Oh, good, a Red Sox snatched adult JD Martinez on a discount

The Boston Red Sox sealed slugger J.D. Martinez, who hits baseballs so good and so distant that he legally has to be introduced as “slugger J.D. Martinez.” Legally!

This understanding will concede a Red Sox to noise him down in a DH purpose and let him do a right-handed Big Papi fabrication for a subsequent 5 years. Martinez will hit. And he will strike well. For a organisation that can really, unequivocally use him. Mercy.

The agreement was for 5 years and $110 million. Or, as we like to call it, “just a small above Wei-Yin Chen money.” Just final year, we would have lauded a Red Sox for removing a bonus like this. What a coup! Do they have compromising cinema of Scott Boras, ha ha? Team-friendly, below-market, win-now, blah blah blah. We’re articulate 12 months ago that we would have vomited all of those disproportion onto this site.

Right now, though, it’s usually weird.

Consider Yoenis Cespedes, who extracted $110 million from a famously miserly tenure organisation usually final year for a four-year deal. Martinez strike .303/.376/.690 with 45 homers with iffy dilemma outfield invulnerability when he was 29. Cespedes strike .280/.354/.530 with 31 homers with iffy centerfield invulnerability when he was 30. All things being equal, presumption that I’m signing a actor for an opening in left field, right field, or DH, we take Martinez. He’s younger, entrance off a improved season, and his OPS+ for a final 3 years is roughly a same as Cespedes’ New York Post-melting OPS+ from his 57 games with a Mets in 2015.

But it was Cespedes who got that many income from a organisation that doesn’t like to spend.

Let’s check in on what that understanding looked like before it happened:

Now here comes a gamble: The Mets are assured that Cespedes now knows how many they need him behind in their lineup for 2017, and they are carefree that his enterprise to lapse will assistance them in what is already proof to be a rival marketplace for a outfielder this offseason.

The heading underneath a design in that essay even mentions a “hometown discount.” Huh.

Martinez, on a other hand, had to go to a organisation with a top payroll in ball and settle for a discount. He had one of a biggest second halves in a story of a diversion (and a three-year widen in that he was clearly one of a biggest all-around hitters in baseball), and he ambled into a arms of a Red Sox for Hunter Pence money*.

* we mean, Hunter Pence is great. He’s a dream of a teammate and an engaging, renouned player. But in a deteriorate he sealed his five-year, $90 million extension, he strike 3 some-more home runs in a full 162-game deteriorate than Martinez did in his 62 games with a Diamondbacks.

If we wish ball analysis, well, sure.

He’s J.D. Martinez. He’s great. He hits a lot of dingers.

But this is a kind of agreement that needs state-of-baseball analysis. Because right now, there’s someone prepared to disagree on interest of a abounding teams:

Look, they all wised adult and satisfied that large contracts to giveaway agents weren’t smart. And each organisation did this during a same time.

Maybe! It doesn’t have to be big-C collusion. Barry Bonds mislaid his collusion box since of a miss of justification and a reasonable supposition that maybe all 30 teams usually didn’t wish to understanding with a bullshit. What we have here is a miss of justification and a reasonable hypothesis, that is that teams didn’t wish a two-tool actor entering his age-30 deteriorate on a six-year understanding — that Martinez definitely would have perceived a decade ago.

But, still, maybe it’s usually a trend. Teams aren’t profitable income income for players entrance off outrageous seasons.

And my point, my thesis, my overarching summary here is this: Well, demeanour during this crap. It looks like this new complement also benefits a Red Sox, usually like a final one.

The final complement also benefited a Red Sox. Uh oh! Our gifted luminary is a giveaway agent! Looks like a Red Sox or Yankees are going to come and pointer him! And afterwards a Red Sox or Yankees would pointer him. Or a Dodgers or Giants or Cardinals or Tigers or Rangers, or whatever. The good players would get paid, and it was customarily a abounding organisation that would compensate them.

This complement is a same thing, solely … there’s reduction income involved?

The Twins are going to rest on Max Kepler and Eduardo Escobar subsequent year. Good for them! Might work out!

The Indians are flattering certain that Michael Brantley and Lonnie Chisenhall will hoop a dilemma outfield spots for a organisation desperately perplexing to mangle a abuse that existed before there was tone TV. Might work out!

Down a line, from Texas to San Francisco to Houston to Los Angeles, there wasn’t a singular organisation that couldn’t use a .300 normal and 40 home runs from left field, right field, or DH. But they all corroborated off. “Whoa,” they said. “We can’t compensate Martinez a kind of income that we used to compensate Pablo Sandoval. That’s usually weird. Let a Red Sox do that.”

In 3 or 4 years, maybe Martinez is a dud. It happens with giveaway agents. Here, look during a biggest deals in history. There are some successes. There are a lot of failures. we usually referenced Pablo Sandoval in a final paragraph, and Martinez is going to a same team.

For a many part, though, a star players helped their new, abounding teams win a lot before being pushed aside for opposite star players who helped their new, abounding teams win. For a subsequent dual years, Martinez helps a organisation win. That organisation happens to be one that will destroy unless it wins a World Series, and he’s arrange of a ideal fit for them. He’s 30 and doesn’t come with a disaster of red flags. He’s been an glorious hitter for a final 4 years, and for a final 4 months, he was a transcendent, illusory hitter. That used to be a ideal charge for a Boras customer looking for a large payday.

Right now, though, it’s a kind of actor who gets snatched adult by a super-powered Red Sox team. Just like before. The usually disproportion is that Fenway Sports Group, LLC gets to save some income this time. Maybe they can keep a subsequent Philippe Coutinho. Cross your fingers.

Where were a other teams? The ones that also could have used a high-contact dinger machine? There were 29 teams that could have been improved with J.D. Martinez this offseason. Are we revelation me that one of them wasn’t peaceful to compensate a reward for someone who played 62 games in a NL and still got MVP votes?

I don’t know this new reality.

Give me a blanket, dammit. I’m cold.

Back in my day, let me tell you, things were different.

The Bonds analogy adult there works in another way, too: In 10 years, we’re going to giggle during one of these foolish teams for entrance adult short on Martinez. They can all use him. But it was a abounding organisation that got him. Meet a new league, same as a aged league. The usually disproportion is that a players are much, many angrier.

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