Week 6 anticipation football energy rankings and full line-up guide: Cam Newton's batch rising

Matchup to watch

A.J. Green’s cornerback matchup with Xavien Howard was a means for regard entrance into Week 5 yet credit a Bengals coaching staff for operative around it. Green ran a season-high 44 percent of his routes from a container to shun a clutches of Miami’s range dilemma and collected some-more targets (10) and gained some-more yards (112) than in any other diversion this year. Green has another tough ask this week with Joe Haden on a docket. Haden is a legitimate difference-maker for this intermediate Steelers pass invulnerability and is partial of a reason Julio Jones went catch-less good into a second half of their Week 5 matchup. Green and Haden have a prolonged story dating behind to a cornerback’s time in Cleveland. The All-Pro receiver has not privileged 51 yards in 6 of a 8 games where this twin dueled.

4. Los Angeles Chargers (3-2) during Cleveland Browns (2-2-1) 

Total: 44.5
Favorite: Chargers (-1)

The Chargers and Browns come into this usually a game, or a half depending on how we wish to perspective a tie, detached in record. Vegas reflected this as well, with a Browns removing usually one indicate during home opposite a 3-2 Chargers. The 44.5-point sum here feels comparatively low. Los Angeles has Philip Rivers personification during an MVP-level right now, as he ranks third in a NFL in passer rating and touchdown rate with a 70.1 percent execution rate. The Baker Mayfield-led offense has shown a ability to pull 40 sum points when confronting a intermediate to bad defense, that a Chargers positively validate as. Mayfield hasn’t totally strike usually nonetheless yet has shown a ability to make large plays. The No. 1 altogether collect now carries a fifth-highest yards per execution figure with 13.3.

Matchup to watch

Keenan Allen creates for one of a best buy-low possibilities here in Week 6, carrying slipped down to $24 in Yahoo DFS.  While a using backs have incited into a underline partial of a flitting game, Allen still leads a group with a 27 percent share of a team’s atmosphere yards yet has mostly usually been used as a brief receiver with a 7.4 normal abyss of target. Remember, this is an chosen receiver who privileged a 97th percentile in success rate vs. male coverage in Reception Perception for both 2015 (77.1%) and 2017 (77.6%). Given how many male coverage Cleveland plays, he gets a good matchup in Week 6 to spin in some high-end WR1 numbers. The Browns give adult a 94.9 passer rating in a brief center of a margin and their weakest dilemma lines adult in a slot, as T.J. Carrie has authorised a 72 percent locate rate this season.


5. Seattle Seahawks (2-3) “at” Oakland Raiders (1-4)

Total: 48.5
Favorite: Seahawks (-2.5)

The Seahawks are favoured highway favorites in their matchup with a Raiders in London. Oakland plays delayed on offense (28th in gait of play) and is stocked with some of a streakiest players in a joining during their particular positions. Russell Wilson is vital off efficiency, as he ranks 21st in a NFL in pass attempts. He’s also averaging by distant a career-low 8.4 rushing yards per game. He once averaged 7.2 yards per carry in a singular season. However, he’s primed to keep a scoring adult this week opposite a Raiders group that ranks bottom-three in pouch rate and allows 515 yards and 3 scores on low passes this season. Wilson and Tyler Lockett are cooking on low throws. This diversion could get high-scoring yet Seattle clearly has several matchup edges.

Matchup to watch

While a #RevengeGame account will be a speak of a city with Marshawn Lunch confronting off opposite his aged team, a stream Seahawks using behind is in a primary position. Chris Carson has privileged 120 sum yards in his final dual games played and has rubbed a large workload. The Seahawks are gripping to their offseason guarantee and are a second-most run-heavy group in a league. Carson should get fed in this mark with his group a 2.5-point favorite. As bad as a Raiders are during fortifying a pass, they can’t reason down using backs, either. The Raiders concede 156.2 sum yards to using backs on a year, a bottom-10 figure.

