Travel Troubleshooter: Two days in a journey boat ill brook cost me $5929

Dear Travel Troubleshooter: I recently took a Mediterranean journey on Oceania’s MS Marina. we bought Allianz Global Assistance outing word by my transport agent, and paid $789 for coverage for me and my wife. The transport word includes $25,000 medical coverage for a cruise.

Three days before a journey ended, we awoke vibrating with a heat of 103.1 degrees. The ship’s medical staff treated me with IV antibiotics and other medications, and gave me a chest X-ray. we was in a ill brook for dual days.

I am over 65 years of age and have Medicare health insurance, that does not cover anything outward a U.S. That is one categorical reason we bought a outing insurance. we sent a medical annals and check from Oceania to Allianz in late October, once we returned from my journey and started a claim. After dual weeks, we called and chatted with Allianz online and was told that a explain was still underneath review.

It’s been 3 weeks, and Allianz only sent me a ask for an reason of advantages from my primary and supplemental insurance. we sent an email behind to a association vouchsafing it know that there is no reason of benefits, given we can’t record a explain from out of a nation with Medicare.

How prolonged can Allianz drag this on? It advertises discerning explain resolution, and states that it reviews claims in 7 to 10 days. we would journey that to be untrue. we paid Oceania $5,929 for dual days of onboard medical care. Can we assistance assist this claim?

— Murray Cohen, Boca Raton, Florida

Answer: Did we contend we paid $5,929 for dual days in a ill bay? What did they do, give we a makeover? These losses should have been lonesome by your transport insurance, of march — and quickly. When your word association started seeking for some-more time, it should have explained because and given we an guess on how most longer your explain would take. Unfortunately, transport word companies don’t always do that, so they leave we guessing.

You done a right call, shopping insurance. Without your Allianz policy, we would have paid a $5,929 out of slot with no wish for reimbursement.

Travel word works in a counsel — mostly painfully counsel — way. An adjuster needs to determine that you’re not lonesome by other word and finish other kinds of due industry before slicing a check.

It appears Allianz had asked we to record a explain with your primary and/or supplemental health insurer and to hit it when your explain had been finalized. It also requested an reason of advantages or a minute of rejecting of coverage, both of that are slight yet can take some time. Travel word companies can fast-track claims underneath $100, in my experience, yet for something like this, they unequivocally need to cranky a t’s and dot a i’s.

If you’d perceived a rejection, or if a claims routine had left on another month, we competence have reached out to one of a Allianz customer-service executives. we list their names, numbers and email addresses on my consumer-advocacy site:

I contacted Allianz on your behalf, and it paid your whole claim. So what was a holdup? Evidently, it unequivocally indispensable we to record a explain with your primary word carrier, Medicare, even yet a explain would be denied. Rules are rules.

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