How to Travel Cheap — 10 Ways Millennials Can Travel for Cheap

Everyone wants to lift a Julia Roberts and Eat, Pray, Love their approach around a many pleasing tools of a world. Alas, many of us aren’t operative with her bank account, so millennials contingency find resourceful ways to transport for inexpensive if they wish to see a universe nonetheless adding to their mountain of tyro loan debt. If all we can means for cooking is Taco Bell nonetheless we still wish to go on an adventure, here are 10 tips for how millennials can transport for cheap—with some additional assistance and unique transport hacks from a few wanderlust experts.

10 Tips for How Millennials Can Travel for Cheap

1. Visit a Local Grocery Store for Some of Your Meals

One of a biggest losses when roving is food, nonetheless there are positively shortcuts we can take. Rachelle Lucas, creator of The Travel Bite (winner of the USA Today 10 Best Travel Food Bloggers and SAVEUR Blog Awards 2019 – Best Culinary Travel Blog Finalist) says, “Even if you’re in a hotel, typically there’s a tiny fridge we can store some things in, like yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Or some meats and cheeses for a tiny picnic. This will unequivocally save we income if we don’t eat out all a time, generally given hotel breakfasts are overpriced. And carrying a cruise cooking in a park will be memorable, too!”

“Food is a common ground, a concept experience.” – James Beard Do we adore to find out tasty places when we travel? Exploring food markets? Visiting wineries and vineyards? Then you’ll wish to listen to my new speak with my crony Matt @landlopers on his new transport podcast. We speak about given we cruise culinary transport is so popular, food destinations that should be on your list, and of course, some tasty contention about food too. You competence finish adult inspired by a end. I’ll dump a couple in stories, and we can also find it by acid for “Matt Long” in iTunes and click on his show, “Explore The World.” by my father-in-law, of me @drivenbypete during a marketplace in Phitsanulok, Thailand. #travel #food #travelblogger #exploretheworld #traveltheworld #thailand #wanderlust

A post common by Rachelle Lucas (@thetravelbite) on Mar 1, 2019 during 12:01pm PST

Yes, enjoying a internal food is partial of a adventure. But we can still save decent income if we eat some of your dishes and snacks during your hotel/vacation rental.

2. Attend a Meetup during Your Destination

Not on Meetup? It’s time to emanate an account! Travel author Reannon Muth tells, “ is a good apparatus for assembly new people, and it’s totally giveaway to join. we like to use it while roving given it allows me to accommodate adult with locals while doing fun activities. This can assistance save income given instead of engagement an costly tour, we can customarily tab along with a Meetup instead and let a locals be your ‘tour guide’—and it won’t cost we a thing. we once tagged along with a Meetup when we visited a Grand Canyon, for example. we got a giveaway float to and from a Grand Canyon and got to stay for giveaway with a fun organisation of people—and we even finished some friends in a process.”

Camping on a tip of a world. #mtwhitney #trailcamp #camping #johnmuirtrail #JMT #hiking #adventure

A post common by Reannon Muth (@reannonm) on Jul 28, 2016 during 5:21pm PDT

This is an glorious approach to see all a best things your finish has to offer while saving large on your budget. Win!

3. Avoid Smaller Expenses

While it’s correct to cruise of large costs like flights and boarding, don’t slight a rest.

With a Rugby World Cup underway in Japan, it’s reminded me of my smashing outing to Kyushu final year. One of a highlights was spending a night during a family homestay in Oita prefecture. In a morning, a father took me to this pleasing bamboo forest! WANT TO WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN?? If you’ve been to Kyushu, share a print from your outing for a possibility to win flights behind to try more. All a sum can be found here: @welcomekyushu #welcomekyushu #kyushu2019rugby #oita

A post common by Time Travel Turtle (@michaelturtle) on Oct 3, 2019 during 3:40am PDT

Michael Turtle, owner of Time Travel Turtle, explains, “A lot of travelers cruise they need to equivocate big, costly things to save money. But often, a best approach to transport on a bill is to equivocate a unchanging smaller expenses. Rather than spend a few dollars on a train outing conflicting a city, cruise walking instead. (The reward is that you’ll see more!) Instead of shopping H2O when you’re out during a day, lift a bottle that we fill adult along a way. (It’s also improved for a environment.) When it’s time for lunch, demeanour for a internal grill that competence embody a coffee, drink, or dessert that we would’ve paid for anyway.”

Don’t boot how most these tiny losses can unequivocally supplement up. “Each of these things might’ve cost we a few dollars otherwise, so it’s unequivocally easy to save some-more than a hundred dollars a week nonetheless compromising a delight of your trip!”

4. Consider Off-Season Travel

Amanda Williams, a creator of A Dangerous Business Travel Blog, explains that a time of year we transport can make a outrageous disproportion in your expenses.

“I privately adore off-season transport anyway given it customarily means pity a finish with fewer people,” she says. “But roving during non-popular times (like winter or a stormy season) also customarily means cheaper flights and discounts on hotel rooms. Traveling during low deteriorate can infrequently meant less-ideal weather, nonetheless reduce costs can customarily transcend that.”

Many people don’t indispensably cruise of beaches when they cruise of a African continent, nonetheless of march it has beaches! Great beaches in many cases. My outing to Kenya and Tanzania finished on a island of Zanzibar, that is famous for a pleasant vibe and bluish water. We began in Stone Town, a categorical city on Zanzibar, and afterwards spent a final dual days on a conflicting seashore in a city of Paje. The beach in Paje reminded me of backpacker beach towns in Thailand years ago: sun-kissed travelers sporting relaxed elephant pants and kids on a beach flitting out fliers for night beach parties. It was a perfect-chilled behind place to revisit during a finish of a whirlwind trip. One afternoon, we went for a organisation lunch during a famous grill graphic here: The Rock. Zanzibar has some thespian tides, and this grill looks totally opposite depending on when we go. (Case in point: when we arrived, we walked out to it by knee-deep water. On a approach behind to shore, we had to get ferried in a boat!) The Rock is by no means a best grill in Zanzibar, nonetheless it certain is an iconic one. Glad to have checked this off my transport bucket list! Have we been to Zanzibar? Or any other beach finish in Africa?

