Kurtenbach: Why a Warriors winning their final 24 games isn't as distant fetched as we competence think

The Warriors have won 4 true games entrance out of a All-Star break, yet Klay Thompson wants more.

Many more.

Twenty some-more wins, in a row, to be exact.

After a Warriors’ 109-101 win over a Washington Wizards on Wednesday, Thompson pronounced that a Warriors wish to run a list over their final 20 games of a unchanging season.

“We’re unequivocally wish to try to win any diversion going into a playoffs, and while that competence be unrealistic, it would be good to do that,” Thompson said.

And while, of course, a Warriors are perplexing to win any game, and yes, it goes yet observant that it’d be good for a Warriors to win any diversion remaining on their schedule, yet looking during that arriving line-up of contests, it doesn’t seem outlandish to consider that Golden State could to conduct into a playoffs with 24 true wins underneath their belt.

Golden State Warriors brazen David West (3) and ensure Klay Thompson (11) conflict toward their dais during a second half of an NBA basketball diversion opposite a New York Knicks, Monday, Feb. 26, 2018, in New York. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)
(AP Photo/Kathy Willens) 

Barring damage (just request that premonition to all from here on out), a Warriors are expected to be adored in any diversion they play for a rest of a deteriorate — in fact, they’ll substantially be adored by double digits in during slightest 90 percent of their remaining games, if not all of them — yet when we demeanour during a teams they’re set to play and a structure of a team’s report over a final 5 weeks of a season, well, a suspicion of rattling off 20 in a quarrel (in further to a 4 true wins a Warriors already have in hand) isn’t accurately put to rest.

Now we could explain this by revelation we that a Warriors will play Atlanta and Sacramento twice and Phoenix 3 times to finish a deteriorate — and that those games should be deliberate 7 wins in a bag, right away, as those teams are actively perplexing to remove as a NBA’s good tanking foe continues — yet that doesn’t supplement adult to 24-straight wins.

Or we could also tell we that a Warriors have done it a priority to concentration in these post-All-Star-game contests, and that when Golden State focuses opposite defective opponents (which is usually about everyone), they’re tighten to unbeatable.

Or we could tell we that a Warriors have usually 4 back-to-backs remaining on a report and that 3 of them underline a Suns on a second leg. (Two of a back-to-backs are comprised of games opposite a Kings and Suns.)

Or we could tell we that a Warriors usually have 7 games opposite playoff-caliber teams with their full element of players, and 4 of those games are opposite Utah (a home and home) and Indiana (the same).

Or we could tell we that Golden State substantially needs to come tighten to using a list if they’re to grasp their idea of claiming a No. 1 seed in a Western Conference playoffs, given Houston, who binds a slight lead on a spot, is personification well-developed basketball right now.

Or we could usually run down a remaining games in a report and map out a Warriors’ track to 24 true wins and a 68-victory season:

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) 

After Friday’s diversion opposite a Hawks in Atlanta (an impossibly expected win), a Warriors will have 3 days off before personification a Nets subsequent Tuesday during home. If a Warriors equivocate picking adult decay over their prolonged weekend, that’s 6 true wins.

That diversion is followed by a Thursday home foe opposite San Antonio, who stays yet Kawhi Leonard and could be yet large male LaMarcus Aldridge, who harmed his ankle in a Spurs diversion Wednesday night. Considering how a Warriors ran a Spurs off a justice a final time they played, a Warriors could be during 7 true wins by this time subsequent week.

Then comes what is, we believe, a biggest plea remaining on a Warriors’ schedule: The second finish of a back-to-back diversion opposite a Blazers subsequent Friday night in Oregon. While Golden State can positively kick Portland, a awaiting of a home-then-road back-to-back opposite dual playoff teams is a many expected early pratfall in Golden State’s query to go undefeated after a All-Star break.

But tarry that and a Sunday afternoon diversion in Minneapolis opposite a Jimmy Butlerless Timberwolves, and a Warriors are during 9 true wins, with home games opposite a Lakers and Kings starting dual days after in Oakland, with rest in between both contests.

