I Lost 140 Pounds So That we Can Travel a World

There was earthy discomfort, too. “I also felt like we couldn’t do as much, like walking for prolonged periods,” she says, “or climbing stairs, or going to a cathedral or something. we found it unequivocally difficult.”

Flying while fat

At one indicate Amber weighed some-more than 300 pounds. (Photo by Amber Smith)

Flying started removing some-more formidable as well. “Because we was so big, I’d never be means to lay in a center chair since I’d usually brief over into both a other seats,” she recalls. “So when we requisitioned my ticket, we would book a aisle chair so we could during slightest try to lay awkwardly and let my fat legs hang over a aisle.”

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She’d also make certain to lay in a behind of a plane. “I’d always get on initial so people wouldn’t see me with a seatbelt extension.”

That continued until that pivotal 2012 moody to Moscow, when her large weight caused apparent annoy for her seatmates. “I’m not someone who unequivocally cares what other people think,” she says. “I’m utterly gentle with myself as a person. But that was a initial time we satisfied we was usually so large and we was usually embarrassed. It finished me not wish to get on a plane. It finished me not wish to go anywhere.”

A moody to Moscow supposing a bold awakening for Amber. (Photo by Amber Smith)

And she didn’t. For a subsequent 6 months, Amber didn’t leave a U.K. “It was depressing,” she says. “Those were flattering dim days since we was already so unhappy, and now we can’t travel, a one thing we unequivocally adore to do.”

That’s when Amber motionless her large weight and her equally-sized wanderlust could no longer co-exist.

The joys of roving light

A newly-thin Amber enjoys Victoria Falls in Zambia. (Photo by Amber Smith)

With Amber’s self-imposed transport anathema apropos an unsustainable burden, there was usually one thing left for her to do: remove weight. She researched weight detriment skeleton and staid on Cambridge Weight Plan, a U.K.-based weight detriment association that provides dish replacements.

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“I had 4 shakes a day,” says Amber (who, by a way, says she’s not a compensated orator for Cambridge), “and usually a lot of H2O — 3 liters of H2O a day. And we had a consultant come to me any week.”

The result: she mislaid 140 pounds in a year.

The other result, of march is that she’s started roving again. “Oh my God, it’s finished life so most easier,” she says of her weight loss. For one, drifting is no longer an issue. “I always used to consider about how fat my donkey was when we had to lay in craft seats,” she says. “Now, we don’t have to lay in a aisle chair so we can let my gush hang over. we can lay in a aisle, or a window or a center seat.”

Amber’s weight detriment has simplified other forms of transportation. “I did a tuk-tuk debate when we was in Ho Chi Minh City [Vietnam] and we didn’t have to worry about, ‘Am we going to fit in that seat?’” she says. “Thats a large thing.”

Walking is easier, as well. “If we have to transport to save money, that we do a lot, we don’t have to worry about not creation it or removing tired,” she says. In fact, Amber’s gotten so skilful during walking, she recently finished a bucket list item: hiking a 26-mile Incan Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Conquering a formidable plea of losing weight authorised Amber to conquer another challenge: hiking to Machu Picchu. (Photo by Amber Smith)

“It was one of a best things I’ve ever done,” she says of that exhausting three-day journey. “Even smaller and somewhat fitter, it was a massive, large struggle. The altitude was ridiculous, and [I was] in a sleet constantly, climbing uphill. There’s no proceed we would have finished it when we was heavier. we wouldn’t have even finished it a initial hour!”

A new transport wardrobe

Amber can now suffer transport frivolities that weren’t accessible to her before. Like spur-of-the-moment garments selling trips.  

“I can usually go into any emporium anywhere and buy clothes,” she says. “I don’t have to worry about anticipating a fat girls store or worry that I’m not going to find a span of jeans that fit.” If she needs, say, billowy elephant pants for a debate in Cambodia, no problem. “I usually went into a emporium and bought them,” she says. we didn’t have to consider about it.“

Amber during a Great Wall. She’s now on a 10-month debate by Asia and other continents. (Photo by Amber Smith)

Same thing when she needs a bikini which, interjection to her weight loss, Amber now rocks with confidence. After spending so prolonged avoiding a H2O since she was ashamed of her body, Amber says she finally took a thrust during a new outing to Croatia.

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“I found a small store and we was like, ‘I’m going to buy a bikini,’” she says. “I’ve never, ever had a certainty to do that before. And we sat on a beach for 10 mins operative adult a bravery to take off my garments before we got in a water. we usually disturbed that people were going to demeanour during me like they used to since we used to be so big. we got in a water, no one looked during me, and we had a time of my life. It was a best feeling ever!”

 Those people on that Moscow moody who asked to be altered since Amber was so big? They should check her out rockin’ a bikini in Croatia! (Photo by Amber Smith)

Staying spare on a road

Now on a backpacking debate by Asia, Amber is no longer celebration those Cambridge shakes she got during her weight-loss program. So she has to be additional observant if she wants to eat healthy. “It is so, so difficult,” she says, “especially a place like Asia. It takes time to hunt out uninformed fruit since supermarkets are formidable to get to.”

We all know how tough it is to eat healthy on vacation. How does Amber do it?

1. Skip a bad stuff

That might seem obvious. But deliberation how untimely healthy dishes are — and how accessible a bad things is — while traveling, adhering to a diet on a highway is intensely challenging. “If you’re in an airfield or a sight station, there’s KFC, noodles, and chocolate,” Amber says. “I don’t wish to eat that. I’m perplexing to be healthy.”

For Amber, that means flitting adult a lot of simply accessible items. “If there’s usually chocolate available, we won’t eat a chocolate,” she says. “I don’t eat things that’s low fried. we try to eat things that are steamed. we don’t go for a egg boiled rice; we go for a steamed rice with some vegetables. Make a healthier choice. You can still eat though usually make a healthier choice.”

2. Shop wisely

One tip to eating healthy is always carrying healthy food on you. “I buy a lot of snacks, like nuts and fruit” — which, Amber says, can come in accessible during prolonged train trips.

When we do find healthy food to buy, Amber recommends stocking up. “I’m backpacking, so we tend to go in supermarkets and buy a whole garland of things — like yogurt, fruit, things like that — and lift a rest around in my pack,” she says, “things that aren’t perishable. Make certain you’ve always got something healthy.”

3. Change your proceed to eating

“Right now we always consider about what we put in my mouth,” Amber says. “I unequivocally altered a proceed we consider about food and my attribute with it.”

That’s an proceed Amber recommends for eating, both on vacation and during home. “Don’t usually think, ‘I have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner,’” she says. “Think about a appetite that we need and what’s a healthier option.”

The good news is Amber says it’s fine to provide yourself occasionally. “Every now and then, we unequivocally imagination a chocolate,” she admits. “So I’ll go squeeze a chocolate. Instead of eating it any day, we have it once a month or once any integrate of weeks. It’s not about slicing all a bad things out completely.”

Besides, Amber doesn’t skip junk food that much. “I’ve eaten salad and things for so long, we unequivocally like it,” she says.

The leisure of healthy traveling

Amber stands jubilant during a Salt Flats in Bolivia. (Photo by Amber Smith)

Now, Amber is enjoying roving light to a extreme. She and her new physique are in a center of a 10-month outing that will take her by Africa, Asia, a U.S., New Zealand, and Australia. With any leg of her bucket-list worldwide journey, Amber reflects on a romantic weight detriment debate that finished it all possible.

“I didn’t do a lot of things since we was bigger,” she says proudly. “Now we can do everything!”

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