Mass Effect: Andromeda PC Benchmarked On 24 Different Video Cards

It’s tough to trust 5 years have upheld given a Mar 2012 recover of Mass Effect 3, that cemented a trilogy as something of a complicated cult classical among RPG fans. Given a status compared with a series, it should come as no warn that it perceived a new pretension and even reduction of a warn that it’s been on a list of must-play PC games for 2017.


Developed by BioWare and published by EA on PC, Xbox One and PS4, Mass Effect: Andromeda vows to be bigger and some-more pleasing than before releases. Although initial impressions prove that a diversion delivers on some of those promises, it hasn’t been a flawless execution so we competence wish to examination a full examination before shopping this one (or usually Google “Andromeda animations”).

The diversion starts in a Milky Way Galaxy during a 22nd century with amiability formulation to stock new home worlds in a Andromeda Galaxy as partial of a devise called a “Andromeda Initiative.” The actor assumes a purpose of possibly Scott or Sara Ryder, an fresh troops partisan who joins a Initiative and wakes adult in Andromeda following a 600-year journey.


Mass Effect: Andromeda facilities some open universe elements and emphasizes exploration. Many of a series’ normal gameplay elements will remain, while others have been modified, such as combat, that is reduction cover-based and some-more mobile.

Previous Mass Effect games were built on a Unreal Engine nonetheless Andromeda uses Frostbite 3. This pierce meant that BioWare had to build all a systems, tools, and resources from scratch. Ironically, a vast partial of a switch was to assistance raise impression animation, so we wish they had some-more success in other areas.

Although Frostbite 3 does support DirectX 12, a developer has opted to hang with DX11, during slightest for now anyway. That’s not intolerable though. While Mass Effect games have always looked great, a array has never unequivocally pushed diversion engines to their limits. The prior 3 installments all used DirectX 9 for example, even 2012′s Mass Effect 3 stranded with DX9 notwithstanding far-reaching use of DX10 during a time as good as a accessibility of DX11.

On PC, a developer recommends personification Mass Effect: Andromeda with possibly an Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD FX 8350, that is an peculiar contrast. Surely a lower-end Core i5 processor will sufficient if they are recommending a FX-8350 and clearly these recommendations were done before Ryzen landed.



On a graphics side, it’s suggested that gamers arm themselves with during slightest a GeForce GTX 1060 3GB or GTX 970 — apparently you’re out of fitness if we possess a Radeon graphics label (kidding of course, something like a RX 470 should sufficient given a GTX 1060 3GB is recommended).

By unwell to plead a singular AMD graphics card, it’s transparent this is an Nvidia sponsored title, so we can design a immature group to have a upper-hand out of a gate. That said, AMD seems to be unequivocally many on tip of a motorist diversion right now and has already released an update.

AMD is claiming opening gains of adult to 12% on a Radeon RX 480 with an i7-6700K and 8GB of DDR4-2666 memory, a boost that presumably sees support rates go from 53.7fps to a many healthier 60.1fps during 1080p. Likely contributing to these opening gains, or during slightest a good cube of it, is a combined ‘Optimized Tessellation Profile’ for a game.

As you’re expected wakeful during this point, I’m not here to examination a diversion nonetheless to exam a PC opening so we know how it’ll run on your hardware during home. Before removing to those results, let’s plead how we benchmarked Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Testing Methodology

For contrast we used a AMD Radeon Crimson Edition Graphics Driver 17.3.2 Hotfix for contrast a Radeon GPUs and a Nvidia formed GPUs were tested regulating a GeForce Game Ready Driver 378.78.


We benchmarked Mass Effect: Andromeda regulating a Core i7-7700K exam appurtenance that sees a processor regulating during 4.9GHz with 32GB of DDR4-3000 memory. The opening numbers we are about to see are formed on a 60 second Fraps pass from a commencement of a singular actor debate after a player-controlled impression pile-up lands (falls) on Habitat 7.

Since Origin thatch we out for 24 hours after 5 hardware changes (graphics label or CPU), contrast was painfully delayed and in a finish we had to squeeze 3 accounts so we could exam 15 configurations per day for this opening review. Unfortunately, this meant we wasn’t means to do a common CPU contrast alongside a GPU benchmarks, so that competence come in an refurbish later.


We focused a courtesy on a ultra-quality preset for contrast and we have to contend that a diversion looks unusual with these settings. We also tested 3 customary resolutions: 1080p, 1440p and 4K.

