NFL Week 1 preseason scores, schedule, updates: Mayfield, Barkley gleam in initial NFL action

After teasing us with a Hall of Fame game, a initial full week of preseason football strictly kicked off on Thursday with a sum of 24 teams in action. 

For Week 1 of a preseason, a NFL’s spotlight was precisely on a quarterback position, and that’s given scarcely a dozen teams went into their initial preseason diversion with some vital amour during a position.  

Not customarily did we see mixed rookies in movement — including Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen and Sam Darnold – yet we also saw both Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill on a margin for a initial time in some-more than 500 days. 

For all a scores, highlights and takeaways from a initial week of a preseason, make certain to keep reading (If we click on a GameTracker links below, we can see all a stats from any game). 

Scores and schedule

Panthers 28, Bills 23 (box score)
Bengals 30, Bears 27 (box score)
Buccaneers 26, Dolphins 24 (box score)
Browns 20, Giants 10 (box score)
Steelers 31, Eagles 14 (box score)
Saints 24, Jaguars 20 (box score)
Patriots 26, Redskins 17 (box score)
Ravens 33, Rams 7 (box score)
Packers 31, Titans 17 (box score)
Texans 17, Chiefs 10 (box score)
49ers 24, Cowboys 21 (box score)
Colts 19, Seahawks 17 (box score)

Falcons during Jets, 7:30 p.m. ET, NFL Network (GameTracker)
Lions during Raiders, 10:30 p.m. ET, NFL Network (GameTracker)

Vikings during Broncos, 9:05 p.m. ET, NFL Network (GameTracker)
Chargers during Cardinals, 10 p.m. ET (GameTracker)

Tyrod Taylor uncover us given he’s a Browns’ starter

Most viewers substantially tuned in to watch No. 1 altogether collect Baker Mayfield make his preseason entrance with a Browns, yet before Mayfield could take a margin nearby a finish of a initial quarter, Tyrod Taylor supposing a brief yet shrill sign that a Browns’ starting quarterback pursuit belongs to him.

Taylor, acquired around trade this offseason, was brought to Cleveland to be a team’s overpass starter until Mayfield is prepared to take over. By a demeanour of it, Taylor isn’t going to relinquish his hold on a starting pursuit before a start of a unchanging season. Against an awful-looking Giants defense, Taylor helmed dual series, a initial of that finished in a punt, a second of that finished in a finish zone. 

In all, Taylor went a ideal 5 of 5 for 99 yards. His night finished with a 36-yard touchdown to parsimonious finish David Njoku.

It was a beauty. As we can see below, Taylor famous that a linebacker in a center of a margin was reserved to cover Njoku in a slot. Due to a positioning of a slower linebacker, Taylor knew Njoku had a advantage as he sprinted adult a seam. The linebacker attempted to cover a stretch between them, yet with Njoku using vertical, he couldn’t stop a downfield route. That’s an easy read, one you’d design a maestro like Taylor to make. And a chuck was perfect.

Earlier in a game, on a Browns’ initial series, Taylor connected with Jarvis Landry low down a sideline for a 32-yard strike. 

It’s customarily a preseason, yet that competence be a best quarterback play Cleveland has seen in, well, forever. And that’s given a Browns are happy to start Taylor before giving a pursuit to Mayfield.

Mayfield considerable in debut, throws dual touchdowns

After Taylor demonstrated given he’s going to be a Browns’ opening day starter, Mayfield reminded everybody given he went initial altogether in this year’s draft. Mayfield competence not be a Browns’ starter yet, yet he unequivocally doesn’t demeanour like he needs to spend a poignant apportionment of his rookie deteriorate on a bench.

In his preseason entrance on Thursday, Mayfield took over for Taylor on a Browns’ third array of a game. He stayed in until mid by a fourth quarter. His final numbers were impressive: 11 of 20 for 212 yards, dual touchdowns, and a 125.4 passer rating. He combined 13 yards on a ground.

His initial touchdown, that came in a second quarter, was considerable given we could see Mayfield work his approach by his reads — from right to left and behind to a right again — until he staid on Njoku in a behind of a finish zone. 

