ProBeat: My Facebook News Feed has been hijacked by Zuckerberg BFF spam

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg didn’t concede many during his dual hearings in front of a U.S. Congress this week. The many visit resolution he cited to a several problems lifted was regulating AI, though he certified that was still 5 to 10 years away. we trust him. The BFF spam that we might have seen in your News Feed, not coincidentally also this week, is all a explanation anyone needs that Facebook’s involuntary systems are years divided from traffic with any critical issues.

Side note: If we happened to trust this latest scam, greatfully go review “Does Facebook’s Green ‘BFF’ Prove Your Account Is Secure?” on Snopes first. I’ll wait.

I check Facebook mixed times via a day. This sold fraud isn’t new, though it took off this week precisely since Mark Zuckerberg’s hearings were all over a news. Variations of this fraud seemed during a tip of my News Feed some-more times than we can remember, all from Pages that we do not follow. Friends were simply blindly commenting, and my News Feed was putting a posts during a top, since clearly this was some-more critical than anything else on Facebook. So many for more calm from my friends and family.

The spam customarily says something along a lines of “Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, invented a word BFF. To make certain your criticism is stable on Facebook, form BFF in a comment. If it appears green, your criticism is protected. If it does not seem in green, change your cue immediately since it might be hacked.”

The crazy thing is this form of spam doesn’t need cutting-edge AI to address. Yes, these posts are infrequently common as media (so a News Feed ranks them higher), that creates them harder to investigate en masse than if they were all simply calm posts. They all also use opposite sources — we can clearly remember 5 opposite images of Zuckerberg, overlayed or accompanied with a same calm — so Facebook can’t simply blacklist one picture opposite a site once it has been noted as spam. Oh, and they don’t couple to anything, so we can’t retard by URL either.

But they all have one really apparent thing in common: All a comments are only 3 letters. Sometimes BFF, infrequently Bff, and infrequently bff.

This is impossibly easy to weed out. And we don’t have to make your blacklisting order specific to only this BFF spam. Anytime a post receives hundreds (let alone thousands) of comments observant a accurate same thing, Facebook’s systems should dwindle it. And if that same accurate criticism is appearing over and over on a totally opposite post, dwindle that too.

Sure, Facebook would still need someone to manually go over a flagged posts in box there are any feign positives. But this would still be significantly some-more effective than relying on Facebook’s users to news a posts first. we noted each post we saw this week as spam, though there is many worse and nuanced calm on Facebook that users should deposit their possess time into reporting.

Which brings me behind to Zuckerberg’s hearings this week. It’s positively no warn to me that he doesn’t design AI to be means to weed out a some-more cryptic calm than this for another 5 to 10 years. If Facebook’s systems can’t figure out simple spam now, they’re really years divided from interlude feign news, stolen identities, and bootleg activity.

Facebook is doubling down on AI and doubling down on a calm mediation team. But we consider in addition, a association should do some-more to teach a users.

“You commented on this post this week. We private this post since it is false. Mark Zuckerberg did not invent a tenure BFF. Commenting on a Facebook post will not surprise we either your criticism is protected. To check your Facebook confidence settings, go here.”

This summary should seem during a tip of each influenced user’s News Feed, accompanied with a screenshot of a fraud in question. The same form of summary could be shown to those who respond to a scams about Facebook unexpected apropos a paid service, which seem to uncover adult each few months but fail.

Facebook could start with all a dubious nonsense that circulates on a amicable network about Facebook, and go from there.

ProBeat is a mainstay in that Emil rants about whatever crosses him that week.

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