My credit label offers transport insurance; do we need more? Tips for a Road

Q: I’m going to Italy in a fall. I¬†have a Chase Sapphire credit label that includes outing insurance. Are a Chase advantages extensive and sufficient, or do we need a apart transport word plan? My debate association offers one for $529.

– Marcia K., Beachwood

A: Alas, as with many answers to difficult questions: It depends.

The commission of U.S. travelers who opt to squeeze discretionary word has grown almost in a years given a misunderstanding caused by 9/11. Today, about one-third of U.S. travelers squeeze some kind of word before they leave home, according to a U.S. Travel Insurance Association.

Should we be one of them? Only we can answer that question.

It depends on your trip, how many of it is pre-paid, how many you’re peaceful to remove in a eventuality something goes wrong, how aged we are, who you’re withdrawal behind, etc.

But before we cruise what to buy, you’re right to initial examine what kind of coverage you’re already profitable for. As a ubiquitous rule, many U.S. medical word skeleton will cover we for medical losses accrued abroad (though you’ll wish to make sure. Medicare is a poignant difference to a rule, yet many supplemental skeleton do cover travel).

In addition, credit cards and organizations like AAA also mostly offer coverage.

But is it enough? It’s substantially value spending a few mins perplexing to answer that question.

Think about a problems we might run into (remembering that word is designed to cover a unforeseen).

Are we withdrawal behind comparison relatives during home? (If so, make certain you’re informed with any word policy’s pre-existing conditions clause.) Might lousy continue impact some partial of your trip?

Several eccentric websites, including¬† and, concede travelers to submit their particular sum to establish any holes in coverage. They’re also a good place to comparison emporium for a cheapest, best policy.

In looking over some of a simple advantages offering by a Chase Sapphire label (not meaningful that chronicle we have), one thing it doesn’t seem to cover: puncture medical depletion word (to a sanatorium or behind home).

This is a estimable advantage that many eccentric policies offer. In a eventuality of a critical collision or serious illness, any of us would substantially wish to be flown behind home for treatment.

Depending on your age, where you’re going and a cost of your trip, word generally runs about 4-8 percent of a sum cost. Keep in mind that “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage will supplement to a price.

One final point: Most transport experts advise that we NOT squeeze word from your transport provider. Insurance purchased from an eccentric provider will expected be reduction costly and is some-more expected to cover your losses if your transport provider goes out of business.

Tips for a Road is a new question-and-answer mainstay by Plain Dealer transport author Susan Glaser. Questions can be emailed to or mailed to her during The Plain Dealer, 1660 West Second St., Suite 200, Cleveland, 44113. Please note that Christopher Elliott, who writes a weekly Travel Troubleshooter mainstay in The Plain Dealer, is a best source for consumer-oriented problems with a transport provider.

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