Week 16 anticipation football winners and losers: Todd Gurley creates history

6:58 PM ET

Happy holidays, Todd Gurley’s anticipation football managers! What a present he’s given you.

The third-year Los Angeles Rams regulating behind put together another carry-his-teams-on-his-back opening on Sunday, scoring 49.6 PPR anticipation points. It was a second uninterrupted week that he scored during slightest 45, creation him a initial actor to do that in back-to-back games given during slightest 1950.

That’s large news deliberation how ordinarily found Gurley was on ESPN finalists’ rosters: He was on them in 39.2 percent of leagues, second many among all players behind usually Alvin Kamara (48.3 percent), after carrying directed his teams to a playoffs in 65.1 percent of leagues before that, a third-highest commission among all players.

As we do any week, we summation a week’s winners and losers from a anticipation perspective, finish with germane diversion and chronological data. Check behind after a finish of a 1 and 4 p.m. ET games for a picks of a week’s best and worst.


Todd Gurley II, RB, Rams: Naturally he tops a list, and a Gurley fun contribution frequency stop with a one above. His 49.6 PPR anticipation points set a new career high, one week after he had set his prior personal best, and they gave him a whopping 123.1 points in Weeks 14-16, that are a initial 3 out of 4 normal playoff weeks in ESPN leagues (not to discuss a entirety of a normal playoffs in a lot of other leagues). During a bye-week epoch — 1990 brazen — no other actor has scored that many:

Gurley now has a autocratic lead in PPR anticipation points for a season, with 383.3, that is already a 20th-best sum by any regulating behind in NFL story with one diversion to play. His 319.3 non-PPR points are 21st-best. With a Rams clinching a NFC West pretension on Sunday and station small possibility during earning a first-round bye, however, Gurley competence play sparingly in Week 17.

Dion Lewis, RB, New England Patriots: He saved his best for when it depends many in fantasy, as his 32.3 PPR and 27.3 non-PPR anticipation points on Sunday both set new personal bests, simply surpassing his 23.8/17.8 of 2015 Week 2. Lewis was started in 67.3 percent of ESPN leagues, 15th top among regulating backs and representing a fifth uninterrupted week that he was started in during slightest 60 percent of leagues.

Jared Goff, QB, Rams: Gurley wasn’t a Rams’ usually anticipation star on Sunday. Goff continued his breakthrough deteriorate with 25.44 anticipation points of his own, his third diversion of during slightest 25 given a Rams’ Week 8 bye (and fourth with during slightest 300 yards and dual touchdowns passing). He was started in 38.9 percent of ESPN leagues, usually 13th top among quarterbacks, though anticipation teams famous this as one of his some-more auspicious matchups, as it was his third-highest start commission of his career (54.6 percent, Week 10; 43.9 percent, Week 13, both this season).

Giovani Bernard, RB, Cincinnati Bengals: He saw his start commission in ESPN leagues drop to usually 5.2 percent on Sunday after Joe Mixon was announced active for a game, though Bernard benefited from Mixon’s successive ankle damage in a initial quarter, scoring a career-high 29.8 PPR anticipation points. His 22.8 non-PPR points, however, fell usually bashful of his 2014 Week 2 sum of 22.9. Should Mixon skip Week 17, Bernard would be one of a improved additions, with intensity low-end RB2/high-end flex appeal.

C.J. Anderson, RB, Denver Broncos: For a third uninterrupted week, he had during slightest 20 touches, and on Sunday he incited his 23 into 28.3 PPR and 21.3 non-PPR anticipation points. Those were his best single-game totals given Week 2 (30.4 and 27.4). Anderson’s start commission rose this week along with his new use uptick, as his 42.2 percent rate was his top given Week 9 (54.3).

Antonio Gates, TE, Los Angeles Chargers: For a initial time given 2016 Week 16, Gates scored during slightest 20 PPR anticipation points, his 20.1 heading all parsimonious ends during a 1 p.m. ET games. He had played 15 games between 20-point performances, many of that a outcome of a Chargers’ increasing use of and concentration on immature parsimonious finish Hunter Henry. With Henry now sidelined for a season, however, Gates found himself rostered in 16.7 percent and started in 9.6 percent of ESPN leagues on Sunday, adult significantly from 3.2 percent and 0.4 percent, respectively, in Week 15. Gates gets another superb matchup to interpretation his deteriorate in Week 17, confronting a Oakland Raiders.

