ted

    David Guillod

    Actress Jessica Barth told TheWrap she was unperceiving and intimately assaulted by Guillod, a co-CEO of talent and literary government association Primary Wave Entertainment, behind in 2012. Three additional women later indicted Guillod of rape.

    Fallout: Guillod announced he would take an evident leave of deficiency from a company. Barth also approached a LAPD to revitalise her try to move rapist charges. 

  • Hamilton Fish

    Hamilton Fish

    Several womanlike employees during The New Republic, where Fish is trainer and publisher, came brazen about workplace interactions that have finished “an worried environment,” according to a New York Times.

    Fallout: The magazine’s owners Win McCormack asked Fish to sojourn on a leave of absence, tentative an investigation. 

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  • adam venit wme
    Getty Images

  • Leon Wieseltier

    Leon Wieseltier 

    The mythological former New Republic editor responded to mixed allegations of passionate nuisance with a matter saying, “For my offenses opposite some of my colleagues in a past we offer a jarred reparation and ask for their forgiveness.” 

    Fallout: The financial devotee of a enlightenment repository Wieseltier had designed to launch announced that a repository was suspended. 

  • Jann Wenner

    Jann Wenner 

    Rolling Stone owners Jann Wenner was indicted of charity to trade sex for work by freelance publisher Ben Ryan. Wenner concurred a occurrence yet denied any instance of quid pro quo.

  • NBC Universal Matt Zimmerman

    Matt Zimmerman

    NBC Universal Senior Vice President for Booking, News Entertainment Matt Zimmerman “engaged in inapt control with some-more than one lady during NBCU,” a association orator told TheWrap.

    Fallout: Zimmerman has been dismissed for passionate bungle from NBCU.

    NBC Universal

  • Andrew Kreisberg

    Andrew Kreisberg

    Kreisberg, a co-creator and executive author of “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “Supergirl,” is indicted of passionate nuisance and inapt earthy strike with 15 women and 4 organisation over a array of years, many of whom worked on shows Kreisberg produced, according to Variety.

    Fallout: Warner Bros. Television fired Kreisberg. “Supergirl” star Melissa Benoist along with other co-stars called for change in Hollywood following a allegations. 

    Getty Images

  • Kater Gordon Matthew Weiner Mad Men

    Matthew Weiner

    “Mad Men” author Kater Gordon told The Information that Weiner once pronounced to her “that [she] due it to him to let him see [her] naked” while they were operative alone together late during night.

    Fallout: Weiner denied a indictment by a spokesperson, saying, “He does not remember observant this criticism nor does it copy a criticism he would contend to any colleague.”

    Kevin Winter/Getty Images

  • Jeffrey Tambor

    Jeffrey Tambor

    Van Barnes, a transgender thespian and former partner to Tambor, posted a private indictment to her amicable media yet had no additional criticism for a media. Trace Lysette, another “Transparent” actress, also came brazen claiming Tambor intimately tormented her. 

    Fallout: Amazon is conducting an investigation. Following reports that a uncover was exploring options to write Tambor’s impression out of a show, Tambor released a statement stepping divided from a show, yet Amazon and Tambor have not come to an central preference to partial ways. 

    Getty Images

  • Richard Dreyfuss

    Richard Dreyfuss

    Following Dreyfuss entrance out in support of his son Harry’s accusations opposite Kevin Spacey, author Jessica Teich told Vulture that while operative together, Dreyfuss unprotected himself to her, finished countless advances over months and combined an vulnerable work environment.

    Fallout: Dreyfuss “emphatically” denied exposing himself yet pronounced he “became an a–hole” in a late ’70s and “flirted with all a women.”

    Getty Images

  • Gary Goddard

    Gary Goddard

    Actor Anthony Edwards said author and executive Goddard molested him when he was a child and raped his crony over a march of several years. In 2014, Goddard was named in a lawsuit that was after forsaken by Michael Egan, alongside “X-Men” executive Bryan Singer and dual other executives, accusing them of intimately abusing him as a teenager.

    Fallout: Goddard has taken a leave of absence amid a allegations. Goddard’s publicist Sam Singer “unequivocally” denied a indictment and pronounced Goddard was a “mentor, clergyman and a friend” to Edwards.   

    Getty Images

  • George Takei

    George Takei

    Model Scott R. Brunton told THR that after dual drinks with Takei, he upheld out and awoke with his pants down around his ankles and Takei was “groping my arm and perplexing to get my underwear off.”

