The 5 Best Personal Finance Podcasts You Haven’t Heard of Yet

Have we ever attempted to Google “best personal financial podcasts” to find suggestions of new shows to listen to? If so, we competence have beheld something humorous about a results:

Most of those lists tend to underline a same 6-7 podcasts that have possibly been around perpetually (like So Money or Listen Money Matters), or are corroborated by some vicious media firepower (think NPR-produced shows like Planet Money).

And isn’t a whole indicate of looking for a list of good podcasts to listen to subsequent to get new ideas, not a same aged shows you’ve seen a gazillion times?

I positively consider so – that is since we combined my possess list of my favorite newer, up-and-coming, or underappreciated shows that we substantially haven’t listened of… yet.

If we need some different, unique, or new-to-you personal financial podcasts, try one of these shows.

1. Couple Money with Elle Martinez

Considering fights about income are one of a heading causes of maritial stress, suggestive how to conduct your finances with a poignant other is a vicious ability to master… that is also really tough to do.

Thankfully, there’s a Couple Money podcast to assistance we navigate this plea and come out on a other side with a stronger attribute (and improved finances).

Elle Martinez doesn’t omit a existence of a numbers that couples need to work with, yet a concentration of this podcast is some-more on a conversations – and compromises – that people in committed relations need to have and share in sequence to strech their biggest financial goals together.

Listen to Couple Money

2. Beyond Finances with Eric Kali Roberge

It’s easy to find podcasts that speak about income and investing. It’s even easier to find ones that speak about tedious basis like budgeting and traffic with debt.

It’s tough to find anything that takes a suggestive demeanour during how income indeed impacts your genuine life day after day, year over year.

Beyond Finances isn’t like any other podcast that covers money, and exists during a intersection between self-awareness, personal development, and financial success. It’s what we need to listen to if we wish to make a suggestive impact on not only your finances, yet your life in general.

If we wish a change from a common host-talks-to-a-different-guest-each-week kind of podcast, dump in on these low conversations to assistance we urge how we consider and act around income and yield we a event to get a new viewpoint on how to get rich, grow wealth, and boost your complacency along a way.

Listen to Beyond Finances

3. Popcorn Finance with Chris Browning

Don’t have a lot of additional time on your hands? Want to boost your financial believe and income expertise immediately? Popcorn Finance competence be your new favorite show.

Host Chris Browning is a financial researcher by day – yet by night, he creates podcast episodes to assistance we improved know your possess personal finances in reduction time than it takes to cocktail a bag of popcorn.

If we need some-more convincing to evidence adult a few of these snackable shows, it competence assistance to know Popcorn Finance was a 2018 Plutus Award leader for Best New Personal Finance Podcast and Chris himself was named one of Nerdwallet’s African American Financial Gurus to follow in 2018 and 2019.

Listen to Popcorn Finance

4. The Money Nerds with Whitney Hansen

Ever review one of those articles about someone who late during 30, and is now doling out their best financial recommendation so we can do it too? And afterwards we comprehend a whole reason they were means to be so financially successful was since they done half a million bucks a year in tech, or their relatives paid for their college preparation and gave them a condo?

It’s not unequivocally useful to hear stories about people who “made it” when they did so with some flattering impractical resources a rest of us substantially can’t replicate – and that’s a outrageous reason since The Money Nerds is so refreshing.

Whitney Hansen interviews practical guest and genuine people with lives we can indeed describe to, who are doing extraordinary or unequivocally singular things with money. Whether she’s articulate with families who paid off thousands of dollars of debt with really medium salaries, coaches who advise opposite a astonishing dangers of certain thinking, or pity affordable ways to learn new skills, Whitney brings a far-reaching accumulation of conversations we can indeed describe to and learn from to this show.

Listen to The Money Nerds

5. Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington

This podcast competence be a small bit of an outlier to embody on a list highlighting shows you’ve “never” listened of before – since Patrice has a large following and millions of downloads. And nonetheless this uncover we frequency frequency see on “best of” lists, even yet it positively deserves to be there.

Redefining Wealth aims to assistance listeners follow purpose in their lives, instead of posterior income for a consequence of carrying more. She and her guest cover topics that operation from how to downsize in a approach that creates we feel lighter and some-more over in life, to bargain when to let go of projects, passions, and goals, all a approach to rebuilding your life after a vital financial loss.

To Patrice, resources is not about how uch we have or what kind of things we possess – it’s about genuine, loyal well-being. This podcast can assistance we get in hold with a deeper reasons for augmenting your financial education and bargain some-more about personal finance.

Listen to Redefining Wealth

Know of another glorious podcast that seems underappreciated or deserves to be on some-more “best of” lists? Let’s bond on Twitter, and let me know about your favorite financial podcast that should be highlighted.

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