His second touchdown was a dart on a indicate that rookie Antonio Callaway incited into a 54-yard touchdown.

You can review some-more about Callaway’s big diversion by clicking here. The rookie went for 87 yards and a touchdown customarily 4 days after carrying a run-in with police. 

As for Mayfield, he wasn’t perfect, yet he looked stoical via a night, flashing a traits that done him a initial pick. Here he is stepping adult in a slot in a face of pressure, maneuvering within a pocket, and eventually evading to collect adult a third-down conversion.

Here he is going behind shoulder for a 26-yard completion.

And here is creation something out of nothing.

To put it simply, Mayfield looks NFL ready. That doesn’t meant he won’t knowledge flourishing heedfulness when he does see a margin during a suggestive football game. That doesn’t meant we should make too large of a understanding out of a Week 1 preseason diversion opposite a Giants. It customarily means that Mayfield looks like he belongs in a NFL. And that alone should be enlivening for Cleveland deliberation a story with quarterbacks.

Not any rookie can step in and immediately demeanour like an NFL-caliber player. Mayfield did.

And now, it’s value wondering: After spending perpetuity yet one, do a Browns unexpected have dual good quarterbacks?

Saquon Barkley gets off to large start opposite Browns

The diversion between a Giants and Browns noted a initial time in NFL story that a tip dual picks from a breeze done their preseason debuts opposite any other, and fittingly, a dual rookies met adult on a margin before a game. 

Of course, a biggest hearten of a night in New York went to Barkley, who started off a diversion and his NFL career with an considerable 39-yard run. On a Giants’ initial play from scrimmage, Barkley showed given a group done him a second altogether collect in a NFL Draft. 

Unfortunately, when we get off to a start like that, things customarily customarily get worse, and that’s what happened with Barkley. The using behind customarily totaled 4 some-more yards on his subsequent 4 carries before exiting a diversion after dual descent possessions. Barkley finished his night with 5 carries for 43 yards. 

One actor who didn’t assistance himself on Thursday was Giants backup quarterback Davis Webb. In a initial half opposite Cleveland, Webb finished 8 of 20 for 70 yards as a Giants went three-and-out on 3 of his initial 4 possessions. Webb took over for Eli Manning, who finished a diversion 4 of 7 for 26 yards. 

Watson’s lapse brief and sweet; Mahomes gets rolling

The one thing we schooled from Deshaun Watson’s lapse to a margin on Thursday is that his surgically-repaired knee unequivocally looks healthy. However, that’s about all we learned, as Watson was customarily on a margin for one descent possession opposite a Chiefs. On that one series, Watson handed a round of to Lamar Miller 4 times and finished one pass for 4 yards on a expostulate that finished with a Shane Lechler punt. Watson will expected see a lot some-more personification time when a Texans horde a 49ers subsequent week. 

As for Thursday’s game, Brandon Weeden did his best to try and start a quarterback debate after Watson went out. Of course, Weeden’s never going to start over Watson, yet he did demeanour considerable opposite Kansas City. During his time on a field, Weeden went 9 of 11 for 97 yards and dual touchdowns, a sum that includes a six-yard TD pass to Jordan Akins that we can see below. 

The Texans-Chiefs diversion also featured Patrick Mahomes‘ initial movement given Andy Reid gave him a keys to a starting offense by trade Alex Smith. Although Mahomes put adult decent numbers (5 of 7, 33 yards), he wasn’t means to pierce a Chiefs offense. During a dual security that Mahomes was on a field, a Chiefs customarily tallied dual initial downs and they were forced to punt on both drives. 

Lamar Jackson creates his possess prominence reel

After examination Lamar Jackson play opposite a Rams, Joe Flacco substantially won’t be too disturbed about losing his starting pursuit this year, yet it’s easy to see given a Ravens wish to get their rookie quarterback on a margin this season. Although Jackson was rather haphazard during his 3 buliding of movement opposite Los Angeles, a rookie also showed off some of a peep that helped make him a first-round pick. Our NFL insider Jason La Canfora has a full news from Baltimore, yet here are a few highlights from Jackson’s debut:

Jackson entered a diversion on a Ravens’ second descent possession and afterwards immediately strike Christopher Moore for a 36-yard benefit on his initial chuck of a night. 