    Fallout: Takei said he was “shocked and bewildered” by a claims. A new shave from a Howard Stern Show in that a horde and Takei speak about grabbing men’s genitals has given left viral. 

    Getty Images

  • Billboard Logo

    Stephen Blackwell

    Former novice Amy Rose Spiegel accused Blackwell, Billboard’s Chief Strategy Officer, of intimately badgering her when she was 19, along with other women who reported directly to him.

    Fallout: Blackwell resigned from his position with Billboard. 


  • Glenn Thrush MSNBC

    Glenn Thrush

    New York Times domestic author Glenn Thrush was indicted of passionate bungle by several womanlike journalists. Vox had performed content messages between Thrush and a 23-year-old publisher in a incomparable news alleging neglected groping and kissing. 

    Fallout: The Times suspended Thrush, yet he will for now remain an MSNBC correspondent as they wait a outcome of a Times investigation. Thrush released a full matter he’s never charity mentorship or recommendation with an expectancy of something in return. 


  • al franken
    Getty Images

  • Murray Miller Aurora Perrineau rape retract

    Murray Miller

    Actress Aurora Perrinaeu filed a military news accusing “Girls” author and executive author Murray Miller of raping her when she was underage.

    Fallout: Miller’s profession pronounced he “categorically and vehemently denies Ms. Perrineau’s vast claims.” “Girls” creators Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner primarily shielded Miller, observant this was “one of a 3% of attack cases that are misreported each year.” She has retracted that statement.  

    Getty Images

  • Ryan Seacrest

    Ryan Seacrest

    Ryan Seacrest was accused by an “E! News” robe stylist of inapt behavior. The accusations have not been finished public.

    Fallout: E! non-stop an examination and Seacrest denied a allegations. 


  • cameron mitchell caa

    Cameron Mitchell

    The CAA representative was indicted of passionate nuisance and attack by thespian Demi Mann.

    Fallout: CAA dismissed Mitchell following an inner investigation. Mitchell “emphatically” denied Mann’s accusations in a press statement.

  • Mark Schwahn

    Mark Schwahn

    “One Tree Hill” star Hilarie Burton said showrunner Mark Schwahn forced himself on her on mixed occasions and released a corner matter with a other women of a expel and crew.

    Fallout: Schwahn was suspended by E! as a showrunner for “The Royals.” 

    Getty Images

  • Russell Simmons
    Getty Images

  • Charlie Rose

    Charlie Rose

    Eight women told the Washington Post that maestro newsman Charlie Rose intent in a accumulation of neglected passionate ways, including groping, creation neglected passionate advances and walking in front of them nude.

    Fallout: Rose released an apology; CBS, Bloomberg and PBS have cut ties with him.  

    Getty Images

  • john lasseter

    John Lasseter

    Former Pixar employees pronounced in a Hollywood Reporter essay that Oscar-winning animation trainer John Lasseter finished a robe of “grabbing, kissing, creation comments about earthy attributes” of women during a company.

    Fallout: Lasseter announced he would take a six-month sabbatical from Disney and Pixar and apologized for “missteps” with staffers. 

    Getty Images

  • Nick Carter arrested for battery

    Nick Carter

    Melissa Schuman, a member of a all-girl cocktail organisation Dream, wrote in a blog post that Backstreet Boys thespian Nick Carter raped her in his Santa Monica unit in 2002. She wrote she was 18 and a pristine during a time.

    Fallout: Carter denied a allegations. 

    Getty Images

  • Ethan Kath Crystal Castles

    Ethan Kath

    Crystal Castles thespian Alice Glass indicted her bandmate Ethan Kath (real name Claudio Palmieri) of physical, emotional, passionate and psychological abuse over many years. Glass minute her story with Kath in a blog post on her website explaining her preference to leave a band.

    Fallout: Kath released a matter around his profession to Pitchfork denying a accusations: “I am angry and harm by a new statements finished by Alice about me and a before relationship,” he said. “Her story is pristine novella and we am consulting my lawyers as to my authorised options. Fortunately, there are many witnesses who can and will endorse that we was never violent to Alice.”

    Getty Images

  • benny medina

    Benny Medina

    Actor Jason Dottley accused manager Benny Medina, whose clients embody Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey, of attempting to rape him in 2008 in Medina’s Los Angeles home. 

    Fallout: Medina’s attorney’s told The Advocate he “categorically denies a claim of attempted rape.”