The Kings diversion is a start of a back-to-back, yet a second leg is opposite Phoenix in Arizona.

After that diversion in Phoenix, if a Warriors have avoided a loss, we’re during 12-straight — halfway there. (This is a indicate where a inevitable, absurd media courtesy would expected start.)

Then there’s another diversion opposite San Antonio — this time in Texas, yet it’s puzzled that Leonard is full-speed by afterwards (and who knows with Aldridge) — before 3 days off (the report makers were kind) and a home diversion opposite a Hawks. Take caring of a Spurs, and a Dubs are during fourteen.

Golden State Warriors conduct manager Steve Kerr praised his players for being good NBA ambassadors. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)
(AP Photo/Kathy Willens) 

There’s a tough homestand after that: a Jazz, Pacers, and Bucks — all playoff teams — come to town, yet there’s a day of rest between any game. Get by that, and a Warriors are during 17 true wins.

After a day off comes another Kings-Suns back-to-back, this time in Sacramento and afterwards Oakland — we know people who invert for longer than that train ride, so we’re during 19 wins in a quarrel — and then, dual days later, comes a diversion in Oklahoma City opposite a Thunder.

That’s a diversion that we know a Warriors want — so I’ll try to contend it’ll demeanour some-more like a teams’ many new matchup than possibly of their initial two. Still, it’s no guaranteed victory. That said, a strain would be during 20 if a Warriors explain that game, too.

The Warriors will afterwards have dual disreputable games — a initial entrance opposite a Pacers in Indianapolis, a second, dual days later, entrance opposite a Pelicans during Oracle Arena. Both of those teams will be fighting for their playoff lives (or during slightest auspicious seeding) so a Warriors will need to be sharp. This is where a foe with Houston could play a vital role. Golden State is during 22 true wins if they explain both of those contests (and, we know, a 20 games before them).

Now, a Warriors will play a Suns in Phoenix a day after that Pellies game, yet during that point, Phoenix competence be suiting adult retirees (not NBA retirees, I’m articulate we-live-in-Arizona-in-the-winter, bad-hip, AARP retirees). Twenty three.

And finally, after a day off, presumably in Utah (don’t let a nightlife get you, Dubs), Golden State ends a unchanging deteriorate with a Jazz, during elevation, with Utah expected carrying a lot to play for in a final diversion of a year. we don’t know if I’d place a gamble on a Warriors in that game, yet no group wants to go into a playoffs of a loss. If a Warriors explain it, a strain would be during 24 — a same length as their implausible winning strain to start a 2015-16 season.

Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant (35) pushes in on Utah Jazz's Ricky Rubio (3) in a initial duration of their NBA diversion during Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., on Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group)
(Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group) Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group

Do we consider a Warriors lift it off? Absolutely not — as we saw, there are during slightest a dozen good opportunities to dump a diversion and finish a winning streak, and we have a tough time desiring that a Warriors will say concentration during a few stretches of games opposite defective opponents. That’s simply not their MO this year.

Beyond that, we can’t forsee Kerr putting a Warriors’ full lineup on a justice any night down a widen — he’s done it transparent that rest is a team’s No. 1 priority over a final month-plus of a season. For a Warriors, it’s all about removing right for a playoffs, and Kerr positively doesn’t wish his group to use adult a garland of gas usually before a genuine deteriorate — a one they’ve been watchful for all given Oct — gets started.

That said, I’m not statute anything out — not with this group — and we positively wouldn’t call a charge impossible, given man, it’s tough to suppose a some-more auspicious report over a final 20 games of a season.

Stephen Curry remarkable after a Warriors’ win Wednesday that Golden State hasn’t left on an extended winning strain in a while.

Now would be a good time for one, no doubt.

And we know this: it’d be one ruin of a approach to conduct into a postseason.

Is a enterprise to go on a hurl and a hazard of a Rockets adequate to hint Golden State to a record-tying run to finish a season?

I don’t know, yet if a critical winning strain starts to develop, don’t act as if we weren’t warned.

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