6. Baltimore Ravens (3-2) during Tennessee Titans (3-2)

Total: 42
Favorite: Titans (-2.5)

Baltimore and Tennessee have any offering a handful of flashes that would make we trust they could be loyal AFC contender. They’ve also handed over open duds. Both teams are entrance of Week 5 showings of a latter variety. The Ravens’ invulnerability is yet doubt a best section in this foe and it’s easier to tract their trail to points. The Titans offense has achieved during arise form in usually one of 5 games and going opposite a best pass invulnerability in a joining is no recipe for success. However, Tennessee has demonstrated mental restraint and toughed out uglier wins than this foe projects to be. With them removing 2.5 points during home, they’re a tantalizing tender in Week 6.

Matchup to watch

John Brown saw a whopping 14 targets in Week 5 yet came in underneath 60 receiving yards. He’s a primary buy-low in this spot. Brown leads all receivers with 871 atmosphere yards in a year. Tennessee should yield him with a soft-landing mark to modify some of that event behind into a large plays we all know he can make. The Titans pass invulnerability has vulnerabilities, generally in outward cornerback Malcolm Butler. The cherished giveaway representative signing has authorised some-more yards in coverage (405) than any other cornerback this year.

7. Carolina Panthers (3-1) during Washington Redskins (2-2) 

Total: 45
Favorite: Washington (-1) 

The pivotal to this diversion lies with how Washington reacts to removing broke on Drew Brees’ record-breaking night in Week 6. The Panthers are prohibited right now after a spectacle finish to their final diversion and handing a Bengals their usually detriment of a season. These dual teams are stylistically identical from an proceed standpoint, ranking inside a bottom-20 in flitting play commission and gait of play in neutral situations. However, given Washington is traffic with injuries and lacks a unchanging week-to-week identity, a Panthers are usually apropos some-more energetic and healthier a over we get into a season. Carolina can take this highway spot.

Matchup to watch

Cam Newton is now pacing to set a career high in rushing attempts, averaging 9 carries per game. That gives a former MVP a primitive building to gaunt on as a weekly starter. In addition, a Carolina flitting diversion is stocked to a margin with intriguing weapons. Both Curtis Samuel and D.J. Moore stranded out opposite a Giants final week for their ability to make plays in space. Not to mention, Newton looks expected to get his favorite certainty sweeping behind for Week 6 with Greg Olsen potentially behind in action. Newton’s play movement commission (28 percent) is behind adult to his career expectations after it dipped next 20 percent in both 2016 and 2017. His execution rate is a full 14.4 percent improved on play movement throws. This is by distant a many intriguing offense we’ve seen in Carolina for utterly a few years and they’ll take this section adult to Washington for a date with a invulnerability that was positively smoked on Monday night opposite a Saints.


8. Arizona Cardinals (1-4) vs. Minnesota Vikings (2-2-1) 

Total: 43
Favorite: Vikings (-10.5) 

The Vikings enter this diversion as large home favorites opposite a mostly untimely Arizona Cardinals. The 10.5-point widespread is a largest of a Week 6 slate. The Cardinals snagged their initial win of a deteriorate opposite an excruciatingly banged-up 49ers patrol final week yet are still one of a slightest moving teams in a NFL. The final time Minnesota was a vast home favorite they unsuccessful to uncover adult opposite Buffalo and were shellacked 27-6 in a season’s biggest upset. Yet, a flitting diversion has found a slit given afterwards and is personification good adequate to get this form of line. Kirk Cousins has been underneath vigour on a whopping 42.5 percent of his dropbacks this season, per Pro Football Focus, yet has managed a stellar 98.4 passer rating on those plays. That’s third-best in a NFL. While we know Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs should smash, if a Vikings do indeed pound this spread, Latavius Murray will come into play if Dalvin Cooks sits again. Cook could use another week of rest and while a Vikings have not privileged 80 yards rushing as a group given Week 1, yet Murray could get fed if a group lives in certain diversion scripts. He’s a care for DFS tournaments.

