San Francisco 49ers: After Loss to Oakland Raiders, a Season Is Finished

For a second week in a row, a San Francisco 49ers put adult an annoying performance.  Last week, it was a chagrin during a hands of a Seattle Seahawks.  This week, a 49ers looked sluggish, intoxicated and confused to hoop a formerly one-win Oakland Raiders.  The finish result?  An ugly, annoying 24-13 loss.

The deteriorate is not mathematically over—the 49ers could still get to 10 wins, that is expected to get them into a playoffs.  It is also not probabilistically over, if we omit opponents—the 49ers have put together dual apart three-game winning streaks this deteriorate to go along with their 3 two-game losing streaks.

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However, let’s be picturesque here for a moment.  This 49ers group usually mislaid to a 2-11 Oakland Raiders—a group entrance off of a misfortune detriment in authorization history.  This is a group whose deteriorate is mathematically over, and has been for weeks.

We’re ostensible to trust a 49ers are going to spin around and kick a Seattle Seahawks subsequent week in Seattle?  Or that they’ll float by that and afterwards kick a dangerous San Diego Chargers, and afterwards hit off a Arizona Cardinals during home a week after?  Because that’s what it would take for this group to go anywhere in 2014, and that’s usually straining belief.

The 49ers didn’t have to win out to make a playoffs, though no picturesque unfolding concerned this.  It’s bad adequate that a 49ers were mathematically separated from a NFC West with a wins by Seattle and Arizona, though to indeed remove to Oakland?  That is, and should be, annoying for a group that believed itself to be a playoff contender.

Full credit to a Oakland Raiders, by a by.  They flattering clearly wanted this feat more, that should be rarely unsatisfactory to 49ers fans.  The Raiders indeed would have been improved off losing this matchup, though still, personification for zero though pride, they knocked off their second playoff contender of a year.

So that brings us to what do for a rest of a 2014 season.  The group has imploded over a past dual weeks, and are examination their hopes going adult in a fiery wreck.  It feels, during this point, like this window of 49ers teams are going to be adult there with a early ‘90s Buffalo Bills and a 2000s Philadelphia Eagles—teams that were so good for so long, though could never get it done.  With a rumors intensifying that Jim Harbaugh will be withdrawal a group subsequent season—a pierce we still feel would be a mistake—what on earth does a 49ers classification do over a subsequent 3 weeks?

Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

While we saw a bit of a transformation to get absolved of Harbaugh this week on Twitter after a game, we don’t consider that is a obliged action.  What might be a pierce they could make right now, however, would be to glow Greg Roman, a descent coordinator.

The 49ers have been hold to usually 412 yards of offense in a past dual weeks, hardly over 200 yards per game.  That’s now 3 games where a 49ers have been hold underneath 300 yards of offense.  That’s not utterly Minnesota Vikings or Oakland Raiders territory, though it’s distant from ideal.  There is too many talent on this descent register to be putting adult these kinds of performances.

It’s rather tolerable opposite Seattle, that boasts a inhuman defense.  Against a Raiders, however?  The 2014 Raiders’ prior low in yards authorised was 297, to a New England Patriots in Week 3.  The 49ers’ 248 yards shatters that—an annoying opening opposite one of a misfortune defenses in a NFL.

This is not a initial time Roman’s offense has underperformed, and it’s not all Roman’s fault.  Colin Kaepernick had a second bad diversion in a row, and a pass restraint was horrendous.  The group can’t get absolved of Kaepernick during this point, however, due to his contract—it would emanate roughly $10 million in passed money in 2015, according to Spotrac.  Nor should they get absolved of Kaepernick during this point—the past dual games have been unequivocally bad, though looking during a deteriorate as a whole, he has shown signs of improvement.

LM Otero/Associated Press

If you’re looking for a scapegoat, then, you’re substantially looking precisely during Greg Roman.  In his 4 years as 49ers descent coordinator, a 49ers have ranked 26th, 11th, 24th and now 22nd in terms of yards.  Some of a miss of yardage is due to a higher margin position supposing by their glorious defense, though that’s an advantage they haven’t had this season.

The 49ers’ normal starting line of struggle this year, entering this week, was a 27-yard-line, resolutely in a center of a pack.  Last year, it was a 33-yard-line, and a year before, a 31-yard-line.  The 49ers have been pinned deeper behind this year, requiring some-more from their offense, and they’ve been incompetent to arise to a challenge.  I’d put that precisely on a shoulders of a descent coaching staff.

To be clear, we don’t know what we would do if we were a 49ers’ brass.  This is partially since we don’t wholly know their apparent enterprise to glow Jim Harbaugh after one bad season.  Bill Belichick’s Patriots missed a playoffs in 2002, and he got to stay.  If it’s simply since of celebrity clashes between ubiquitous manager Trent Baalke and a conduct coach, a resolution seems to be to sinecure someone to offer as a go-between, many like Carmen Policy served in a Eddie DeBartolo years, not to glow a manager who has led a authorization to 3 NFC Championship Games after years in a NFL wasteland.

But we consider possibly way, that’s a preference for a offseason.  There are some-more useful decisions to be finished for a rest of a season.  Primarily, now we consider there’s no reason to move NaVorro Bowman behind this season.  Shut him down and let him rest adult wholly for a 2015 season.  The same with Glenn Dorsey—there’s no reason to risk him aggravating his injury.

Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

I’d also like to see some of a younger players personification some-more snaps.  we wish to see Aaron Lynch and Aldon Smith starting during a outward linebacker positions, generally deliberation Ahmad Brooks was benched for missing a group meeting this week.  we wish to see Bruce Ellington and Carlos Hyde removing some-more descent snaps, and Quinton Patton and Tank Carradine being active and involved.

Most importantly, we wish a group to demeanour like they are scheming for a future, not flailing around with a substantially mislaid 2014 season.  You can’t wholly revamp an offense during a season, of course, though we can start to make steps.  If that includes switching descent coordinators midstream, afterwards that’s what needs to happen.

Either way, after Sunday’s performance, usually a many confident of 49ers fans would consider they could be playoff-bound.  They have, maybe, a 10 percent possibility of creation it from here on out, and we consider even that series is optimistic.  You would have indispensable something to occur as an upset—the Bears violence a Cowboys, a Chiefs violence a Cardinals, a Eagles violence a Seahawks or a Buccaneers violence a Lions.  With no assistance entrance from inside a club, and no assistance entrance from outside, a season’s over.

If a authorization unequivocally is in good hands, they’ll start creation decisions for 2015 sooner rather than later.  It doesn’t indispensably have to come with large crew moves, though a transparent and manifest change in descent truth is needed.

For those gripping track, a 49ers will be mathematically separated from a playoffs subsequent week if they remove to Seattle, Detroit beats Minnesota and Green Bay beats possibly Atlanta or Buffalo.  For all unsentimental purposes, however, they’re already finished for a year.


Bryan Knowles is a featured columnist for Bleacher Report, covering a San Francisco 49ers.  Follow him @BryKno on Twitter.

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