Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni urged western officials on Thursday not to let China overshoot Africa, and pronounced some-more needs to be finished by America and Europe to assistance a continent develop.

“We can’t cruise Africa as a second Chinese continent,” Gentiloni pronounced Thursday during a Center for Strategic and International Studies. “I have zero opposite a fact that China is investing a lot in Africa. we am usually observant that we should do maybe a partial some-more strongly.”

Italy has a some-more approach seductiveness in African fortitude than many European nations, as a vicinity to North Africa has done it a gateway for hundreds of thousands of refugees journey north from a continent. Gentiloni wants a G-7 — a forum of a heading industrialized western democracies — to enhance unfamiliar support and trade agreements with struggling African nations, a pierce that could have poignant charitable and unfamiliar process implications.

“We can’t forget this continent,” he said. “They will have 2 billion inhabitants in 2040, and 2040 is tomorrow. And they have huge resources, though a really difficult turn of services. There are huge potentialities. For example, renewable energies in Africa, is agriculture, food security.”

That could be a indicate of feud between Gentiloni and President Trump, who has due vital cuts to a State Department and unfamiliar support budgets. “I consider clearly, a turn of spending that a State Department has been endeavour in a past – and quite in this past year – is simply not sustainable,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters in March.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers have voiced low doubt of those cuts, however, with some indicating out a sold need to support African countries pang from famines of biblical proportions. “[M]illions of trusting people will starve to genocide but accordant and obligatory movement in a entrance weeks,” a organisation of 10 senators wrote to Tillerson final month.