John Bolton doesn’t wish a trade understanding with a UK – he wants to colonize us

John Bolton doesn’t do giveaway trade. He does regime change in countries such as North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba. He does troops interventions, notoriously in Afghanistan in 2001, Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011. He does punitive sanctions and embargoes. He does spite.

Bolton’s speciality is ripping adult multilateral agreements, such as a Iran chief understanding and a Paris meridian accord, that he claims criticise US inhabitant sovereignty. For a same reason, he reviles a unequivocally thought of a UN, general law and a general rapist justice (ICC).

So when Bolton, whose tangible office is inhabitant confidence confidant to Donald Trump, came to London this week to accommodate Boris Johnson and comparison ministers, a genuine concentration of his visit, notwithstanding a Whitehall briefings, was not on a post-Brexit shared trade deal. It was on regime change in a UK. Bolton, a lifelong neoconservative ideologue, Muslim-baiting thinktanker and earlier Fox News commentator, does not give a hormone-filled sausage or chlorine-rinsed duck wing for a giveaway trade pact, satisfactory or otherwise. Midwest wheat and soya exports are not his thing. What Bolton unequivocally does caring about is exploiting a UK’s new bureaucratic upheaval, that roughly anywhere else would be described as a rightwing coup, to America’s, and Trump’s, advantage. In short, a former colonies are out to colonize a UK.

Bolton has 3 categorical aims. The initial is quite transactional, in gripping with a Trump administration’s arm-twisting style. Although he says a US is calm to wait until after Brexit on 31 Oct before apocalyptic a demands, it’s already flattering transparent what they will be. If Johnson wants a quickie sectoral trade understanding on, say, a automobile industry, afterwards Bolton’s cost could be a UK’s withdrawal from a hard-won, US-trashed 2015 Iran chief agreement and a abandonment of associate signatories France and Germany. In truth, Johnson and Dominic Raab, his neophyte unfamiliar secretary, are already median down this road, carrying concluded to join a US-led nautical force in a Gulf rather than support a Europe-wide beginning primarily due by Jeremy Hunt.

This U-turn is righteously seen in Tehran as justification that a UK is descending in behind a aggressive, unwell Trump-Bolton “maximum pressure” campaign. The risk of fight with Iran is acute. The costs would be incalculable. But Brexit Britain, it seems, can be bought – a republic of shopkeepers after all, and niggardly to boot.

Other ostensible American trade concessions will be likewise tied to unconnected US unfamiliar process objectives, nonetheless there will be a face-saving fake that this is not so. In a name of assisting “our British friends”, a US will find support in ostracising China’s Huawei telecoms hulk and, maybe, subsidy for a trade fight with Beijing. The list of kindly framed, somewhat ominous American “requests” could go on and on. How about British capitulation in Israel’s proposed, Trump-backed annexation of West Bank settlements, in rebuttal of UN resolutions hitherto corroborated by London? That could be seen as helpful, even necessary, in a UK’s new universe of weakness.

Bolton’s unrestrained for a “incredibly valuable” purpose that an “independent” UK could play in Nato, a unchanging aim of Trump’s anti-European spleen, suggests an ever-greater grade of subservience. Will a cost of marketplace entrance shortly embody uncritical support for Trump’s renewed chief arms competition with Russia and China, now he has scrapped a intermediate chief forces (INF) treaty? And whatever we do, chaps, don’t discuss a difference “climate crisis”. That sends Trump nuts.

The apocalyptic awaiting lifted by Bolton’s gleeful, hopefully beforehand Whitehall feat debate is one of a UK’s unfamiliar and confidence process outsourced to Washington, subordinated to a Trump-Bolton tellurian agenda, and in pawn to rightwing nationalist-populist ideology. Brexiteers betrothed a lapse of sovereignty. What’s entrance is a sellout – a glow sale during a tabernacle of America First.

Bolton’s second aim is to expostulate a crowd between a UK and Europe, and afterwards use it as a arrange of Afghan war-style brazen handling bottom from that to disrupt, mishandle and break a EU, whose unequivocally existence offends him. Throughout a Brexit negotiations, a central UK position has always been that whatever destiny EU trade attribute emerged, tighten team-work on unfamiliar and confidence process would be confirmed wherever possible. Yet that arrange of smoothness doesn’t fit Bolton’s purposes. For him, regime change means root-and-branch drop of a standing quo. If a UK, ever some-more gratified to a US for a daily bread, can be used to foil Emmanuel Macron’s ideas about integrated European defence, or criticise EU regulations covering digital multinationals, so most a better.

On this trajectory, a UK’s new best friends in Europe will not be Angela Merkel or Donald Tusk though Trump’s far-right chums, Hungary’s Viktor Orbán and Italy’s Matteo Salvini.

Freed from EU shackles, a UK, Bolton said, “will be posterior UK inhabitant interests as it sees them”. For UK in that sentence, review US-approved. The UK will not even suffer a homogeneous position of one of a 50 US states, whose rights are stable by a sovereign constitution. On offer, if and when Johnson caves, is a standing of small satrapy – a tame, shy outpost of a American empire.

For this is a third Bolton aim: to enroll a radically repurposed and realigned UK in office of his unaccompanied prophesy of American tellurian hegemony, of a truly well-developed republic whose energy and control know no boundary and whose enemies cower before a peerless might. In Bolton’s despotic worldview, a pre-eminent, robust and moral US republic rises above all others, postulated by a ultra-conservative, libertarian, populist-nationalist preconceptions and prejudices that usually those with commensurately little minds can severely entertain.

Never mind that a resplendent city on a mountain is now “an nauseous raise of rubble”, as a US commentator, Maureen Dowd, sadly remarkable during a weekend. This is a recycled plan for a new American century to that Johnson and his blindly buccaneering Brexiteers, trade old beliefs for discerning bucks, are about to pointer up. It will not make us moneyed or safe. It will make us ashamed.

Simon Tisdall is a unfamiliar affairs commentator

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