Penn State football mailbag: Lining adult recruiting targets, classification out …

The Nittany Lions are in a midst of summer workouts, yet many of we are

PennLive’s Audrey Snyder is responding your questions in a Penn State mailbag. 

already gearing adult for a 2014 deteriorate formed off some of your questions. Some of we wish to know some-more about James Franklin’s summer skeleton while others are extraordinary about recruiting targets, Richy Anderson’s departure and 3 additional scholarships given of new register movements.

Let’s get right into a subsequent collection of questions.

PennLive commenter BoulderBadger asks… Do we have a genuine shot with Josh Smith? we don’t remember him ever visiting. … Also outward of Smith and Manny Bowen are there any linebackers on Penn State’s radar?

Ah yes, a hunt for another linebacker in a 2015 difficulty continues to lift on as Penn State is perplexing to find someone to replace Josh Barajas who flipped to Notre Dame final month. Linebacker Josh Smith is a Tennessee product and his comparison hermit is partial of a 2014 Vanderbilt recruiting class, dual sum that we consider will make it tough for other schools to get him. Now, he does know James Franklin’s staff from when they recruited both him and his brother, yet yet saying him on campus and with him set to announce his college preference in a few weeks during The Opening, I’d contend Vandy and Kentucky, a propagandize he visited recently, would be a front runners. Now, if he would occur to uncover adult to a Penn State BBQ on Saturday things could change. For now yet we don’t consider that’s a case.

As for Manny Bowen, he’s been Penn State’s tip linebacker aim given Barajas’ decommitment. Bowen doesn’t have a time support set to name a propagandize or even slight his list so it’s tough to get an accurate review on him. But, he is one of a prospects approaching to be on campus this weekend for a BBQ. Bowen also Tweeted Wedensday morning that he picked adult a Florida offer. There could be many some-more entrance his approach that could mystify things for Penn State. 

Behind those dual there is outward linebacker/weak side defensive finish Kevin Givens to keep an eye on. The Pittsburgh verbal dedicate was on campus for a initial weekend of Penn State camps and while he didn’t attend in a eventuality it was another outing to campus and another possibility for him to accommodate with a staff.

Gary Bootay emailed to ask… My doubt is possibly a jerseys will continue to arrangement a player’s name? Being deaf it is critical for us to know who is who. 

This is one doubt that James Franklin has fielded many times, generally during a coaches train final month. Franklin won’t tip his palm on possibly or not a names will stay or go, yet Gary we do move adult a indicate that we hadn’t formerly suspicion about as distant as being means to have a names there as a reference. we know a players final year seemed to be in preference of carrying a names on there, yet apparently we comprehend this is a subject that each fan seems to have an opinion on.

Franklin has mentioned several times that he respects a tradition and story of a program, yet what that means in propinquity to a jerseys is open for debate. we theory we’ll all have to wait until a deteriorate opener to see what happens.

PennLive commenter angrypsubob91 asks…  Hi Audrey, if we could look into your crystal ball, who is a next recruit who is tighten to or will pointer with PSU. I’m hoping, in this order, Bowen, Reid, Whitehead, Burrell. Your thoughts?

The list we gathered is positively one that would make a Penn State staff happy, yet I’m not so certain it would occur this way, if during all. First off, we design Bowen won’t select a propagandize for a while longer and while that could be PSU (or South Carolina, Miami, Alabama, etc). we don’t consider we’ll have any preference from him for some time. Cornerback John Reid is positively a top-priority man for this class, yet Reid hasn’t pronounced most publicly newly about his plans. He warranted an invitation to The Opening so in Jul hopefully I’ll have some arrange of refurbish from him. we thought Jordan Whitehead was going to dedicate when he was on campus this winter and we feel like a longer a preference drags out for him a some-more expected it is that he leans toward Ohio State. But, he could also be a subsequent child to dedicate and it wouldn’t warn me possibly given that’s only how this thing works.

Penn State has a shot with Matthew Burrell, yet right now we consider a Lions are on a outward looking in. However, Burrell was in tie with Sterling Jenkins via Jenkins’ preference and a pieces Penn State is compiling on a descent line could be interesting for Burrell, or it could also emanate register issues given of a series of immature linemen they’re bringing in. Franlkin’s truth of holding a best players who are a best fit wouldn’t seem to tumble into a difficulty of carrying too many immature descent linemen, yet it’s something players customarily demeanour during when perplexing to plan destiny personification time and how they’ll all fit in.

So, my totally furious theory as to who is subsequent to commit? Reid, yet there expected will be a wait if it indeed happens.

Brian Misheck emailed to ask… What do we consider James Franklin will do with a additional scholarships he has now with a 4 players no longer on a team? Add them to a difficulty of 2015 or prerogative some of a walk-ons with scholarships?

With the new departures of Richy Anderson, Jonathan Warner, Anthony Alosi and Austin Whipple Penn State will have 3 additional scholarships to work with relocating forward. Whipple was a walk-on so that’s since it’s 3 and not four. Now, there are a few opposite things a staff could do with these 3 scholarships, and don’t forget about grant descent lineman Tanner Hartman who designed to find a send earlier this spring. So yes, there are 4 liberated adult scholarships if we take Hartman into account.

Scholarships for many athletes are one-year agreements. So, a staff could prerogative 4 walk-on players and put them on grant for this season. If they minister maybe they get renewed for another year, if they don’t afterwards during slightest they got one year of propagandize paid for. It helps out a 2015 difficulty yet given they have a small some-more room and lessens a blow if they skip on a person. Penn State will have 75 sum scholarships by a time camps starts this Aug and will have 80 by Aug of 2015.

As for Anderson’s departure, something many of we asked about, we have reached out to him mixed times given Friday yet haven’t listened back. we will continue perplexing to get in hit with him about his send and refurbish when we know more.

PennLive commenter Willie Green asks…. Is James Franklin particularly a “city guy?” Or will he (and his family and/or staff) have a event to suffer a good outside opportunities of circuitously Central Pennsylvania state parks and distraction areas. Hey, forget a golf course… somebody has to learn those small girls of his how to put a worm on a offshoot and locate some bluegills.

You do know he’s a Pennsylvania child with a Penn State heart, right? we consider that includes fishing and outside adventures. But, I’m wavering to put him in that difficulty given he has talked about being “a bit of a germaphobe” so that competence detract from a whole fishing experience. Franklin and a partner coaches are on a “retreat” this week and a program’s Twitter comment common a print of them attending Steelers mini camp Tuesday afternoon followed by an refurbish from a Pirates diversion during night. we don’t consider they’re out in Western Pa. pitching tents anywhere, yet we never know.

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