The papers: ‘Jihadist hazard to a UK’

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Mail on SundaySeveral of Sunday’s papers follow adult on a story of a British immature organisation appearing in a recruitment video for Middle Eastern Jihadist organisation Isis. The Mail on Sunday asks what incited Briton Reyaad Khan “into a terrorist”?

Sunday Telegraph front pageIt’s a identical story on a front of a Sunday Telegraph. The paper focuses on brothers Nasser and Aseel Muthana from Cardiff, who are believed to be fighting with Isis. Police are perplexing to settle who paid for a pair’s tour to Syria.

Independent on SundayThe Independent on Sunday’s lead highlights a Britons who have returned from fighting in Syria. It says MI6 reckons that adult to 300 Britons could have returned from a conflict, some of whom competence be “a new era of terrorists”.

Daily Star front pageAnother story on terrorism in a Daily Star Sunday. The paper says special army infantry have been put on a warning after spies overheard an apparent militant tract to erupt an oil tanker during a UK port.

Sunday Times frontAn EU story is on a front of a Sunday Times. Fifty-four of “Britain’s heading businessmen” have created to a paper expressing regard during a primary minister’s “failure” to defense a UK from EU skeleton to taxation a City.

The Observer front pageThe Labour Party’s reported travails make a front page of a Observer, with Lord Kinnock entrance to a counterclaim of Ed Miliband over accusations of miss of electoral appeal. Lord Kinnock accuses a press of waging a “vindictive campaign”.

Sunday Express frontThe Sunday Express leads with a story suggesting that dual “landmark” justice cases could “open a floodgates” to billions of pounds of retrospective remuneration from airlines to travellers strike by delays and cancellations.

Sunday People front pageOne chairman who competence be removing some-more flights now is Nigella Lawson. The TV cook has got her US career “back on” after being barred from a nation after she certified to drug-taking, a Sunday People says.

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Saturday’s newspapers had most about a recruitment video expelled by immature British and Australian Muslims fighting with a nonconformist Isis organisation in Syria and Iraq, and Sunday’s press takes on a story, with some-more sum of a UK-born militants.

The Mail on Sunday focuses on one man, 20-year-old Reyaad Khan from Cardiff, showing a design of him as a immature teen among friends in his Welsh school. It asks “What turns this child from a shaggy British suburb into a terrorist?”

The paper traces his changing life by examining his Facebook posts, that start as a sport-loving teenager, angry about task and posing with a family pet, and finish as a immature masculine “revealing his augmenting fanaticism” in “rants” about Isis and a augmenting control of tools of Iraq.

Isis supporters in Iraq call Jihadi flagIsis controls a vast tie of executive and western Iraq with a assistance of Sunni Muslim sympathisers

In a criticism square in a paper, Maajid Nawaz of a anti-extremist Quilliam consider tank calls for a West to use a useful plan over a dispute of Iraq,.

He pronounced it should explain what change it has over informal allies to safeguard they take on a quarrel opposite Isis, rather than directly inserted and resurrecting “domestic magnetism for extremism”.

The Sunday Telegraph’s story focuses on Nasser and Aseel Muthana who it calls “the shining brothers” – high educational achievers who left Cardiff with Reyaad Khan to quarrel in Syria.

The paper says a boys’ father, satellite plate fitter Ahmed, “collapsed with shock” and indispensable sanatorium diagnosis on being told by troops that both his sons had performed fake passports and had trafficked to a quarrel zone.

The paper highlights other Britons related to a extremists, including Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary from London, whose father, a Telegraph says, was a playmate of Obama bin Laden.

He has posted tweets directed during his associate Britons warning of “beheadings in your backyard”, a paper adds.

In a personality column, a Telegraph says “education is a pivotal to combating fundamentalism”.

It praises a government’s pull to learn “British values” in schools and instil an bargain in youngsters “of a organising beliefs of a multitude they live in”.

“If they entirely know British values, they will know how vastly higher these values are to a brutality of Isis and a general brigade.”

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Hitler’s dark hoard

Adolf Hitler

Despite portraying himself as being unfeeling in money, Adolf Hitler had a happening that would be value £3.6bn today, a Sunday People reports.

The paper carries a preview of a Channel 5 programme The Hunt For Hitler’s Millions, that claims that a Nazi personality had countless really remunerative ways of creation money.

These enclosed copyrighting his possess picture – so a German state paid him royalties for each stamp sole – and creation income from a sales of his book Mein Kampf, copies of that were given to each German married couple.

The paper says a spare fuhrer cancelled a £1.75m delinquent taxation check on presumption power, and never paid anything to a exchequer thereafter.

The locale of most of Hitler’s income stays a mystery, a People adds. It was stashed in tip bank accounts and not mentioned in his will.

The Sun on Sunday focuses on what a paper says is a youngest Briton to quarrel in Syria: 18-year-old Mohammed Hadi from Coventry.

The paper speaks to friends of a teen who contend that he adopted impassioned views after being “brainwashed” during “extremist mosques”.

The Sun echoes a Telegraph’s call for a preparation complement to quarrel extremism, though adds “social media like Twitter need to realize that they are apropos an essential apparatus in a extremists’ tactics.

“They need to take shortcoming – and act.”

