TPG readers’ share their many annoying transport mistake pas

While roving has been put on pause for a many part, we can’t assistance though reminisce on a prior trips. From a refreshing tools (visiting somewhere new), to a mundane parts (excruciatingly prolonged layovers) and all in between, we can’t wait to get behind in a air.

Especially when roving internationally, you’re fundamentally going to knowledge some informative differences. No matter how most we research a destination, infrequently an critical transport mistake pas falls by a cracks.

While they make for humorous stories to giggle about later, review about these common mistakes that we can equivocate in a future. Here are some of a transport mistake pas common in a TPG Women Facebook group. (The responses subsequent have been easily edited for length and clarity.)

Eating Drinking

“I was with my teenage son [in Italy] for a large soccer competition. In a afternoon we always went to a internal gelato emporium and motionless to sequence an “iced cafe.” Think ice coffee. What we got: a shot of lukewarm espresso on a brick of ice.” — Desiree G.

“I systematic a latte in Milan a integrate of years ago (at a internal cafeteria — not an Americanized Starbucks) and a associate asked me in damaged English if we wanted coffee with that. He knew we was American and expected meant something opposite from what we systematic out loud!” — Charlotte G.

“I was in a Cinque Terre, Italy. we systematic a pepperoni pizza. What we got was pizza with slices of bell peppers artfully arranged. Not what we meant though we schooled subsequent time to ask for salami.” — Cristina G.

“When we was 9 we went to revisit kin in Australia. My cousin and we went to a cinema and following we went to a burger mount and we systematic a burger and fries. They conspicuous “chips” and we conspicuous no we don’t wish potato chips, we wish fries. This went behind and onward for awhile compartment my cousin sorted me out.” — Charlene F.

“Barcelona — we went during an scarcely cold open week and had been walking all day. Stopped during a grill and unequivocally wanted prohibited chocolate, so we systematic some in a best damaged Spanish. We got a crater of melted chocolate.” — Jodi V.

“I churned adult a word Champagne and champignon in France. One means Champagne, one means mushrooms … we hatred mushrooms.” — Charlotte T.

“We were in Germany, and knew really small German. We were in a pub, and wanted a snack. We systematic something like smartzbrat, meditative it was some kind of brat. It was lard on rye bread.” — Dianne C.

“It was in a ’80s, in Amsterdam. We’re unresolved out in this bar, and I’m hungry. I’m most inhaling a olives in a small play on a table. The people subsequent to us are giving me unwashed looks and I’m like ‘OK, so I’m a hog. Chill.’ we make my approach by a few bowls, a unwashed looks are flying, and my friends have a giggles. We get adult to leave, and as we step outside, my friends detonate into laughter. we mean, tears with laughter. Me: ‘What?? You meant those bold idiots? we know, right??’ Them: ‘Laurie… they PAID for those olives!’” — Laurie Q.

“Ordered a filet sandwich in Brussels … got a tender hamburger dirty on baguette!” — Kimberly B.

“When we was in college we went to Italy. we was in Florence and systematic focaccia bread (and conspicuous it foh-ka-CHEE-ah). The server kindly corrected me.” — Meg E.


“I did a division abroad in England as a college student. One of a usually other Americans and we went selling for grave wear during a internal city men’s store. We asked for “suspenders” for him to wear with his suit. We were shushed out of a men’s store. Apparently, we should have asked for “braces,” given suspenders in England is indeed a garter belt.” — Suzanne B.

“We visited friends in England. After cooking my afterwards father conspicuous he was “stuffed.” Apparently that word has a really opposite — and coarse — meaning. Oops.” — Jori S.

“I was in Munich and asked for 9 pretzels (we were on a Euro debate with my whole family). The male looked really confused and offering me custard. we looked really confused during a male and said, no, 9 pretzels, and put my hands adult to contend ‘nine’. Then he satisfied we was vocalization English and did not contend “No pretzels.” We both laughed.” — Caroline E.

“I did a summer abroad in Italy and suspicion we had finally gotten accustomed to a whole kissing-on-each-cheek greeting. But afterwards we went to France and their whole appearance was only most opposite / harder to read, so we totally screwed adult and incidentally kissed my beam in Chamonix not once, BUT TWICE. we afterwards attempted to redeem myself and finished adult only vouchsafing him lick me on a impertinence and it was all prisoner on video. we still tremble meditative about it lol.” — Liz H.

“Talking about French mistranslations, we have a crony who did a division abroad in France. The chairman that was display her around asked her how things were going. we don’t remember a accurate words, though she dictated to contend that she was still carrying difficulty training her approach around. What she indeed conspicuous was that she was carrying difficulty sauce herself.” — Heather L.

“My favorite interpretation blunder was when my family went to Mexico when we was a kid. we had taken maybe dual years of Spanish in propagandize during that indicate so we had a simple bargain of common phrases. My father wanted to ask how most something cost so he asked ‘Cuanto queso?’ How most cheese? He was going for ‘Cuanto cuesta!’” — Cara L.

Traveling Woes

“Overpacking for my initial outing to Paris. we have never carried such complicated luggage adult and down high stairs, cobbled streets and pressed into little elevators. we schooled my doctrine and it’s singular that we even check a bag these days!” — Benet W.

“My crony and we were on a sight from Izmir to another partial of Turkey. My crony was in a bad mood. The sight was flattering dull and one lady sat right nearby us. My crony asked her to move. The lady looked dissapoint and went to speak to a staff member. The staff explained that we were sitting in that woman’s seat! So embarrassing.” — Elizabeth N.

“In a days when [flying] was still possible, we boarded a wrong craft and finished adult in a wrong city (twice!!). we also fell defunct on a sight in Europe and finished adult in Zell am See Austria rather than Salzburg (turned out to be a happy error).” — Jacqueline J.

“Was roving a sight outward Bangkok with a organisation of associate students study abroad one summer. i had my legs crossed and apparently my feet was indicating during an aged woman. She started screaming during me and was over furious. i couldn’t know what a problem was though finally figured it out. Using one’s feet to indicate during or hold in Thailand is vital no no. I’ve given turn most some-more aware when roving generally on open transportation.” — Sheila M.

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