'The Handmaid's Tale': Season 2, Episode 13 Recap: 19 Startling Moments in 'The Word'

Warning: Contains Spoilers

No TV recapper is clairvoyant, and zero of us can accurately envision a concept greeting among millions of viewers. We know that a apportionment of viewers will not share a reactions to a tract points and impression interactions in any given episode. The culmination for Season 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale left viewers cheering to know what would occur next. The culmination for Season 2 competence have them cheering “What a f—!” The actors, as always, do a stellar pursuit offered their material. Why, afterwards a WTF? It’s because, in a final mins of “The Word,” Jun does something that creates tiny sense. Here are all a vital moments streamer adult to June’s flabbergasting choice.

Eden’s Things. We open in a Waterford yard, where Offred and Rita are doing laundry, all of it gray and white: they’re cleaning and make-up Eden’s things to send home with her father, Mr. Spencer. Rita and Jun both feel guilty about how they treated Eden. To be fair, Eden was a derpy tiny pain, and they were all fearful of her given she seemed expected to warn on them. Jun finds justification of Eden’s secluded individuality among a econowife accoutrements: an inlaid wooden box, a teddy bear, a print of Eden with her tiny sister and…a Bible, full of records in a beautiful, light, angled script, and ink drawings of flowers. All that time when she seemed to be a divine tiny manuscript on Gileadean obedience, Eden was committing a dynamic act of overthrow by reading her Bible and holding notes.

She Cannot Read His Word. Serena Joy wanted a baby. But babies grow up. Jun questions Serena’s ability to strengthen baby Holly/Nicole, bravely holding a book to Mrs. Waterford in a hothouse and indicating out that Eden was perplexing to know God. Unsurprisingly, Serena Joy blames Eden. Jun doesn’t behind down. How, she asks, will Nicole know a word of God when she is not authorised to review it?

Eden’s Father Turned Her In. Eden contingency have been horribly waste until she met Isaac, with no means of communicating with her relatives or her sister, and a apart father who avoided her company. It contingency have been distressing for Eden when her possess family incited her and Isaac into a authorities when they arrived during a Spencer farm. Purity and a state were some-more critical to them than her survival. Fred is a judgmental jerk to Eden’s father, while Serena is peaceful and sensitive to Mr. Spencer. This is a 180 from early in Season 1, when Serena seemed like a harsher Waterford, and Fred came conflicting as a conflicted male with some shame issues.


The Slap Heard Round a Room. “What are we gonna do when they come for your daughter?”, Jun asks Fred as he walks to a parlor door. He closes a pathway and slaps her tough conflicting a face. His assault is unsurprising. There’s zero surprising about a lady being slapped in Gilead, though a male removing slapped by a lady is noteworthy. And that’s accurately what happens next. Jun is fearless. She slaps Commander Waterford conflicting a face so tough that his hair flies lax from it slick pomade.

Fred responds by grabbing her face and misquoting a biblical verse: “The mouth of a lady is a low array / He that falls therein will humour / You are a wretchedness of all men.” A cursory Google hunt will exhibit that a initial line is a paraphrasing of Proverbs 22:14, and that Fred has left out essential adjectives that change between translations, and that a word “You are a wretchedness of all men” is not a partial of that hymn from Proverbs. It isn’t even in a Bible. Fred is creation things adult to fit his possess purposes. His difference offer as a pointer that women in Gilead face permanent, surgically enforced overpower for articulate back. What if Offred is in risk of carrying her tongue cut out like Ofglen II/Lillie Fuller? Elisabeth Moss can lift episodes on face behaving alone, though greatfully don’t force her to. Jun is approach too good during repartee.

Meet Daddy. June and Nick finally have a family tableau impulse alone with Holly while Rita keeps guard. They roughly demeanour like a normal family if we disremember a bonnet, though any second feels perilous. Jun finally tells Nick that she loves him. Jun still loves Luke, too. Life in dystopia is messy.