    Getty Images

  • Twiggy Ramirez Marilyn Manson

    Twiggy Ramirez (right)

    Jessicka Addams, a thespian for rope Jack Off Jill, accused a former bandmate of Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez (real name Jeordie White), of raping her while they were dating. 

    Fallout: Manson pronounced on Twitter that he would be interruption ways with Ramirez. 

    Getty Images

  • Terry Richardson

    Celebrity photographer Terry Richardson was accused by indication Emma J. Appleton of charity a print fire in sell for sex. 

    Fallout: Vogue pronounced they will no longer work with Richardson, and he has been blacklisted from Condé Nast International.

    Getty Images

  • Steven Seagal Receives Russian Citizenship From His Friend Vladimir Putin
    Getty Images

  • Sylvester Stallone

    Sylvester Stallone

    A Daily Mail essay pronounced a military news had indicted Sylvester Stallone of passionate attack opposite a 16-year-old lady behind in 1986. It went on to contend that a unnamed teen was “intimidated” into carrying sex with Stallone and his bodyguard, Michael De Luca. 

    Fallout: Stallone’s publicist said a news was a “ridiculous, definitely fake story,” and Stallone’s orator said, “at no time was Mr. Stallone ever contacted by any authorities or anyone else per this matter.”

    Getty Images

  • Tom Sizemore

    Tom Sizemore

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Tom Sizemore was told to leave a film set in 2003 after an 11-year-old thespian told her mom Sizemore had overwhelmed her genitals. He returned to a set for reshoots after a child’s relatives declined to press charges. A dozen expel and organisation members reliable to THR that Sizemore was sent home.

    Fallout: Sizemore denied a allegations during a time and a actress, now 26, declined to criticism to THR


    Getty Images

  • bob weinstein harvey weinstein

    Bob Weinstein (left)

    Bob Weinstein, hermit to Harvey, was accused of passionate nuisance by TV author Amanda Segel, who pronounced Weinstein regularly invited her to his home and hotel room over a march of a three-month period. 

    Fallout: Spike TV told a Associated Press they are questioning a claims. 

    Getty Images

  • Evan Stephens Hall Pinegrove

    Evan Stephens Hall

    Evan Stephens Hall, a thespian and songwriter behind a indie stone rope Pinegrove, wrote in a matter on a band’s Facebook page that he was indicted of “sexual coercion.” Hall wrote that he “monumentally misread a situation” and “caused someone we caring about low regretful pain and I’m so sorry.”

    Fallout: Pinegrove has cancelled their arriving tour. 

    Getty Images

  • matt lauer nbc

    Matt Lauer

    The long-time “Today” uncover horde was indicted of “inappropriate passionate function in a workplace.” A staffer released NBC News authority a “detailed complaint.” 

    Fallout: Lauer was fired from “Today.” 

    Getty Images

  • NPR

    David Sweeney

    Three womanlike reporters during NPR filed complaints of passionate nuisance opposite NPR Chief News Editor David Sweeney, including Sweeney attempting to give astonishing and neglected kisses and gifts. 

    Fallout: Sweeney departed NPR following an inner examination of his conduct. 

  • FOX  Friends All American Concert Series - Rodney Atkins

    Geraldo Rivera

    Bette Midler said that Geraldo Rivera and an unnamed author once groped her, shoved her into a lavatory and forced poppers underneath her nose. Midler minute a criticism in a 1991 speak with Barbara Walters that has left viral.

    Fallout: Rivera released an apology to Midler and other women named in his “tawdry” memoir. Fox News released a matter observant that a array of Rivera’s tweets criticizing Matt Lauer “do not copy a views of Fox News or a management.” 

    Getty Images

  • Geoffrey Rush
    Getty Images

  • nbc paul haggis

    Paul Haggis 

    In a polite fit filed in Dec 2017, publicist Haleigh Breest indicted a Oscar-winning executive of “Crash” was indicted of rape. Subsequently, 3 some-more women came brazen with accusations of passionate misconduct, including one other box of assault.

    Fallout: Haggis denied a initial rape claim in a counter-suit. And his counsel responded to a second call of accusations by saying, “He didn’t rape anybody.”

    Getty Images

  • andy rubin essential google android

    Andy Rubin

    Android creator Andy Rubin was investigated by Google for an “inappropriate attribute with a subordinate” during his time during a tech giant, according to The Information.

    Fallout: Rubin is holding a one-month leave of absence from his purpose as CEO of a smartphone association Essential for “personal reasons.” The Google examination found Rubin’s “behavior was crude and showed bad judgement.”