Eric Ebron, TE, Detroit Lions: He came extremely tighten to his prior personal bests in anticipation points on Sunday, scoring 19.3 regulating PPR and 14.3 regulating non-PPR scoring, with those both descending usually brief of his 19.9/14.9 in 2015 Week 7. It gave Ebron a third uninterrupted week with during slightest 14.3 PPR anticipation points, imprinting usually a second time in his career he has had a strain of that length (also 2016 Weeks 8-11).

Jakeem Grant, WR, Miami Dolphins: Would we trust that he was started in 0.03 percent of ESPN leagues on Sunday? Hey, someone reaped a advantages of his suddenly good performance, as he scored 21 PPR anticipation points, second many among far-reaching receivers from a 1 p.m. ET games. Grant’s 6 targets still ranked tied for third (with Kenny Stills) among Dolphins far-reaching receivers, so don’t cruise it a trend usually yet.


Devonta Freeman, RB, Atlanta Falcons: Considering his career success opposite a New Orleans Saints — he entered Sunday’s diversion carrying averaged 24.0 PPR and 20.2 non-PPR anticipation points in his past 6 games opposite them — Freeman’s outlay opposite them this time was quite disappointing. He scored usually 5.6 PPR and 3.6 non-PPR anticipation points, and notwithstanding his removing usually 11 carries and 13 touches, it can’t be pronounced that he was lacking in opportunity. Freeman perceived three goal-line opportunities — rushing plays within 3 yards of a idea line — and unsuccessful to modify on all three, including a mislaid fail on one. He was a eighth-most started regulating behind in ESPN leagues (92.8 percent).

Kyle Rudolph, TE, Minnesota Vikings: After scoring 51.5 non-PPR anticipation points a past 5 weeks combined, second many among parsimonious ends, and 69.5 PPR points, fourth many during a position, Rudolph tallied a still 0.6 and 1.6 in possibly format on Saturday night. Both were his second-lowest scores of 2017, and came during a many inappropriate time — a anticipation championships, a week during that he was started in 58.7 percent of ESPN leagues.

Case Keenum, QB, Vikings: It was a wrong week for him to set a new career high for ESPN start commission (41.5), as Keenum delivered usually 9.36 anticipation points for his teams on Saturday. It was his lowest measure given Week 7 opposite a Baltimore Ravens, and to give we a clarity of how many some-more renouned Keenum has turn in anticipation in a 9 weeks since, he was on usually 11.0 percent and started in usually 3.0 percent of ESPN rosters in Week 7. He is now rostered in 69.0 percent of leagues.

Greg Olsen, TE, Carolina Panthers: After he put onward a massive, 26.6-point PPR anticipation measure in Week 15, Olsen saw his start commission in ESPN leagues soar, going from 22.8 percent afterwards to 74.7 percent on Sunday. That done him a fifth-most started parsimonious finish of Week 16, though Olsen delivered his teams usually 5.7 PPR and 2.7 non-PPR anticipation points. As a result, he’ll be formidable to trust entering Week 17.

Josh Gordon, WR, Cleveland Browns: After totaling 38.1 PPR anticipation points in his initial 3 games given returning from suspension, Gordon finally suffered a still day on Sunday, scoring usually 3.9 on his 8 targets. That was his fifth-worst single-game sum out of 39 in his career. Gordon was started in 43.3 percent of ESPN leagues.

Devin Funchess, WR, Panthers: He couldn’t pattern a plain anticipation indicate sum in possibly of his dual games opposite a Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who entered Week 16 carrying authorised a many PPR anticipation points per diversion to hostile far-reaching receivers (40.7), and while one could charge Funchess’ Week 8 measure to his being second in a pecking sequence behind Kelvin Benjamin, that forgive wasn’t accessible on Sunday. Funchess, who was listed as controversial with a shoulder damage nonetheless matched up, scored usually 4.1 PPR anticipation points on 4 targets, a second uninterrupted week he scored fewer than five.

Brandin Cooks, WR, Patriots: Speaking of far-reaching receivers who posted bad anticipation indicate totals in both games opposite a local competition this season, Cooks struggled on Sunday for a second time opposite a Buffalo Bills in 2017. His 4.5 PPR anticipation points represented his second-worst single-game sum of a season, behind usually his 4.2 of Week 13, also opposite a Bills. Cooks was started in 84.7 percent of ESPN leagues, seventh top among far-reaching receivers in Week 16.

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