Emily Thawing. The subsequent dual scenes are all about dual classes of women, initial handmaids and afterwards wives, classification out their reactions to Gileadean Romeo and Juliet. June, Emily, Janine, and a wordless rando domestic confront Isaac and Eden’s bodies unresolved from a wall on their travel by a Charles River. They once seemed like a final ones expected to breeze adult there. Emily would have hated Eden if they had met, though that’s substantially not critical now. Emily has been anti-social given she got behind from a colonies, though she’s finally reconnecting with Jun and contention harmlessly with Janine. Emily admits that she’s happy that she got to come behind and see Jun again, and that she keeps forgetful about her son, Oliver.

A Life With Purpose. Meanwhile, in a important Putnam house, Serena and Naomi have a deeply coded review about their daughters’ prospects in Gilead—so low coded that, nude of context and emotion, it would seem that they were merely exchanging platitudes and tiny talk. Even carrying a coded, italicized review is holding a risk, as good as sportive their payoff as wives. It’s not intolerable that they’d be disturbed about their daughters. The wives were all absolved before Gilead. Eden was a window into what they could fear for their daughters. we would adore to hear what a wives had to say. Frankly, we can consider of a garland of seconds here and there that we would happy to cut in sequence to hear a integrate mins what they were observant to any other, in light of what happens later.

Unceremony. Emily has zero left to lose, so she takes it on herself to play a avenging angel. Either she’s dynamic to not be raped again, or she wants to make certain that Bradley Whitford’s Commander Joseph Lawrence is punished for entrance adult with a colonies. However good he is personally, he combined genocide camps, and that creates him a fight criminal. She arrives for a Ceremony with blade in hand. It’s a serrated knife, expected a beef knife, in a latest reference to beef and cows. Emily is afraid. She’s unequivocally afraid. She also has a spine of steel.

Several things are off in a room, as per common in a individualist House of Lawrence. There’s no pointer of Mrs. Lawrence in a room, and a Small Faces‘ psychedelic, assertively contented “Itchyoo Park” plays in a background. Lawrence is angry that his Martha, Cora, isn’t around to fetch him orange juice, wonkily griping about a injured economics of delinquent Martha labor: “See, this is a problem. How am we ostensible to motivate employees if we can’t precedence salaries? Herzberg, huh!” The rite never happens. Lawrence brushes it off, revelation Emily, “I’m not gonna do that with you.” He’s so confidant that he roughly seems confidant for doing her a mercy. Then again, no lady should ever have to feel beholden for not being raped. Not being raped should be a flattering simple expectation.

Serena’s Amendment. The wives’s bid to mount for women’s preparation is made, not in a name of women’s rights, though for a consequence of eremite education. Still, Serena and a wives’ rebellion is stirring to watch. “The Holy Scripture is a miracle. It is a present given by Him to all of Humanity. We trust that a sons and daughters should be taught to review it.” The women insincere that, together, they would be enough. Serena assumes, wrongly, that Fred is on her side and that she still commands honour by him. Serena orchestrated a thespian attainment of a women beautifully. It doesn’t matter.

Serena was famous as an effective speaker, once. She is still a constrained speaker. The problem is that she combined a universe where zero she says matters. Her preference to whip out Eden’s Bible and reads from a commencement of Genesis is a warn to a wives. Serena is adventurous them to retaliate her. Serena is fearless. Or she believes that she retains some-more change than she unequivocally has. The group peek during Fred accusatorily, given he can’t make his mother behave. The group don’t caring either a women know a word of God. The usually thing they wish is blind, meek, unquestioning obedience.

As unpleasant as Naomi Putnam has been, she deserves credit for being one of a wives to mount by Serena in a legislature room when a other wives travel out, though scolds her, “You shouldn’t have finished that.” “Be bold, and strong army will come to your aid,” Serena replies. The wives don’t even know who she’s quoting, given they have no approach to demeanour it up. They would have to ask a man. They’d have to trust what he told them, either he was right or not. It’s not like they can demeanour it adult for themselves.