The Independent on Sunday leads with a explain by a former conduct of anti-terrorism during MI6, that as many as 300 Britons who have fought with jihadist forces in Syria competence have returned to a UK.

Richard Barrett says a dispute has been an “incubator of new terrorists” with quarrel skills.

He has co-authored a news suggesting that one in 9 unfamiliar fighters in Syria and Iraq will lapse to turn a militant hazard in their home countries.

Mr Barrett and his co-authors explain there are some-more than 12,000 foreigners fighting in a Syrian polite war.

The Sunday Times says that some Britons who have fought in a Middle East are “faking their deaths to hide behind in” to a UK.

It adds that one “martyred” jihadist has already been arrested by a confidence services after branch adult alive in Dover.


David Cameron’s evident battles are within a context of a European Union – and he appears to be losing them, according to most of Sunday’s press.

The Sunday Times says former Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker is set to be allocated as a new boss of a European Commission, opposite Mr Cameron’s stern opposition.

A Downing Street source tells a paper: “Our chances of interlude him are now a same as England’s of winning a World Cup.”

Mr Juncker, a paper continues, has signalled he “will not tolerate” changes to Europe’s manners on a giveaway transformation of workers, that Mr Cameron is seeking to renegotiate.

Jean-Claude JunckerDavid Cameron told Chancellor Merkel that a choosing of Jean-Claude Juncker (above) would make a UK some-more expected to leave a EU

In a inside pages, a Times carries a minute from 54 heading British business people warning they are “extremely concerned” that a supervision is unwell to “protect a UK from European skeleton to taxation a City and levy new red tape”.

The Observer says an “angry” Mr Cameron is to force a opinion from other EU leaders during a stirring limit to try to find out because other possibilities have not been considered.

Amid a misunderstanding a paper publishes a poll, that suggests that 47% of Britons would opinion to leave a EU if covenant renegotiations destroy (against 37% who would opinion to stay), though if a primary minister’s moves to change a terms of British membership succeed, some-more would wish to stay in than would wish to exit.

Matthew Elliott, of a debate organisation Business For Britain, writes in a Sun that Mr Juncker -“another career politician” and an “arch-federalist” - is a final thing a EU wants in a tip job.

“If a EU is critical about classification a possess act out, it would designate a successful businessman, not another eurocrat, to a position.

“Imagine an EU run by someone with knowledge of using a successful craving – someone who had worked in a genuine world?” he adds.

Writing in a Independent on Sunday, John Rentoul says Mr Cameron has “misjudged” a position of his “main ally” German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and faces an ascending conflict in a onslaught to grasp his arrange of Europe.

“Cameron mostly scoffs during people who pronounced it would be ‘impossible’ for him to halt a banking treaty, or to retard a arise in a EU budget… though renegotiating new terms of UK membership is a utterly opposite kind of ‘impossible’,” Rentoul reckons.


The British Army is losing a quarrel too, a Sunday Times says: it is losing a “battle of a bulge”.

The paper explains that 32,000 soldiers were too non-professional to perform simple aptness tests – push-ups and sit-ups – during some time during a past 3 years.

The total – performed by a leisure of information ask – have been blamed on a “appalling” diet served to recruits.

The Times says infantry in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan enjoyed “daily baked breakfasts, a cheeseboard, pizza and choice from an endless dessert smorgasboard braggadocio profiteroles, ice-cream and cheesecake.”

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Amazing ‘scope

Galaxy NGC 4485

The hunt for new Earth-like planets could make a hulk jump forward, if a new plan reported in a Sunday Times ever comes to fruition.

The paper says scientists are formulation a hulk telescope – 4 times incomparable than a Hubble one – that could see planets adult to 30 light years away.

The outrageous device - codenamed Atlas – would be so vast it would not be means to be carried by any rocket, though would need to be fabricated in space by astronauts, operative a million miles above a Earth’s surface, a paper says.

Don’t design to request for a pursuit as an wanderer construction workman shortly however. The Times says a projected date for Atlas’s construction is 2030.

A comparison officer told a paper: “Walk around any British Army fort anywhere in a universe and we will see copiousness of overweight masculine and womanlike soldiers.”

The paper’s news reveals that 50 soldiers have been discharged for plumpness in a past 3 years, and weight issues seem quite cryptic in Scottish units, with a Royal Regiment of Scotland alone recording 630 aptness failures.

Perhaps a troops should call in Jamie Oliver.

In an talk in a Observer, a former Naked Chef, now – as a paper reveals – a conduct of enterprises contracting 8,000 people, with an annual distinction of £10m, reveals how he thinks record can kick obesity.

Oliver shows a paper a “Jawbone” device – a wristband that annals sleep, transformation and dietary information about a wearer.

He tells a paper that with some-more growth “the inclination could infer a pivotal to assisting doctors know their patients’ lifestyles and turn an huge assistance in a conflict opposite a mortal and diseased diet.”

That’s a conflict in that children are during a frontline and a Daily Mirror reports that a health secretary is deliberation banning celebrities from endorsing “unhealthy” foods.

Jeremy Hunt consecrated a news from Action on Sugar over concerns that one in 3 British youngsters are overweight.

The ideas also embody banning “junk food” from sponsoring sport, a pierce a Sun decries as “nanny state”.

It looks like there are many some-more battles forward in a pages of Britain’s newspapers.

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