Matchup to watch 

Life hasn’t been easy for Josh Rosen given holding over a starting job. He’s been underneath vigour on an vast 47.7 percent of his dropbacks, per Pro Football Focus, that leads all quarterbacks that have started mixed games. The fact that he hasn’t looked impressed while confronting feverishness on roughly half of his dropbacks is a miraculous sign. He has found a transparent using partner in associate rookie Christian Kirk during far-reaching receiver. Larry Fitzgerald leads a group in sum targets by usually one given Josh Rosen took over as a starter in Week 4, Kirk maintains a large lead in a yards with 113. Fitzgerald ranks second with 63. Kirk runs about 40 percent of his routes from a container and another 30 percent during right far-reaching receiver. That should keep him divided from Xavier Rhodes this week and put him in a crosshairs of Mackensie Alexander and associate rookie Mike Hughes, who have authorised a 100 and 77 percent locate rate, respectively.

9. San Francisco 49ers (1-4) during Green Bay Packers (2-2-1) 

Total: 46.5
Favorite: Packers (-10)

The Packers are distant from banishment on all cylinders yet get a cupcake mark opposite a consistently harm 49ers squad. It’s a shame. A deteriorate that should have been filled with stairs brazen and wish has been diligent with health wretchedness for San Francisco. The Packers should be means to control this one. Positive diversion book would move using behind Aaron Jones into focus. Despite a clever matchup, Jones was dismantled by diversion book in Week 5, personification a fewest snaps in a backfield with a Lions removing stomped by Detroit. If Green Bay maintains a lead on a Niners, Jones could pull for a season-high in carries.

Matchup to watch

A lapse by Randall Cobb and/or Geronimo Allison would shake things adult in a receiving corps yet removing another demeanour during these immature wideouts wouldn’t be a misfortune thing in a world. Rookies Equanimeous St. Brown and Marquez Valdes-Scantling sum for over 150 yards and a measure final week. They any took cracks during a container yet Valdes-Scantling was a primary interior receivers, holding 64.3 percent of his snaps inside. He also ran some-more routes altogether (56 to 46) than St. Brown. The 49ers have been crushed in a center of a margin this year, giving adult a 113.9 passer rating on those throws.

10. Los Angeles Rams (5-0) during Denver Broncos (2-3)

Total: 52
Favorite: Rams (-7)

Even yet it’s a highway spot, a Rams as usually seven-point favorites over this untimely Broncos group feels generous. What does Denver do good right now? Their invulnerability can’t cover, their flitting offense is poor, while a vigour and run diversion come and go in waves. If all goes to script, a Rams could simply pound this group all while giving 7 points.

Matchup to watch 

If continue or a home throng does assistance to keep this diversion close, a using behind twin of Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman could make sound here. The Rams frankly scapegoat their run invulnerability in preference of violence behind a flitting diversion yet it’s been as bad as advertised. Los Angeles allows 5 yards per lift to using backs on a year. Freeman and Lindsay are super skinny deliberation a diversion book concerns and their separate backfield yet don’t be repelled if one of them comes divided with a large game.

11. Indianapolis Colts (1-4) during New York Jets (2-3)

Total: 45
Favorite: Jets (-2.5)

Despite a one-game opening in their record, we could simply make a box that a Colts are a improved team. The Jets have a span of considerable wins on their resume in Weeks 1 and 5 yet in between that sandwich lies 3 contests where they were mostly outclassed. The dual squads couldn’t be any some-more different, as a Colts are a fastest group in a NFL in gait of play in neutral situations and lead a joining in pass attempts. Sam Darnold ranks 19th in pass attempts and a Jets are a slowest paced team. Even in a highway spot, an Andrew Luck-led group personification with higher gait feels like a play.

Matchup to watch

Eric Ebron is about as locked-in as it gets during parsimonious finish right now. Over a final dual weeks, he’s tied with Zach Ertz for a lead among all parsimonious ends with 25 targets. His 216 atmosphere yards are a many during a position and he collected 145 yards and 3 scores. If he’s on a field, you’re locking him in notwithstanding confronting a group that has authorised a fewest catches (15) to a position.