An Example For Our Daughter. Fred is super condescending to a women in a cover anteroom. Serena never should have nodded for a other women to leave. The problem with their matrimony is that they are no longer equal. Serena expects him to be on her side, and explains that she did it to set an instance for Nicole. Notable, she touches him tenderly on a arm. It’s a initial time that Serena has overwhelmed her father with any love given he churned her in partial 8. It’s a startle to her when he has a guards transport her divided screaming. She set a conflicting of a instance she had been anticipating to set. The other wives are doubtful to listen to her now that she’s been punished.

Aunt Lydia’s Tumble. Commander Lawrence lied on Emily’s behalf, revelation Aunt Lydia that a Ceremony that never happened went splendidly. Emily has firmness and a knife. And she stinks during revelation people what they wish to hear. Aunt Lydia made a mistake when she called Emily “perverse and degenerate.” Emily knifes Aunt Lydia in a back. Yeesssssssssssss! To be fair, who wouldn’t wish to put a blade in Aunt Lydia? Emily looks happy, and keeps kicking Aunt Lydia down a stairs. Cora throws Emily into her room. Alexis Bledel silently runs by a overwhelming operation of emotion. At first, she seems psyched and gleeful, like she can’t trust she did it. Wanting Auntie Lydia passed feels like a many healthy thing she could want. Then, fear, given there’s no revelation what could occur to her next.

Aunt Lydia will never harm a domestic again, unless she survives. Aunt Lydia is many expected not dead. Her lips were still relocating when a camera cut away, and Cora pronounced to call for an ambulance. Lydia is too good of a character. User direct for an Aunt Lydia backstory is too high for her to die though a backstory. 

The Penalty is a Finger. Fred brings a confused Serena home reduction her left pinky finger. Her bullion matrimony rope clinks as she drops it on a marble-topped table. Note: a dropping of a matrimony rope is always mystic on TV. Serena had a rebellion we’ve been watchful dual seasons for, and was punished for it. She also lets Jun comfort her, that she couldn’t pierce herself to do after a violence in ‘Women’s Work’.There’s no prophecy where her trail will go in Season 3; she has a record of springing behind worse than before following expansion moments, and a wait for her feminist awakening is like watchful for Peanut’s Lucy to let Charlie Brown flog a football. She’s Lucy, right down to a blue dress. She competence finally be tighten with June, though she could also spin even some-more authoritarian in greeting to her possess lowered status.

Rules Can Be Bent. Fred sets a new smarminess benchmark in “The Word”. Fred needs to feel powerful. He won’t hook manners for Serena, though he would hook them to keep Offred in a house, “An deferential domestic competence be means to stay in this house,” and after dangles a probability of some-more visits with Hannah. All it takes is obedience. He says “we could try again for a child this time,” meaningful that Nick is Holly’s father; Fred believes that Jun didn’t overhear his quarrel with Serena during a McKenzie house. He doesn’t even caring about his ability to follow his a hype—so prolonged as he has a resilient sex fondle and deferential domestic who keeps cranking out tiny “Waterfords,” since should he caring if they aren’t his?

Walking on Broken Glass. “I didn’t get to contend goodbye! It was good meaningful you,” Mrs. Lawrence calls put as Commander Lawrence hustles Emily down a stairs. Dammit, we will skip this integrate if they aren’t behind subsequent season. His preference of “Walking on Broken Glass” during a indirect automobile float feels a tiny too on indicate for Emily. Commander Lawrence does a humorous tiny palm dance in time with a windshields. Emily, not amused, asks him to spin it off. Ok, some people find that strain annoying, and Lawrence seem to have a ambience for discordantly upbeat cocktail classics.

The Martha Network. It’s uncanny how Marthas keep not appearing when called, that happens during slightest twice in this episode. It’s roughly as if they’re carrying tip meetings. Who knows how most imagination is secluded within their ranks? Remember, one of a world’s tip pediatricians was portion as a Martha. We’ve been conditioned to perspective them as partial of a background, given we’re observation a uncover by a lens of a commanders’ households, where they are servants and so invisible. More of a Marthas subsequent season, please. we wish to see Marthas interacting with any other. Society never notices a underclasses. The Marthas have their shit together. we was tender with a potency and effectiveness.

