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Cape Point Agulhas on a Overberg Peninsula, about a three-hour expostulate southeast of Cape Town in South Africa, has many poetic places to visit. But, a prominence has got to be a tangible southernmost tip of Africa.

L’Agulhas is a tiny town, a southernmost city in a whole continent of Africa, stretched along a hilly seashore before a famous beacon — a really particular landmark. Many people incorrectly trust that Cape Point, a brief expostulate south from Cape Town, is a many southerly indicate in Africa. Not so.

Early Portuguese seafarers rounding a dangerous garment christened this indicate Golfo de Agulhas (Gulf of Needles). Later, due to French influence, it became know as L’Agulhas. This refers to a angled rocks of a seashore and to a fact that, in a 1400s, a compass needle showed really tiny flaw (6 degrees) during a mark between loyal north and captivating north.

Agulhas National Park is partial of a windswept, ruggedly pleasing plain of Agulhas, that has thousands of inland plants, including about 100 that are customarily found here. So, it’s an critical partial of a Cape Floral Kingdom (the smallest and richest of a world’s 6 plant kingdoms).

The seashore supports a abounding sea and intertidal life, with some singular birds like a African Black Oystercatcher. In a right deteriorate (June-November), we can customarily see Southern Right whales from a shoreline. The waters are generally utterly shallow, and this area is famous as a good fishing belligerent in South Africa. The locate of a day was Yellowtail when we were there — delicious.

The Cape Agulhas beacon is South Africa’s third oldest, built in 1848, and a second oldest operative beacon (after Green Point). Completed in Dec 1848, a light was initial illuminated on Mar 1, 1849. We schooled engaging snippets, such as that creatively it was fueled by tail-fat of sheep, though in 1905, an oil-burning lantern was installed. Later this was transposed by a petroleum fog burner, and afterwards in 1936 by an electric flare powered by a diesel generator.

In 1968, a beacon was taken out of use due to exploding walls and was cursed for demolition. However, many groups came together to save it, and it was announced a inhabitant relic in 1973. The Bredasdorp Shipwreck Museum (in a circuitously city of Bredasdorp) and internal legislature did a restoration, and it was recommissioned in 1988. More restorations are ongoing. It is partial of a Cape Agulhas National Park.

The beacon has a turn tower, 88 feet high, embellished with red and white bands, indicating that it is a land-based lighthouse. The operation of a light is 30 nautical miles (35 miles). It rotates, giving off one white peep each 5 seconds.

Visitors can go adult a beacon (for a charge), nonetheless we feel that a park organizers should not concede tiny children to go up. It’s engaging with a good perspective though not easy to get up, with slight stairs and high ladders during some points and really not suitable for tiny kids (or adults with vertigo).

From a lighthouse, we can transport a bit (about 0.6 mile) to a southernmost tip of Africa, where there is a tiny relic with a steel board set in stones that straddles a indicate where a Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean meet. But otherwise, there is no good fanfare, that we found rather pleasant. How overwhelming to mount on a mark that’s a many southerly tip of a continent. Next stop, Antartica.

It’s also extraordinary to mount during a indicate of a assembly of dual good oceans. It’s a really feeling knowledge during a point: The waves pile-up onto a rocks around, seagulls circle and cry and a object beats down (in a summer). There’s meagre vegetation, though some beautiful splendid flowers grow bravely in between a stones. If we transport around a bit, you’ll find pebble bays and stone pools.

The assembly indicate of a dual oceans was strictly mapped in 1921 by a International Hydrographic Organization. But, a assembly indicate of a dual vital sea currents can infrequently vary, depending on breeze and other factors. In general, a comfortable Mozambique/Agulhas Current brings comfortable H2O from a tropics down a easterly seashore of Africa. Parts of it can deposit even as distant as Cape Point. The cold Benguela Current in a Atlantic comes adult from Antartica and brushes a west seashore of Africa next a equator. The dual currents accommodate and association to a south of Cape Agulhas and Cape Point, that mostly causes furious waters and extreme cranky currents.

A brief expostulate a tiny serve on a mud highway takes we to a plague of a Meisho Maru in 1982 — one of a sheer reminders of how fraudulent this seashore can be. This seashore is scandalous for shipwrecks and is dotted with hundreds of shipwrecks. Some people even go on a plague tour, and Bredasdorp has an glorious Shipwreck Museum.

One could do this as a prolonged day outing from Cape Town, though we feel it’s distant nicer to spend a night somewhere circuitously Agulhas Point. There are a series of restaurants in a city and a bigger preference of places in Bredasdorp.

Vivienne Mackie, an ESL clergyman and transport writer, comes from southern Africa. She and her family like to transport behind there whenever they can. See her blog during

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