Marco Rubio Is Jeered and Lectured on Gun Control

President Trump and Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, a Republican, both declined invitations to attend in a city hall-style meeting.

The father of a 14-year-old lady who was killed during Stoneman Douglas angrily lectured Mr. Rubio for his refusal to support gun control legislation.

The father, Fred Guttenberg, demanded that Mr. Rubio explain his antithesis to a anathema on a kind of conflict arms that a gunman during a propagandize used to glow his daughter, Jaime.

“My daughter, using down a hallway, was shot in a behind with an conflict weapon, a arms of choice,” Mr. Guttenberg pronounced during a forum as Mr. Rubio stood stone-faced. “It is too easy to get. It is a arms of war. The fact that we can’t mount with everybody else in this room and contend that, I’m sorry.”

The room erupted in acclaim for Mr. Guttenberg and regularly booed as Mr. Rubio sought to explain his antithesis to a due conflict weapons ban. The bill, he said, is riddled with loopholes that would make it easy for criminals to get around.

“First, we have to conclude what it is. It fundamentally bans 220 specific models of gun,” Mr. Rubio said, call acclaim from a audience.

He continued, observant that a check also allows for “2,000 other types” of guns that work a same approach though are not personal as conflict weapons.


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Ms. Loesch regularly deflected questions about restrictions on a accessibility of guns, insisting instead that gripping guns out of a hands of a mentally ill or people with rapist annals would keep students safe.

“I don’t trust that this violent beast should have ever been means to obtain a firearm, ever,” Ms. Loesch told Emma González, a comparison during a high school. “None of us support people who are crazy, who are a risk to themselves, who are a risk to others, removing their hands on a firearm.”

But her answers stirred indignant taunts from a audience. At times, Ms. Loesch struggled to answer, though she resolutely refused to behind down on a N.R.A.’s position hostile new gun restrictions.

She pronounced a organisation against lifting a authorised age for purchasing an conflict arms to 21 from 18, an thought that Mr. Trump had progressing signaled support for. Students who are aged adequate to offer in a troops should be authorised to possess firearms, she said.

Diane Wolk Rogers, a story clergyman during Stoneman Douglas, confronted Ms. Loesch by seeking her to urge a thought that permitting a think in a shooting, a 19-year-old, to possess an conflict purloin represents “a well-regulated militia” as is created in a Second Amendment.

Ms. Loesch pronounced a word was meant to strengthen a rights of anyone who “could work and use their firearm,” an answer that drew shrill yelling and some-more boos from a audience.

Mr. Rubio, for his part, had offering opening remarks that he clearly hoped would inhibit critique during a event. He voiced grief for those who were influenced by a shooting, though he pronounced that people in a United States indispensable to find ways to remonstrate “without accusing one another of being immorality people.”

But a audience, including Mr. Guttenberg, did not reason behind in criticizing Mr. Rubio’s position on gun control. Mr. Guttenberg regularly asked either Mr. Rubio believed that “guns were a cause in a sport of a kids.”


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The senator pronounced he agreed, though he insisted that other forms of laws would improved forestall such attacks. He pronounced that he would support a check to boost a smallest age for a squeeze of an conflict arms to 21 from 18. And he pronounced that he corroborated improvements to credentials checks and a anathema on supposed strike stocks, that can modify semiautomatic weapons to glow automatically.

Students and teachers during a forum on Wednesday also had questions for Florida’s other politicians, including dual Democrats, Senator Bill Nelson and Representative Ted Deutch.


Senator Marco Rubio, left, Senator Bill Nelson and Representative Ted Deutch, all of Florida, on Wednesday night during a CNN city hall-style meeting.

Michael Laughlin/South Florida Sun-Sentinel, around Associated Press

One immature tyro talked about how her best crony was killed in front of her, and she asked Mr. Nelson about credentials checks, and how to urge them.

Another student, whose hermit died in a shooting, bluntly pronounced to Mr. Deutch that “my friends and we are disturbed that we are going to be murdered in a classrooms.” He asked what Mr. Deutch was going to do about it.

“As a starter,” a congressman said, “I’m going to deliver legislation to make certain that conflict weapons are bootleg in each partial of this country.”

The assembly detonate into applause.

But Mr. Rubio, who ran for boss in 2016, was regularly challenged on his positions on gun control and his eagerness to accept donations from a N.R.A.

The emanate of donations was lifted by a youth during Stoneman Douglas who stood only feet from a senator and asked him either he would forgo income from a gun advocacy organisation in a future. When Mr. Rubio refused, a assembly booed loudly.

“People buy into my agenda, and we do support a Second Amendment,” Mr. Rubio said, regularly refusing to contend he would stop usurpation income from a group. “The change of these groups comes not from money, a change comes from a millions of people who support a agenda.”


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Mr. Deutch during one indicate intent in a brief discuss with Mr. Rubio, observant that a gun permitting someone to glow off 150 rounds in 6 to 7 mins “should be banned.”

Later, Chris Grady, a tyro during a high school, thanked Mr. Rubio for appearing during a forum, distinct Mr. Trump and Mr. Scott.

“A lot some-more than can be pronounced for a supposed boss and governor,” Mr. Grady told Mr. Rubio. “We need we and your colleagues on both sides to come together with us and find a concede if we are ever to solve this epidemic.”

Mr. Grady asked a senator either he upheld legislation to extent high-capacity magazines that concede weapons to glow many bullets quickly. Mr. Rubio pronounced that he had prolonged against such legislation, though was now reconsidering that position.

The senator pronounced that there could be justification from a Florida propagandize sharpened that suggested a gunman competence have killed fewer people if he did not have high-capacity magazines.

“It wouldn’t have prevented a attack, though it would have done it reduction lethal,” Mr. Rubio said.

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