Review: 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' Fixes The Original's Biggest Flaw

Credit: Nintendo

Mario Kart 8 on Switch is magnificent, yet it’s still a tough sell for returning players.

Mario Kart 8 has been around for a past integrate of years on a Wii U, and now it’s out on a Nintendo Switch. It’s fundamentally a same diversion all over again with a few new twists and turns. It’s not as sparkling as a formula new Mario Kart game, yet it’s a decisive book of what was already a best diversion in a long-running Nintendo kart-racing franchise. Mario Kart 8 on a Switch is flattering many a perfect game, or as tighten to soundness as they come, and it’s positively pressed with features. Anyone who missed a diversion on a Wii U should squeeze it on a Switch. Fans of a strange might wish to cruise picking it adult as well, yet that’s a trickier proposition.

Here’s what’s opposite this time around:

Battle Mode is the biggest further to a Switch chronicle of a diversion and includes 5 new modes and 8 new maps.

New Modes

These embody a traditional Balloon Battle mode, where a idea is to simply cocktail everybody else’s balloons while avoiding carrying yours popped. You start with 5 balloons and any balloon we cocktail on another actor earns we a point. If we remove all your balloons you’ll be regenerated with 3 more, yet it costs we 3 points, so failing even once can meant a disproportion between a bullion award and a sum loss.

In Renegade Roundup teams take on a purpose of Renegades and a Authorities. The latter lift around Piranha Plants that they use to constraint Renegades who are afterwards placed in cages on a map. Teammates can expostulate underneath a cages to recover prisoner players. If a Authorities locate everyone, they win. If a Renegades have even one giveaway actor when a time runs out, they win. It can be unequivocally tough to turn everybody up.

Bob-omb Blast is basically Balloon Battle mode solely that players usually have Bob-ombs. You can lift mixed Bob-ombs during once, and your possess bombs don’t harm we if we run into them. The explosve blasts compare a tone of your balloons, so it’s an explosively colorful mode.

Stacking as many coins as humanly probable is a idea in Coin Runners. That and creation certain to strike other players with shells and other equipment so they dump their coins. When you’re strike we don’t dump a whole stack, yet we do remove a handful of coins any time, and it’s easy to go from rags to cache and behind again in a unequivocally brief timespan.

Finally there’s Shine Thief. In this mode there’s a Shine Sprite that we try to constraint and reason while a rest of a players try to take it from you. When we reason a Shine Sprite we expostulate a tiny bit slower. Another tough mode.

Here are a 8 Battle Maps:

Credit: Nintendo

Battle Stadium

This one is identical to a Mario Kart Stadium track, and is a formula new locus for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Credit: Nintendo

Sweet Sweet Kingdom

Another all-new map for a game, this locus strongly resembles a Sweet Sweet Canyon track.

Credit: Nintendo

Dragon Palace

Dragon Palace is a sister locus to Dragon Driftway, one of Mario Kart 8′s DLC tracks.

Credit: Nintendo

Luigi’s Mansion

We initial saw Luigi’s Mansion in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and it earnings here in a many prettier form.

Credit: Nintendo

Battle Course 1

Battle Course 1 first seemed in a unequivocally first Mario Kart game. It’s utterly a lot busier this time around.

Credit: Nintendo

Urchin Underpass

This is a Splatoon map, lonesome in ink and formed on that game’s Turf War map.

Credit: Nintendo

Wuhu Town

Originally a night map in Mario Kart 7, Wuhu Town is balmy this time around.

Credit: Nintendo

Lunar Colony

Another strange map, Lunar Colony is a space-age map with some Rainbow Road themes.


In a Switch chronicle of Mario Kart 8 you now have a Feather that lets we do a tiny shy hop. You can also lift dual equipment during once—a underline that was sorely blank a initial time around.


There’s a few new additions and changes to gameplay. To support younger/newer players there’s now an auto-accelerate underline as good as a intelligent steering feature. Basically a mixed of these facilities means we can usually set your controller down and your kart will still race, despite poorly. This should be a good underline for younger kids usually training a game, yet we didn’t even notice that it was on. You can toggle it on or off simply enough.

Other new facilities embody an Ultra-Mini-Turbo that comes after a orange turbo and sparks pinkish (though we can’t grasp this additional boost if intelligent steering is on.) There’s also no some-more glow hopping exploit, so that’s good. A series of other tiny tweaks have been done to simple gameplay like car stats and so forth.

Meanwhile, all characters are unbarred from a get-go solely Gold Mario, yet you’ll need to clear some of a vehicles and tools by collecting coins during play. Gold Mario can be unbarred by winning each Grand Prix in 200cc. So good fitness with that.

Finally, a diversion renders in 1080p in TV mode and it looks and plays great. we determine with my co-worker Paul Tassi that the visible disproportion is roughly unfit to spot when comparing it to a original, yet overtly that’s not a indicate of this re-release. The diversion is fundamentally a same thing with a few new features, characters and a correct Battle Mode. It’s not meant to be a visible overhaul.


You can play solo or in multiplayer split-screen. In two-player mode we can use a Grip and a second Pro Controller, or we can use dual Joy-Cons individually. This is doable, yet it’s not unequivocally gentle to be ideally honest, generally if we are an adult with large hands.

There’s also online multiplayer that we attempted to join to no relief and multiplayer between mixed Switches in a same space that we was incompetent to exam given we usually have a one system. The Switch’s online functions are still a bit ghastly during this point, yet I’ll give a diversion another go with online multiplayer once it launches to a wider race and news back.

New Characters

There are 6 new characters including new and returning favorites:

  • King Boo
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Gold Mario
  • Dry Bones
  • Inkling Girl
  • Inkling Boy

This brings a sum series of characters adult to “the answer to life a star and everything” and a sum series of marks to 48 given both a strange game’s DLC packs are included. Add on a 8 conflict arenas and we have a many full-featured Mario Kart game ever made. It’s unequivocally a extensive value for a polished, sparkling kart-racing game. I’ve had so many fun with a Wii U chronicle over a past integrate of years, and it’s extremely good to supplement Battle Mode to a rotation.

Returning Players

All that being said, I’m not certain a handful of new characters and equipment and a strong Battle Mode is adequate to clear a second purchase. You’ll really have fun with a Battle Mode, that is positively good and finally adult to standard with a rest of a game. But if we were anything like me we sunk many, many hours into Mario Kart 8 on Wii U already. I’m a tiny reduction eager returning to a game—not since it’s anything brief of great, yet since I’ve played these marks so many times so recently. Will 4 modes and 8 new conflict maps be adequate to keep me meddlesome for long? It’s tough to say. I’m positively happy we can finally play correct conflict mode with my kids. Ultimately, this is a preference for returning players that won’t come easy unless we have some additional money blazing a hole in your pocket. It’s positively a illusory diversion to have on a Switch, yet it’s usually a tiny new and it costs full price. It’s a full-price game, don’t get me wrong, yet if we already have a Wii U chronicle and split out for DLC we might not wish to dump another sixty bucks on a re-release.

For new players a answer is easy: we give a diversion a glowing Buy on my Buy/Hold/Sell scale. Between this and Zelda you’ll have copiousness to keep we assigned on your Switch until Splatoon 2 drops this summer.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

TL;DR: This is a best Mario Kart diversion ever made, expanding an already good Wii U pretension into a near-perfect racing game. Even so, players who have a strange on Wii U might wish to wait for a sale.

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Released: Apr 28th, 2017

Price: $59.99

Score: 10/10

A examination formula was supposing for a functions of this review.

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