12. Buffalo Bills (2-3) during Houston Texans (2-3)

Total: 41
Favorite: Texans (-10)

Given a spread, we wouldn’t theory these teams have a same record. The Bills have proven to us twice already they are no weekly pushover, with a thumping of a Vikings and an out-physical win over Tennessee. The Texans positively have a clever run invulnerability and bomb offense with Deshaun Watson. However, they’re not a good adequate group to be giving 10-plus points, even during home. The Bills offense is so untimely that they’re a tough group to peril on with any arrange of confidence. Buffalo ranks 32nd in both points and yards per drive. It’s a section that’s bad adequate to get them skunked in any singular week. The Packers didn’t play their best descent diversion opposite them and still forsaken a 22-0 win. While this offense is bad adequate to penetrate them on any given Sunday, their invulnerability is usually important adequate to keep them in any diversion and cover a double-digit spread.

Matchup to watch 

Houston’s biggest Achilles heel is a descent line. Deshaun Watson has been underneath vigour on 45.7 percent of his dropbacks, second usually to Josh Rosen among quarterbacks to start mixed games. He’s been sacked 17 times and thrown 3 picks underneath pressure, per Pro Football Focus. The Bills tip pass rusher Jerry Hughes is personification lights out football right now, totaling 25 pressures. He trails usually Dee Ford among all corner rushers. If a Bills can get to Watson and keep this offense off schedule, they have a possibility to during misfortune cover a double-digit spread.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2) during Dallas Cowboys (2-3)

Total: 41
Favorite: Jaguars (-3)

The Jaguars come into this diversion after eating their initial non-divisional detriment of a 2018 season. Dallas enters amid a degrading overtime detriment where a coaching staff went into a painfully regressive bombard on a essential fourth down decision. A call so bad that maestro receiver Allen Hurns spent a week airing his grievances with a offense. Jacksonville and Dallas arrange 26th and 27th in points scored per drive. It’s transparent to see because this diversion carries a lowest sum of a week. Play volume and altogether scoring should be tough to come by in this one.=

Matchup to watch

While this diversion doesn’t have many in a approach of sleeper appeal, a plays are flattering straightforward, it’s value gripping an eye on dual damage situations in Jacksonville. With Corey Grant out of a mix, T.J. Yeldon’s sole foe for touches is Jamaal Charles, who looked over a mountain with Denver final year and was usually sealed this week. If he maintains a 90-plus snap commission role, he is an RB1 a rest of a way. Joining Grant on IR this week was starting parsimonious finish Austin Seferian-Jenkins. One of a players who could reinstate him is Niles Paul. It’s been years given he was on a radar yet behind when he was, he had kick out Jordan Reed for a starting parsimonious finish pursuit in Washington. Had a nasty damage not finished his season, it was truly set to be his time to rise. That was eons ago yet a parsimonious finish position is so shoal that this is value monitoring. Dallas is a soft-landing spot, as well, deliberation they’ve authorised 30 catches to parsimonious end, fourth-most among NFL defenses.

14. Chicago Bears (3-1) during Miami Dolphins (3-2)

Total: 42
Favorite: Bears (-3.5)

The Dolphins come into this diversion after dropping two-straight games following a 3-0 start. Their Week 6 competition is a tough pull entrance off a bye. Chicago’s relentless front 7 will be complacent and prepared to rock. Miami has authorised Ryan Tannehill to get sacked on 28.6 percent of his dropbacks, fifth-highest among passers this season. These dual teams should keep this foe low-scoring and siphon many of a anticipation extract out of this spot.

 Matchup to watch

If you’re meditative about personification Mitchell Trubisky in Week 6 entrance off his bye week, we improved spend a lot of time meditating on either his Week 4 tear was a loyal pointer of swell and things to come, or a small imagination brought on by a appalling Tampa Bay flitting defense. The answer expected lies somewhere in a middle. As for Week 6, Miami’s pass invulnerability has forced a league-high 10 picks yet has given adult plain flitting diversion production. While this Bears offense should continue to make a jump in spurts over a march of a season, this competence be a delayed week in a low-scoring game. we consider this all adds adult to make Trubisky something of a mid-range QB2 play in Week 6. On a and side for a matchup, a Dolphins concede a brawny 10.6 yards per pass play over a center of a field. Chicago’s tip weapons in receiver Allen Robinson, rapid Taylor Gabriel and parsimonious finish Trey Burton all take routes out of a container and work a center of a field. You can speak out of both ends on this one.

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