Inside SEC football numbers: Georgia trumps all other programs in a hot-button subject — support staff spending

HOOVER, Ala. — On LSU’s football staff final year, there were dual executive analysts and an executive coordinator.

There was a actor crew researcher and a actor crew director. There was a coordinator of defensive operations and one for a offense, too.

At Georgia, there are folks in a football bureau with titles like executive of actor development, executive of actor personnel, executive of actor wellness and executive of football opening nutrition.

At Alabama, there are 7 people listed on a school’s website with a same two-word title: football analyst. There are 3 some-more who share a pretension of partner executive of actor personnel.

All of these are support staff positions, and a Southeastern Conference is abundant with them. They are a behind-the-scenes members of a football program, most reduce paid and some-more ignored than a 7 full-time position assistants and dual coordinators.

Their jobs, though, can be vicious — from examining competition film to strategizing diversion plans, from organizing recruiting transport to monitoring players’ category schedules.

None of them can manager on a margin or partisan off campus, yet schools spend millions to keep their intemperate football buildings stocked with these, sometimes, faceless employees with obscure titles.

In fact, Georgia spent some-more than $4.4 million on a football support staff in a 2015-16 educational year, according to papers performed from The Advocate. The Bulldogs simply led a joining in support staff pay, about $1.5 million some-more than a second-highest program: Alabama.

LSU was ninth in a joining in support staff compensate during $1.6 million, and Kentucky was final during $1.06 million.

HOOVER, Ala. — Alabama hasn’t mislaid a Southeastern Conference football diversion in 22 months.

Support staff distance has been a hot-button subject over a college football landscape recently. It’s an unregulated partial of a system, permitting programs to sinecure as many off-the-field assistants, secretaries, analysts, consultants, directors and volunteers they want.

The emanate is critical adequate that a NCAA Football Oversight Committee skeleton to inspect staff sizes within a subsequent year. Commissioner Greg Sankey addressed a subject in April, May and afterwards again during SEC media days progressing this week.

“It was a review we consider behind in 2010 (at a SEC meetings),” Sankey pronounced in April. “This is not a new emanate or review in a Southeastern Conference. In fact, that others are prepared to join a review is we consider something that a care would perspective as well-received. What’s never been an excusable square is to say, ‘well, a smallest staff distance in Division we is this, so we’re all going to go to that.’ That’s not appropriate. This is about … ‘what’s a crew devise for football?’ What should it be during a college level?”

Schools are authorised a limit of 9 on-field coaches, 5 strength coaches and 4 connoisseur assistants.

Support staff sizes, meanwhile, sojourn a mystery. The Advocate performed papers from a 13 SEC open schools detailing jaunty dialect spending, including support staff, yet a papers do not exhibit a series of personnel.

In an NCAA consult performed by, Georgia has a largest support staff in a republic during 23 members, followed by Clemson (22), Michigan (22), Texas (22) and Alabama (20). The survey, though, is deficient and inaccurate.

For example, Georgia lists 33 underneath support staff in one territory of a website and listed 51 support staff members in a open media guide, a Athens-Banner Herald reported in a story progressing this summer.

According to a story, LSU listed only 11 support staff members yet did not embody connoisseur assistants. The program’s media guide, however, includes 31 underneath “support staff,” including a strength manager and trainers.

“I’d rather see us establish a series of a guys who can indeed go on a margin and do a coaching and work with a kids, yet I’m aged school,” pronounced Larry Templeton, a former Mississippi State jaunty executive and a consultant with a league. “I’d have a regard about a series of executive assistants or video whatevers, yet that’s a trend.”

Sankey suggested that capping a distance of support staffs isn’t a “appropriate instruction for anyone.” The commissioner pronounced a joining has an thought of support staff sizes during a 14 schools, yet he declined to exhibit numbers during an talk event in April.

The SEC does share those numbers, he said, among discussion schools.

Georgia manager Kirby Smart — as you’d design — agreed that capping support staff sizes is not indispensably a track to go. Smart’s support staff budget, as mentioned, leads a joining and, likely, a nation.

“I consider it’s tough to collect a number,” Smart said, according to a Athens-Banner Herald. “We need a support that we have. Picking a series on that, we consider that’s tough.”


Steve Sarkisian spent most of final deteriorate on Alabama’s support staff. 

Associated Press

Alabama manager Nick Saban in Apr spent 3 mins blustering those who wish to see support staff’s regulated or capped.

“We compensate interns really, unequivocally tiny money, tiny volume of money,” he said. “You’d be repelled during how inexpensive a labor unequivocally is, roughly criminal.”

Support staff members aren’t always young, underpaid and busy interns, though.

In a final year, a Crimson Tide has hired a span of former vital college assistants in Steve Sarkisian and Dan Werner. Auburn hired former vital college descent coordinator Al Borges as an analyst. LSU this offseason landed former longtime Saints special teams coordinator Greg McMahon to work a off-field special teams unit.

Some schools aren’t abounding adequate to sinecure support staff members with such large names. Kentucky manager Mark Stoops operates with a smallest support staff bill in a league.

“We’re doing a really best to get adult to standard in all areas within a SEC,” he said. “Certainly, we consider if we demeanour during personnel, yes, we would determine with we that we’re distant behind a rest of a joining with personnel, and we’re operative on perplexing to urge and removing as most support staff as we can to assistance fight a guys that we contest against.”

*Vanderbilt is a private establishment and does not have to belong to open record law.

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