Test System Specs

Benchmarks: 1080p

Even with AMD’s new motorist update, a GTX 980 Ti still enjoys a critical opening advantage over a Fury X, delivering 24% some-more frames on average. The 980 Ti looks unequivocally gentle with a 71fps smallest while a Fury X forsaken down to 54fps and a customary 980 somewhat slower again during 53fps. It’s not mostly we see a GTX 970 violence a R9 390X with palliate nonetheless that’s a stream conditions here.

The same is loyal when comparing a R9 380 and GTX 960, a GeForce graphics label is a hair faster here and usually means to broach playable opening during 1080p regulating a ultra peculiarity settings. The same sadly can’t be pronounced for a R7 370 and GTX 950 though.


The latest stand of GPUs offer some-more models means of pulling over 60fps, as we competence expect. The Titan XP and GTX 1080 Ti were good for over 100fps during all times and averaged around 120fps. The GTX 1080 was also respectable, mostly pulling support rates above 100fps.

It was a rather vast dump down to a GTX 1070 nonetheless even so, with roughly 80 fps on normal opening was impressive. The GTX 1060 6GB simply surfaced a RX 480 notwithstanding AMD’s new motorist refurbish and here we see a RX 480 8GB delivering identical opening to a 1060 3GB.

We found that GPUs such as a RX 470 and GTX 1050 Ti were still means to yield playable opening during 1080p.

Benchmarks: 1440p

Pumping a fortitude adult to 1440p unequivocally hammers opening and now we are looking during usually 53fps on normal from a GTX 980 Ti with a 46fps minimum. Despite that, a 980Ti was still 23% faster than a Fury X that averaged usually 43fps. For a smallest of 30fps during 1440p with all a eye candy incited up, gamers will need an R9 390X or GTX 970.



We also see that we can grasp playable opening with a RX470, 4GB RX 480 and 3GB GTX 1060, if usually just. Ideally gamers will wish during slightest a GTX 1070 nonetheless we see a good evidence for going with a GTX 1080 here as it supposing 31% some-more opening holding a normal support rate to 71fps. Again, a GTX 1080 Ti was usually 15% faster than a customary GTX 1080 and honestly we was anticipating to see some-more from Nvidia’s new $700 GPU.

Benchmarks: 4K

Given what we saw during a formerly tested resolutions, it’s no warn that even a GTX 980 Ti can’t broach playable opening during 4K. Here we see an normal of usually 28fps with a smallest of 24fps.

Moreover, a GTX 1080 usually gets by with a 38fps normal and a 33fps smallest while a GTX 1080 Ti delivered usually 13% some-more performance, nonetheless a gains were conspicuous here.

Final Thoughts

Ideally we would have favourite to embody some some-more tests such as peculiarity scaling formula for contend a GTX 1060 and RX 480, nonetheless we simply ran out of time interjection to Origin constantly locking me out for 24 hours after swapping components. That being a case, we will aim to supplement a GeForce GTX 700 array and Radeon 200 array after this week followed by some CPU testing.


What we can tell we so distant is that to suffer Mass Effect: Andromeda with a best visible settings, you’ll need a absolute GPU, even if we devise to play during a fortitude of 1080p. Here we unequivocally suggest zero reduction than a Radeon R9 390 or GeForce GTX 970, nonetheless we don’t design to see GPUs such as a RX 480 8GB entrance in around a GTX 970. Once AMD serve residence these opening issues we competence see lower-end GPUs such as a R9 380 delivering some-more excusable opening here.

Those wanting to diversion during 1440p will need to move some critical firepower — a Fury X for instance still dipped next 40fps during times. The GTX 1070 or GTX 980 Ti are improved picks here and for a consistent 60fps+ you’ll need a GTX 1080.


To play Andromeda during 4K, we can design to occupy dual high-end GPUs. Sadly though, conjunction SLI or Crossfire are operative during a impulse so even if we have invested in a span of GTX 1080s, they won’t be quite useful in this pretension yet. The good news is that multi-GPU support is coming, hopefully earlier rather than later.

Although we haven’t enclosed processor formula we can contend that a diversion doesn’t seem too CPU-demanding, providing we have a decent quad-core chip. Utilization sat between 30 and 40% for a many partial on a overclocked Core i7-7700K exam system. However, it’s value observant that RAM use was intensely high. Our complement was configured with 16GB for contrast and we constantly saw some-more than half of that allocated.


Overall, Mass Effect: Andromeda ran ideally during a benchmarking procedures (no crashing etc.). The game’s visible peculiarity is intensely considerable and a gameplay seems like a lot of fun. It’s a contrition that a knowledge appears to be marred by bad animation.

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