Watch a First Passenger Train to Travel from Downtown LA to Santa Monica in 60 Years

Watch a First Passenger Train to Travel from Downtown LA to Santa Monica in 60 Years
An Expo Line sight filled with passengers headed west to Santa Monica for a initial time today. Image: Alissa Walker

Today, for a initial time given 1953, a sight filled with passengers trafficked from downtown Los Angeles to downtown Santa Monica. A preview float for a city’s mint Expo Line prolongation authorised a few dozen movement employees, journalists, and politicians including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, to knowledge a float that opens to a open on May 20.

I was among a propitious reporters who hopped a neon-yellow sight noted “VIP” on this May grey morning. Although we didn’t stop during any station, any noted with a Expo Line’s rippling china canopies, a outing felt intensely fast. At many times, as we sailed silently above a streets in unadulterated mint sight cars, it roughly felt some-more like a Los Angeles theme-park float than simple transportation. Almost everybody we spoke with used a word “emotional” to report this float opposite a city, something that many of us suspicion we’d never see. I’ll acknowledge that I, too, got a small choked adult as a sight wove by former warehouses, laced underneath a 405 Freeway, and pulled to a well-spoken stop only a few blocks from a beach.


Although a initial half of a Expo Line non-stop in 2012 joining downtown Los Angeles to Culver City about 8 miles away, a second partial of a 15.2-mile track is being touted as a game-changer. This track (and another prolongation to a city’s eastward-reaching Gold Line that non-stop in March) will concede Angelenos to transport on a city’s rail complement from Santa Monica to Azusa—a stretch of about 40 miles. That’s an considerable strech for any open movement complement and generally for a nascent complement like LA’s.

LA once had a largest rail network on a world until a aged streetcar complement was distant in a 1950s and 1960s. (Read this story by Gizmodo’s possess Matt Novak on because this happened.) The Expo Line represents one of those aged right-of-ways that has been reappropriated for light-rail travel. This westerly track between downtown LA and a beach was partial of a Santa Monica “Air Line” that trafficked a same track until 1953, nonetheless burden was ecstatic on a same track into a 1980s.


Watch a First Passenger Train to Travel from Downtown LA to Santa Monica in 60 Years
LA’s flourishing rail network. The Expo Line prolongation we rode currently is a dashed aqua line, highlighted by a red arrow

As we can see on some of a schedules and timetables from behind in a day, a Air Line advertised transport times of a small over an hour from downtown LA to Santa Monica. Metro, LA’s movement authority, is observant right now that a Expo Line will take about 50 mins to transport a track when it opens. This is a frustrating partial of LA’s car-centric reality—although a sight travels on a dedicated right-of-way and above some bustling streets, during several places along a track a sight creates crossings where it contingency be stopped for vehicular traffic. However, as several people explain in a video, transport times will urge as Metro is means to collect information that will concede it to optimize trade flow.

Will Angelenos get out of their cars to float a Expo Line? Many of a folks we spoke to currently were eager movement boosters who affianced to float a sight to a beach. But LA still suffers from terrible “first mile-last mile” behavior, and a biggest doubt from many intensity passengers I’ve listened are worries about where they competence park their cars nearby a stations. This is where a creatively paved dedicated bike trail that travels alongside a train, as good as new bike share systems in Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles (coming this summer), competence play an critical purpose to assistance get people to and from a train.

Public movement detractors (and yes, there are still plenty) will indicate to a recent study that Metro ridership indeed dipped final year and hasn’t indeed private that many cars from roads. The desirous rate during that a city is laying down rail and beefing adult train use will positively broach a betrothed amicable and environmental advantages to a city, nonetheless it might be years (and an age of aloft gas prices) before those investments start to retreat trade information trends. At any rate, it’s transparent LA’s personification a prolonged game.


But to many Angelenos, it’s about some-more than that—it’s about carrying a cheaper, smarter, stress-free choice to get to jobs and propagandize and family. In further to providing an choice for soul-crushing rush-hour trade on a city’s freeways, these new rail lines are psychologically needlework a city behind together.

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