We knew from a before season’s culmination that “the Marthas have their possess networks.” Now we see it in action, and it’s impressive. Mayday had over dual months to pierce Jun to Canada, and they couldn’t lift it off or forestall concede of a protected house. The Marthas were means to classify a daze and an shun devise for Jun and her baby on brief notice. Mayday sends packages of letters that take over half a year, and has pulled off accurately one successful conflict in a march of a show.

Nolites Tes Bastardes Carborundorum Redux, Bitches. Offred replaces a aged “Nolites Tes Bastardes Carborundorum” graffiti in large letters on a wall of a her room on a approach out. Try sanding that off. Just try it.

Serena’s Blessing. Serena Joy is fundamentally revelation that a universe she combined for a consequence of children is a bad place for children when she tearfully lets Jun shun with a baby amidst a distracting fire. What would Serena have to demeanour brazen to? She would expected remove Nicole to matrimony during 15 and afterwards a lady could go a approach of Eden. Serena’s goodbye prayer is one that Jewish relatives traditionally contend for their children. It seemed like Serena took perpetually to contend goodbye to a baby. Was she perplexing to box for time out of hostility and ambivalence? We’ve already seen Serena misuse a hopes after ostensible to make progress.

Emily Gets Out. It’s misleading how Lawrence will explain a draining Aunt with a blade in her back, or how a Marthas knew to broach Jun and Holly to a overpass where Lawrence’s automobile meets a large black van, presumably firm for Canada. To clarify, Lawrence says: “I’m removing myself in low shit.”

We could get some-more Clea DuVall subsequent deteriorate as Emily’s wife, Sylvia, final seen during Logan International Airport, headed towards a moody to Montreal. Will Sylvia have changed on? How would they understanding with all of a terrible thing that have happened to Emily, or a odds that she can no longer knowledge passionate pleasure? Emily is going to have a whopping box of PTSD.

WTF, June? After all of a risk that a Marthas, Serena and Nick put themselves in to giveaway Jun and Holly, she wastes it by selecting not to shun with Emily. The reason could be in her flashback, where Jun sings The Velvet Underground’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror” to a immature Hannah, with Luke framed in a doorway. Jun chooses a memory of her aged ideal family over her stream disorderly one. Her concentration on Hannah is so all-consuming that it leads Jun to forget her responsibilities to Holly and all a people who helped them leave.

It’s been pronounced that “I’ll Be Your Mirror” is about codependency, and a strange chronicle off The Velvet Underground and Nico has a creepiness to it as sung in Nico’s memorable, Teutonic drone. The enterprise to be all things for another person, as described in a lyrics, is something that no chairman can volume to: “I’ll be your mirror, simulate what we are / In box we don’t know / I’ll be a wind, a sleet and a nightfall / A light during your door, to uncover that you’re whole.” No one can healthily be all that to another person, even in a metaphorical sense, not even a parent. Of course, it’s also a unequivocally flattering song. But it’s a dim thing to sing to a kid.

June slips a print of Hannah into a baby’s blankets, and tells Emily to call a baby “Nicole.” This is could be a reverence to Serena, or an romantic unconcern from her child. Jun follow a memory instead of a real, infirm baby in her arms. Jun couldn’t confirm between her daughters, so she put herself in a position where she could assistance conjunction of them. She abandons Holly after all a bitch this deteriorate about how babies need their mothers.

There will be consequences for June’s actions. The final countenance on her hooded face is sinful and unreadable. Her choices no longer make any sense. It could be that Jun hatched a master devise while stealing in a grass. It could be that Jun is not streamer behind to a Waterford house. She could be looking for Hannah’s adoptive parents, a McKenzies. If it’s her devise to find a insurgency and sleet holy ruin on Gilead, she’ll need a improved dress than her red handmaid’s cloak.

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