Tech Retrospect: Amazon’s new fire and a T-Mo Test Drive

Finally, finally, we can stop seeking one unequivocally sleepy question. That question? “When is Amazon going to build a phone?” The answer is now, and we substantially could have guessed a name. It’s called a Fire Phone and a many startling thing about it is how definitely identical it is to each other reward smartphone on a market.

Perhaps a many critical aspect is a price. Unlike a Fire tablet, that under-cut a foe significantly, a Fire Phone launches during fundamentally a same cost as some unequivocally choice competition. That is, $199 on agreement during ATT (the usually conduit that will offer it initially) for a 32GB version. (A 64GB indication is $100 more.) While we get some-more storage, we can compensate a same income and get an iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5, dual unequivocally good phones.

Is it improved than them? The Fire has some engaging tricks, like a stabilized camera (ala a Lumia 920), and tilt-scrolling tech (ala a latest Galaxy phones, though improved interjection to some-more accurate forward-facing cameras). It also uses a face- and eye-detecting cameras to capacitate some perspective-based 3D effects, where we can lean a phone to see opposite angles of an object, giving an apparition of depth. Cute, though frequency a game-changer.

Finally there’s Firefly, not a quirky and dear sci-fi array though a arrange of Google Goggles meets Shazam meets, well, Amazon’s possess app. Basically, we can indicate a bar formula of a product and find it on Amazon, listen to a bit of a strain and… find it on Amazon. Capture a bit of a TV uncover and, we guessed it, find it on Amazon. It does seem honestly useful, though again, frequency singular in a grand intrigue of things.

A closer demeanour during a Amazon Fire phone (pictures)
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The Fire seems like a honestly good phone, though is it good adequate to trump a iPhone or Galaxy S5? I’ll reason my conclusions until a full examination rolls in, though I’m rather doubtful that Amazon’s engaging additions will woo a masses divided from a smartphone titans. Beyond that, we don’t consider I’m alone in being rather unhappy that Amazon’s initial phone didn’t make some-more waves with possibly a ridiculously inexpensive MSRP or some arrange of hip, uninformed approach of doing information plans.

2.5-inch iWatch pronounced to enter prolongation subsequent month


Todd Hamilton

You only know that whenever Apple launches a iWatch it’s going to sell a garland of a things, and so they’re going to have to go into prolongation prolonged before their proclamation and ultimate availability. According to Reuters, that time is entrance shortly — subsequent month, to be specific. Apple has presumably entered into agreement with Quanta to start producing a device, that will competition a 2.5-inch display, potentially creation it significantly bigger than many other intelligent watches on a marketplace today. (That’s about twice a distance of a Pebble’s display.) This presumably leads adult to an Oct release, and while all is unconfirmed during this point, a timing positively lines adult with a expectations.

T-Mobile’s latest Uncarrier tweaks

T-Mobile CEO John Legere unveils song streaming devise during T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 5.0 eventuality Wednesday in Seattle.
James Martin/CNET

Big Magenta is during it again, perplexing to shake adult a generally demure American wireless industry. Its latest tweaks, however, are a small reduction thespian than a company’s contract-free plans. First adult is UnRadio, a Rhapsody-based streaming song use that will be giveaway for those business with total information plans, $4 for everybody else with a T-Mobile plan, or $5 if you’re on another carrier. Use of this use won’t count opposite a company’s information caps, though interestingly T-Mo is holding that a step further, also vouchsafing a other streaming song services (Spotify, Beats, etc.) work though counting opposite information caps. Generous.

The other proclamation was a new module called Test Drive. Simply, give T-Mobile your credit label series and they’ll let we steal an iPhone 5s for a week. The thought is to let we see if a network is good adequate in a areas we frequent, though we wouldn’t be astounded if people use this as a primary event to try out iOS for size. Either way, it’s a good service, and it’s totally giveaway — unless we remove or mangle a phone, of course.

Harley-Davidson unveils all-electric Project Livewire

Companies like Zero and Brammo have been jolt adult a universe of two-wheeled ride for years now with their preference of electric bikes, though I’ve been watchful for a vital manufacturer to finally wade into a fray. That time is scarcely here. Harley-Davidson this week denounced a judgment for an all-electric future, called Project Livewire. The bike facilities a pattern that’s conjunction classical Harley nor overly progressive, and while it many positively lacks a potato-potato-potato sound that fans of a bar and defense crave, it isn’t though a possess auditory charms. Enjoy a video above and hear for yourself, and wait for my initial impressions from a thing entrance subsequent week.

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