Three plays later, Jackson capped a expostulate with a nine-yard touchdown run where he managed to make half a Rams invulnerability demeanour positively silly. 

Jackson was good, yet he wasn’t improved than Flacco, who started a diversion for Baltimore and finished 5 of 7 for 71 yards and a touchdown. Flacco played a Ravens’ opening array and led his group on a 10-play, 70-yard touchdown drive. 

Flacco sounded happy with a approach a first-team offense played. 

“Listen, a guys are unequivocally display up. We’ve had a good camp, and it was good to come out here and see it carry over into a game,” Flacco said. 

Although John Harbaugh pronounced that Flacco is going to start this year, he’s also pronounced that he’s going to do his best to make certain Jackson gets on a field

Kelvin Benjamin gets a final giggle on Cam Newton

The pregame conditions in Buffalo got a small awkward on Thursday when Cam Newton motionless to confront Kelvin Benjamin over some comments that a far-reaching receiver done over a weekend. Basically, Benjamin pronounced that he wished a Panthers hadn’t drafted him in 2014 and that he would have been successful over a past few years if he had been personification with any other quarterback. 

Those comments led to this pregame assembly between Benjamin and Newton. 

As it turns out though, Benjamin competence have indeed had a point, given he illuminated adult his former group during a brief coming on a margin for a Bills.  

On Buffalo’s initial possession of a game, Benjamin spearheaded an 85-yard touchdown expostulate by throwing 4 passes for 59 yards. Benjamin’s biggest locate of a expostulate came on a third-and-4 play when he held a 28-yard touchdown pass from Nathan Peterman

He afterwards distinguished a touchdown by doing a Lambeau-like jump during New Era Stadium.

Benjamin wasn’t a customarily Bills actor who tender on Thursday. In one entertain of action, Peterman went 9 of 10 for 119 yards and a touchdown. The quarterback’s customarily mistake in a diversion came nearby a finish of a initial entertain when he was picked off by Carolina’s Shaq Thompson. 

Josh Allen shows off large arm in up-and-down debut

The Bills traded adult to breeze Josh Allen, yet they didn’t play him on Thursday night until after both Nathan Peterman and AJ McCarron had their chances to contention their bids for a starting job. When Allen did enter a game, he didn’t rubbish any time promotion a one trait that done him a top-10 pick.

That trait is, of course, his cannon for an arm. On his initial snap, he launched a round 60 yards downfield, yet a round took a receiver out of bounds. It finished adult being a common thesis via Allen’s night. The throng in Buffalo would go nuts whenever he uncorked his low round and showed off his evil arm strength, but a passes were always customarily a small bit off.

In a end, Allen didn’t yield many of a warn in his debut. We knew he had an comprehensive laser, and he showed us that. We knew his timing and correctness would be an issue, and they were. It’s not that Allen was horrible. It was an disproportionate entrance that enclosed some good and some bad, and copiousness of entertainment.

He finished 9 of 19 for 116 yards and a touchdown. 

Ahead of Allen, Peterman indeed enjoyed a successful outing, completing 9 of 10 passes for 119 yards, a touchdown, and a collect while McCarron went 7 of 10 for 116 yards. One of those dual guys total to win a starting pursuit after a preseason while Allen continues his growth routine over a march of a season.

Andrew Luck is back

After blank all of a 2017 deteriorate with a shoulder injury, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck returned to a margin opposite a Seahawks. In doing so, Luck supposing explanation that he’s indeed healthy adequate to take a snap, dump behind to pass behind an descent line restraint genuine life pass rushers, and chuck an tangible football. 

In his dual array of action, Luck led a Colts to dual margin goals by completing 6 of 9 passes for 64 yards and a 87.3 passer rating. He took a sack, that customarily isn’t a good thing, yet it competence be a good thing for Luck deliberation he hasn’t taken a genuine football strike given a 2016 season. 

On Thursday night, Luck quickly played football, and he survived. That competence not seem like much, yet for Luck and a Colts, it was a many critical thing to occur opposite a Seahawks.

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