The iPhone X burst on a initial drop


It didn’t take many to moment a iPhone X.

John Kim/CNET

If we usually spent $1,000 or some-more on an iPhone X, put a box on it now!

Apple’s tenth-anniversary iPhone has a sharp new demeanour with a scarcely bezel-less screen, potion behind and immaculate steel frame. Just like a iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, a potion behind allows a X to have wireless charging– yet it also means we now have twin brittle surfaces to worry about.

What we competence not know: deleterious a iPhone X could be distant some-more painful. Not usually does a phone cost some-more to start with, repair an X will also cost some-more than prior models. If we haven’t spent a $200, £200 or AU$300 additional for AppleCare+, replacing a shade can set we behind $279, £286 or AU$419. That potion behind could cost we $550, £556 or AU$819. Just take a demeanour during this pricing breakdown

So should we be worried? To find out, we subjected a span of mint iPhone X handsets to a few continuance tests.

Scratch test

Most iPhone screens are disposed to scratches, yet with potion on possibly side a iPhone X has some-more intensity aspect area to scratch. But a immaculate steel support should, in theory, be worse to repairs than a aluminum on prior models.

First we attempted to do some repairs with a residence key, substantially a many critical offenders when it comes to scratches. For this exam we used both Space Gray and Silver variants of a iPhone X to see if tone done any disproportion to how apparently a blemish showed up.

I burnished a pivotal opposite a potion behind of both phones repeatedly, requesting middle pressure, yet was not means to furnish any manifest damage. Same goes for a immaculate steel frame. But when we burnished a potion with middle pellet sandpaper, a scratches were visible, and somewhat some-more conspicuous on a Space Gray version. Doing a same on a immaculate steel support left no manifest scuffs.

When we incited over a phones though, we beheld their screens already had some additional little dents and scratches usually from rubbing adult opposite a ceramic aspect we was contrast them on. They pivotal exam didn’t do much, and a sandpaper left a identical symbol as on a behind glass.

Drop exam 1

Next, we took a Space Gray iPhone X out to a path in front of CNET’s San Francisco offices: a place where many screens have met their doom.

Like a drop tests for a iPhone 8, a initial dump was from 3 feet (0.9 m), or about pocket-height for many people.


After usually one dump onto a sidewalk, a iPhone X already shows manifest damage.

John Kim/CNET

The behind strike first, yet it afterwards did a little flip and landed screen-side down with a behind confronting me so we could see a repairs immediately. The potion from 3 of a 4 corners burst during opposite degrees of astringency and scuffed adult a side of a camera mount. The bottom right-hand dilemma took a biggest strike and had a largest detonate flanking a corner. Even a immaculate steel on a support looked chipped on this side where a phone strike a floor. The tip right dilemma also had a little rip and repairs on a frame, and another little strike on a bottom left palm dilemma of a glass.

Not good deliberation it was a initial drop.

Drop exam 2

Next we forsaken a iPhone X from a same tallness (3 ft), yet this time face-down. It landed roughly prosaic on a shade and didn’t flip over.


There goes a screen.

John Kim/CNET

I could see even deeper fractures fluctuating diagonally opposite a whole behind of a phone from a impact. As shortly as we incited it over, we beheld new cracks on a bottom dilemma of a screen. The misfortune hole was on a bottom right-hand corner, substantially where it strike first. we ran my finger on a round hole where it strike and felt a few little shards tumble of a edge. The cracks radiated out from this indicate resilient onto another repairs on a bottom of a shade closer to a left palm corner.

Once we incited off a screen, we beheld an additional hairline detonate regulating from a bottom left where a second repairs was roughly to a tip of a phone. Everything still worked fine, yet this iPhone X really looked banged up.

The mangle down

The iPhone X can substantially hoop your bland wear and tear, yet dropping it though a box is out of a question. We schooled it usually takes one bad dump to mangle a potion on this phone. Even a immaculate steel support is receptive to damage.

Check out all a falls and a border of a repairs for yourselves in a video. 

Apple had this to contend about a results:

“The new iPhone is designed to be durable, yet not indestructible, and goes by severe genuine universe testing. iPhone X is done from a many durable potion ever in a smartphone with a 50 percent deeper strengthening covering regulating a twin ion-exchange process, serve reinforced by an inner laser welded, steel and copper structure. And a surgical-grade immaculate steel rope that wraps around and reinforces iPhone X is a special Apple-designed amalgamate that is both durable and some-more pure. If anyone is endangered about dropping their iPhone and deleterious it, we advise regulating one of a many pleasing cases accessible to strengthen iPhone.”

Is a iPhone X some-more frail than past iPhones? Tough to say, since nothing of a tests are scientific, yet a cost we compensate for this phone and for any intensity repairs creates a risk of dropping it a lot worse. 

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