    Getty Images

  • Israel Horovitz

    Israel Horovitz

    Nine women came brazen in a New York Times news to credit playwright Israel Horovitz of passionate misconduct, including one lady who pronounced Horovitz pulpy her opposite a wall and forcefully kissed her when she was 16. Another lady says she was raped by Horovitz when she was 19. 

    Fallout: Horovitz pronounced he has a opposite memory of these events and apologized. His son, Adam Horovitz, pronounced in his possess statement: “I trust a allegations opposite my father are true, and we mount behind a women that finished them.” The Times adds that a Gloucester Stage Company, where he served as a first artistic director, has cut ties with Horovitz. 

    Getty Images

  • Garrison Keillor
    Getty Images

  • James Levine Met Opera

    James Levine

    Three organisation indicted a Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine of intimately assaulting them as teenagers. The accusations date behind to 1968 with claims that Levine masturbated in front of dual of a organisation and intimately abused another.

    Fallout: The Met has suspended Levine, canceled his arriving opening dates and hired an outward law organisation to examine a allegations. 

    Robert Altman for The New York Times

  • Robert Knepper

    Robert Knepper

    A former dress engineer accused “Prison Break” actor Robert Knepper of passionate attack in 1991, revelation The Hollywood Reporter he shoved her opposite a wall, reached underneath her dress and grabbed her crotch. Four some-more women have given come brazen accusing Knepper of passionate misconduct, including one who says Knepper forced written sex on him in 2010. 

    Fallout: Knepper will sojourn as a array unchanging on a CW array “iZombie” after an internal investigation by Warner Bros. TV found no justification of indiscretion on set for a show. Knepper said in a matter to THR a accusations opposite him are false.

    Getty Images

  • Harold Ford Jr.

    Harold Ford Jr.

    Harold Ford Jr., a Managing Director during Morgan Stanley and an on-air author during MSNBC, was accused of grabbing a womanlike author he had a veteran attribute with and customarily badgering her. 

    Fallout: Morgan Stanley dismissed Ford from his position with a company. Ford pronounced in a statement, “This simply did not happen,” adding that he would sue both a prosecution and Morgan Stanley. 


  • jon heely

    Jon Heely

    Jon Heely, Disney’s executive of song publishing, was charged with 3 depends of transgression sex abuse involving dual underage girls from a decade ago.

    Fallout: Disney dangling Heely from his position. Heely pleaded not guilty to a charges during an arraignment. 

    Getty Images

  • mario-batali

    Mario Batali

    Four women accused luminary cook Mario Batali of passionate bungle and groping over dual decades. 

    Fallout: ABC private Batali from a uncover “The Chew,” and Batali pronounced he would step divided from a day-to-day government of his Batali Bastianich Hospitality Group.

    Getty Images

  • Ryan Lizza

    Ryan Lizza 

    The New Yorker found in an investigation that author Ryan Lizza had “engaged in what we trust was crude passionate conduct.” 

    Fallout: The New Yorker dismissed Lizza and CNN, where he is also an on-air contributor, said Lizza won’t be authorised on- atmosphere as they demeanour into a matter. Lizza released a statement observant his banishment was “a terrible mistake” and concerned a “respectful attribute with a woman” Lizza was dating. 

    PBS – Frontline

  • Tavis Smiley

    Tavis Smiley 

    An investigation conducted by PBS found that TV celebrity Smiley intent in passionate relations with his subordinates following reports by 10 masculine and womanlike witnesses, several of them former employees.

    Fallout: PBS “indefinitely” dangling Smiley’s speak uncover module following a accusations. Smiley criticized PBS’s examination and pronounced he was not supposing due routine or sensitive of a investigation. “This has left too far,” he said.

    Getty Images

  • JOHNNY IUZZINI Great American Baking Show

    Johnny Iuzzini 

    Pastry cook and decider of “The Great American Baking Show” Iuzzini was indicted of inapt function by four, unnamed former womanlike employees during his time during a Manhattan grill Jean-Georges. According to a news in Mic, a women described being touched, licked and groped by Iuzzini yet their permission.

    Fallout: ABC pulled a uncover from their news after airing usually one episode. Iuzzini denied some of a accusations. 

    ABC/Mark Bourdillion

  • peter martins new york ballet passionate misconduct

    Peter Martins 

    According to a New York Times, 5 dancers in a New York City Ballet indicted a ballet’s personality Peter Martins of earthy and written abuse. He was also accused of passionate harassment.

    Fallout: Martins denies a accusations yet announced in Jan 2018 that he would retire.  

