Travel Question of a Day: Simon Calder on moody remuneration claims but transport insurance

Q My father and we were due to fly with Virgin Atlantic  on 18 Apr to Havana to applaud a 25th marriage anniversary. Our daughter fell ill a day before and we had to cancel a trip. we contacted Virgin Atlantic on 17 Apr and told them about a problem. They suggested me to do a “no-show” and afterwards re-book a flights. There would be a cost of £150 that we accepted was for both tickets. When we attempted to re-book a cost was £150 per sheet and a disproportion on a cost of a ticket. That was £380-plus on tip of a £1,740 we had already paid to fly on a 18 April. 

I told them about a special circumstances, and we asked them to cruise this though all we got was a wall of terms and conditions. They impute us to transport insurance, though we was going to arrange cover a night before we trafficked and did not conduct to do so. 

All we wish is a true barter of a tickets to a new dates when we can transport though carrying to compensate anything else. Is that too many to ask?

Name withheld

A we am contemptible to hear about your daughter’s illness, and we wish she is recovering. Your disappointment about a airline’s opinion is distinct – though we am fearful that your expectations are out of line with use in a airline industry.

Given a circumstances, Virgin Atlantic has been many some-more inexhaustible than it indispensable to be. Assuming we were travelling on non-refundable and non-changeable tickets, an airline is entitled to keep your income simply impute we to your transport word – which, as we say, was not in place.

Most airlines sell rarely limited tickets meaningful that a suit of passengers will have to cancel. That is not an irrational practice, given that in many cases a newcomer will explain on their transport insurance.

Normally a “no-show” would simply trigger an involuntary termination of your tickets. In this box Virgin Atlantic authorised we to re-book. Again, it is reasonable to assign a cost (£150 per chairman is typical) and, crucially, any disproportion in cost between a transport we paid and a prevalent transport on a moody we now wish to take.

If we trust we were misinformed during a write call, we could ask for a recording to be reviewed. But another reason competence be that, during a stressful and upsetting time, it is formidable to take in all a fact about a difficult re-ticketing issue.

In a box like this, we fear that all we can do is vouch to protection your subsequent outing as shortly as we book a flights. Cancellation cover comes as customary with many policies, and we would titillate anyone engagement flights costing tighten to £2,000 to make certain they are insured. 

Sorry we can’t be some-more confident about a chances of avoiding a re-booking fees.

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