Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner: What we need to know about this Hollywood mystery


Almost 4 decades after a comfortless genocide of Hollywood star Natalie Wood, investigators exhibit there is a new chairman of seductiveness in a case: her then-husband, Robert Wagner. Susana Victoria Perez (@susana_vp) has more.

Here we go again: Natalie Wood competence never rest in peace.

In November, it will be 37 years given Wood, a Hollywood child star-turned-Oscar-nominated actress, died in a puzzling drowning off a seashore of Santa Catalina , a renouned pleasure island in a Pacific, 49 miles southwest of Los Angeles. 

Two generations have been innate since the rise of Wood’s celebrity so unless these newcomers are fans of her classical cinema (Rebel Without a CauseSplendor in a Grass, West Side Story), a authority on a box competence be in order.

What happened?

Wood was 43, a mom of two, and married to her two-time husband, large TV actor Robert Wagner, afterwards 51. Like scores of other abounding Angelenos with yachts, they were anchored off Catalina after a day of sailing on their 60-footer, The Splendour

Then, on Nov. 29, 1981, she left from a vessel underneath resources that sojourn ghastly during best. Hours later, her physique was found, clad in a flannel nightgown, red down jacket and blue socks, floating in a Pacific about a mile divided from a yacht and off a island’s Blue Cavern Point. 

What happened after that?

Her genocide was ruled an random drowning during a time. But a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reopened a box in 2011; the following year, a means of genocide on her genocide certificate was altered to “drowning and other unlimited factors.”

What was a greeting to her death?

Everyone during a time concluded Wood’s genocide during a tallness of her beauty, celebrity and movie-star career was intolerable and tragic. But that was a usually indicate on that there was widespread agreement. 

Her genocide set off hectic conjecture in Hollywood, especially in a media: Was it an collision or was it murder? If so, who did it? Surely not her husband, R.J., as a dear star was famous in Tinsel Town. Did they have a quarrel before she left and what was it about?

And how come a LACSD — suspicious of Wagner from a commencement — has spent scarcely 4 decades perplexing to pin something on him, and so distant failed?

Why is her genocide in a news again?

On Thursday, sheriff’s detectives were behind for another try. CBS News reported investigators have told a network’s news magazine, 48 Hours, that Wagner is once again a “person of interest” in a box and they wish to pronounce with him. Again.

The final time investigators pronounced this about Wagner was in Nov 2011 when they reopened a box citing “substantial new information.” The central means of genocide was altered though no charges were ever filed opposite Wagner or anyone else.  

“We have not been means to infer this was a homicide,” Detective Ralph Hernandez told 48 Hours. “And we haven’t been means to infer that this was an accident, either. The ultimate problem is we don’t know how she finished adult in a water.”

So because have they motionless Wagner is again a chairman of interest? They’re not saying. 

Who was on a yacht that night?

Wood: Born Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko, Wood began behaving in films before a age of 5, sharpened to stardom in a 1947 Christmas film, Miracle on 34th Street. She warranted her initial Oscar assignment for best-supporting singer as a teen in Rebel and combined nominations for best singer in Splendor and Love with the Proper Stranger in a 1960s.  

She was married to Wagner twice; a second time, she gave birth to their daughter Courtney. In between, she was married to writer Richard Gregson, father of her elder daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner. (Now 47,  she’s an actress and is tighten adequate to Wagner to adopt his name.) 

One of a many famous contribution about Wood: Since childhood, she had been pestilent fearful of drowning in dim water.  

Wagner: Now 87 and a repeated guest star on CBS’ NCIS, he was a desirable man-about-Hollywood when he married Wood in 1957 when she was in her late teenagers and he was in his mid-20s. Like a lot of other women in town, she had prolonged harbored a vanquish on him. Their initial matrimony lasted usually 5 years; they remarried in 1972 and were still married, clearly happily, until that night on their yacht. 

Christopher Walken:  Now 74, the Oscar-winning impression actor (The Deer Hunter, 1978) was co-starring with Wood in a film and was a guest of a Wagners on a yacht that night. Known as a quirky impression during best, Walken has pronounced roughly zero in open about what happened.

But in 1997, he offering a plausible speculation in an talk with Playboy: Half asleep, Wood, who Walken says couldn’t swim, went to pierce a vessel bouncing opposite a side of a vessel and slipped on a ski ramp partially in a water. She strike her head, fell into a H2O and floated away. 

Dennis Davern: The vessel captain, now 55 and vital in Florida, has pronounced opposite things about what happened that night, at initial revelation military it was an collision and after implying that something sinister had happened.

In 2011, in an talk with a Today show, Davern pronounced he lied to military during first. “I done mistakes by not revelation a honest law in a (initial) military report,” Davern pronounced then. When asked if Wagner had some-more of a shortcoming in a case, Davern said, “Yes, we would contend so, yes.” But he refused to elaborate. 

Even earlier, in a 1992 interview with Geraldo Rivera’s Now It Can Be Told, he pragmatic that he knew how Wood got into a water. And in a prolonged Vanity Fair square in 2000, Davern is quoted as observant that Wood and Wagner fought in their cabin before a singer disappeared.

But Davern’s credit has not been helped by a fact that over a years he has been paid to offer tools of his story to a tabloids.

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