    Getty Images

  • Dan Harmon

    Dan Harmon 

    Dan Harmon admitted to past bungle after Megan Ganz, a former author on Harmon’s uncover “Community,” called him out on Twitter, yet did not mention his behavior.

    Fallout: Harmon apologized to Ganz, observant he was “disgusted and contemptible that we stained a uncover and your talent with my selfish, childish s—,” earning a pointy response from Ganz in return.  

    Getty Images

  • Albert Schultz Soulpepper

    Albert Schultz 

    Four actresses — Patricia Fagan, Kristin Booth, Diana Bentley and Hannah Miller — have filed apart polite lawsuits accusing Schultz, an actor on “Alias Grace” and a artistic executive of Canada’s Soulpepper Theatre Company, of regularly groping and kissing women yet accede and exposing himself on stage. The lawsuits lay a bungle extends 16 years. 

    Fallout: The women are seeking 3.6 million Canadian dollars in indemnification from Schultz and 4.3 million Canadian dollars from a museum company. Schultz concluded to step aside while Soulpepper conducts an examination yet pronounced he would “vehemently defend” himself. 


  • Bruce Weber

    Bruce Weber 

    According to a Los Angeles Times, masculine indication Jason Boyce filed a complaint opposite conform photographer Bruce Weber of forcing him to massage his genitals during a 2014 print shoot. Several others also indicted Weber of passionate misconduct.

    Fallout: Vanity Fair canceled an eventuality designed for Weber. Weber denied a claims and pronounced he would “vigorously urge myself.”   

    Getty Images

  • Steve Butts

    Steve Butts

    The editor in arch of a gaming website IGN was placed underneath examination for “alleged misconduct.”

    Fallout: IGN announced in Jan 2018 that it was slicing ties with Butts, who assimilated a association in 2012.

  • cbs news steve chaggaris

    Steve Chaggaris 

    CBS News found in an examination that a Washington, D.C.-based domestic executive Steve Chaggaris had intent in “inappropriate behavior” that disregarded association policy, yet did not mention a inlet or border of his actions. 

    Fallout: CBS News has severed ties with Chaggaris (who could not be reached for comment).


  • Miss America

    Sam Haskell

    Miss America Organization CEO Sam Haskell was found to have sent adverse emails about a contest’s 2013 leader ,Mallory Hagan, derisive her weight and supposed sex life. Haskell also referred to other contestants as “c–ts.”

    Fallout: Haskell, President and COO Josh Randle, Board Chair Lynn Weidner and residence member Tammy Haddad all resigned. Dick Clark Productions has also cut ties with a organization.  

    Miss America

  • ben vereen

    Ben Vereen

    Kaitlyn Terpstra and an thespian who chose to usually be identified as Kim said during a 2015 prolongation of “Hair,” executive Ben Vereen lured them into a prohibited cylinder while he was naked, pulpy his make penis on their bodies and pressured them to perform written sex. 

    Fallout: Vereen apologized for his “inappropriate conduct.” 

    Getty Images

  • James Rosen Fox News

    James Rosen

    Fox News author James Rosen was accused by mixed womanlike employees of sending risque messages to his former co-workers, aggressively posterior passionate relations with colleagues, and groping or forcibly kissing womanlike Fox News employees.

    Fallout: Rosen left a network in December, yet no reason was primarily given for his departure. In Jan it was reported he was suspended following an examination into his workplace behavior. 

    Fox News

  • The Art of Elysium James Franco

    James Franco

    Five women, including 4 students during a shuttered Studio 4, and one who deliberate him a mentor, indicted actor James Franco of intimately exploitative behavior. Sarah Tither-Kaplan told a Los Angeles Times Franco asked women on a prolongation to perform an bacchanal stage in that he would copy written sex on a women, yet private a protecting cosmetic ensure over their vaginas. A fifth accuser, Violet Paley, claims she was pressured to perform written sex on Franco when she began a regretful attribute with him in 2016.

    Fallout: Franco’s profession doubtful a allegations to a Times and forked to his new comments on “The Late Show.” The New York Times also cancelled a new row eventuality for Franco’s film “The Disaster Artist” citing “the debate surrounding new allegations.”

    Getty Images

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From Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey, Mark Halperin, James Toback to Louis CK

In a arise of a Harvey Weinstein passionate bungle scandal, women and organisation comparison have been some-more outspoken about vocalization out opposite neglected passionate advances and contact. The accusations have been many, and a greeting and fallout has been quick opposite a industry.

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