Space Technology Could Change a Balance of Power in Africa

In 2013, during a revisit by French President François Hollande to Morocco’s collateral Rabat, a understanding was finished in tip for France to build a satellite for a Moroccan government. On Nov 7, 2017, 4 years after this understanding was signed, Mohammed VI-A, Africa’s initial high-resolution imaging satellite, was launched, giving Morocco a new kind of energy in North Africa.

The launch of Mohammed VI-A reflects a new approach nations in Africa are flourishing their economic, amicable and troops capabilities. Instead of adapting to a standing quo of a past or usurpation biased trade and geopolitical agreements, they are branch to space. For Morocco, a satellite, that is nominally to be used for mapping, healthy disaster government and more, lifted eyebrows in Algeria and Spain over a intensity for espionage as well.

Several other countries in Africa are creation moves in space as well. South Africa orbited a initial satellite in 1999, and has skeleton to launch a continent’s initial private satellite, grown in partial by high-school girls. (South Africa was also home to one of NASA’s stations for a Deep Space Network, built in a 1960s). Ethiopia non-stop East Africa’s initial look-out in 2015, and has set a timeline of rising a possess satellite within 3 to 5 years. Nigeria has launched 5 satellites given 2003 and is formulation to launch Africa’s initial nano-satellite. Egypt will loft a new Russian-built satellite in 2019, and in 2016, a African Union (AU) authorized a offer to bond a opposite space agencies handling via a continent.


While countries in Africa pursue their possess particular skeleton for space, unfamiliar nations continue to play an critical purpose in assisting Africa go orbital. The United States, Japan, China, India and Russia are charity their expertise and infrastructure via a continent. For example, in Jun 2017, Ghana launched a initial Cubesat satellite, called GhanaSat-1, to moment down on bootleg mining and burglary of resources. While a examine was designed by Ghana’s All Nations University, it was launched thousands of miles away, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. And Japan’s space agency, JAXA, supposing training and resources to pierce a devise forward.

In Nigeria, meanwhile, China is assisting spin a collateral city Abuja’s space dreams into reality. It began in 2007, when Chinese engineers built and launched a blurb satellite for a African nation—the initial time China had finished that for another nation. It followed with a communications satellite for 2011, and in 2016 entertained a commission from Nigeria to speak about “logistics and investment” for a country’s devise to send an wanderer into space in a 2030s. India’s has launched 4 satellites for Algeria, while Russia launched a satellite for Egypt in 2014 and is assisting rise a second satellite, approaching to launch in 2019.

While gifted spacefaring nations are perplexing to extend their change on a continent, African nations themselves could use their possess augmenting sophistication with space record to grow their possess influence, anticipating to change a change of energy in a continent.

For Morocco, Mohammed VI-A is both a open and private tool—a approach to map areas for cultivation and healthy disaster management, and a approach to consider troops bases and couple numbers in adjacent countries. But a republic competence good go over this, and offer a existent and destiny capabilities to a neighbors for both domestic and mercantile ends. Rabat could in element offer imagery of protests by dissidents, or of areas that competence have untapped diamond, bullion or oil deposits. Through a satellite program, Morocco could so turn distant some-more successful opposite Africa.

As African nations benefit worldly space capabilities, they competence even finish adult competing with their some-more gifted counterparts. For example, nonetheless a African Union has been incompetent to launch an AU-wide space agency, a AU can start environment AU-wide space goals, such as carrying a network of African-internet satellites providing continent-wide use by 2035. That could move it into dispute with a U.S. association SpaceX, that has due a possess internet satellites as early as 2019.

In short, what African nations design to grasp in space could change a geopolitical bulletin of countries opposite Asia, North America and Europe. For each satellite and qualification that is launched, an array of nations will be influenced definitely and negatively. In that way, space isn’t only changing a change of energy in Africa, though could eventually be changing a destinies of whole countries.

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