A post common by Amanda Williams (@dangerousbiz) on Sep 15, 2019 during 7:08pm PDT

This is given “comparison shopping” is so important. As you’re formulation for your subsequent getaway, play around with dates for your moody and accommodations. You competence be astounded how most a rates fluctuate.

5. Find a Credit Card With a Decent Rewards Program

There’s one condition here: Only do this if you’re being financially responsible.

Lucas says, “If you’re fiscally obliged and compensate off your credit cards monthly, do some investigate and find one with a rewards program that suits your transport needs. Typically, we can get your flights or hotel nights lonesome with rewards warranted by bland spending such as profitable bills or stuffing your automobile with gas. But customarily do this if we compensate off a label any month. It’s not value going into debt to travel.”

Williams adds, “Most of these cards offer inexhaustible sign-up bonuses, too. we paid for flights for my father and me to go to Aruba regulating points we warranted from a credit label sign-up bonus. My biggest tip is to cruise requesting for a label like this good in allege of when we devise to transport given we customarily don’t get a sign-up reward points or miles right away.”

“An invitation of a pleasing transport is an invitation to transport within a dream!” ? Mehmet Murat ildan Have we ever been to Stavanger, Norway? There is a ancestral partial of a city lined with white wooden houses ornate with tile roofs and colorful doors, Europe’s best recorded wooden residence settlement. They’re pleasing streets to transport through. Pete and we came conflicting one home where a owners invited us in for a tiny debate and offering some of those tasty heart-shaped Norwegian waffles with a bit of jam. There’s a lot of speak in a tourism attention about visiting destinations that are not as good famous as large cities like Paris and London and are a bit off a beaten path. This city is unequivocally one of those and value a visit. #travel #visitnorway #stavanger #travelblogger #norway #ig_norway #bestplacestogo

A post common by Rachelle Lucas (@thetravelbite) on Jan 9, 2019 during 2:34pm PST

When used properly, credit cards can be not customarily useful nonetheless a absolute apparatus to indeed save we income after on down a road.

6. Book a Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel

Try Vrbo or Airbnb, suggests Lucas. “The rates tend to be better, we get a feeling of ‘living like a local,’ and it typically includes things like a kitchen and a washer/dryer, that can assistance we save even more. For example, not removing charged additional container fees given we can do laundry. Or eating a few dishes during a let instead of eating out.”

“Being dripping alone is cold. Being dripping with your best crony is an adventure.” ? Emily Wing Smith Yesterday’s anxiety to sleet reminded me of a story we recently common with friends about one of a transport mishaps. It’s one of those stories that sounds like what your grandparents used to tell we about walking uphill, both ways, in a snow, barefoot. etc. This was arrange of a genuine life chronicle of that. While visiting Spain, my father Pete @drivenbypete and we spent a whole day exploring San Sebastian, admiring a design and eating a approach from pintxo bar to pintxo bar. While carrying fun, time got divided from us and we missed a final funicular to a tip of a towering where a hotel was located. (The perspective from that hotel is graphic above). Being athletic, with me using half marathons and Pete always cycling, we looked adult from a beach we see graphic here and thought, “oh, we can transport that. No problem. Might as good given we customarily ate so most food.” That elementary transport was some-more zig-zaggy than we anticipated. And to tip it all off … it started to rain. Hard. There was not a cab to be found. We contingency have expected sleet during some indicate given we both had a tiny folded adult puncture poncho in a packs. But that rubbish bag like square of cosmetic was unequivocally no assistance for a torrential surge we experienced.The highway circuitous adult a towering had no sidewalks, so we finished adult walking in a weeds along a side of a transport to try and play it protected in box any cars zoomed around one of a blind corners adult a mountain. With a feet and faces dripping to a bone, we did a customarily thing we can do in that kind of conditions — we burst up. I’ve never laughed so tough in my life. Pete kept holding cinema of me swooshing around in my rubbish bag poncho and creation jokes. And by a time we finally got behind to a hotel, a prohibited showering watchful for us was zero brief of divine. Pete texted me that pic of me in a rubbish bag, so I’ll post it in Stories above so we can have a laugh. The print above, though, was a morning a subsequent morning. What a disproportion a day makes. ?? #travel #travelblogger #sansebastian #spain

A post common by Rachelle Lucas (@thetravelbite) on Dec 11, 2018 during 12:00pm PST

And while we’re on a subject of Airbnb…

7. Avoid Booking Rentals in Touristy Areas

Everything is some-more costly in a super renouned areas, and that goes for your Airbnb, too.

“My other square of recommendation is to book hotels, hostels, or Airbnbs in neighborhoods where a locals live instead of in a touristy areas,” says Muth. “This will not customarily save we a lot of money, nonetheless it’ll also give we a some-more authentic transport experience. When we trafficked to Cancun, for example, we avoided a comprehensive beachfront resorts and stayed in a hostel downtown. It customarily cost $4 a night! Plus, we got to see another side of Cancun that we cruise a lot of tourists skip out on.”

8. Travel Closer to Home

“If you’re unequivocally strapped for income and can’t feasible save adult a ton, cruise a micro-trip, or a ‘small-cation’ most closer to home,” suggests Williams. “This could be a day outing or an overnight outing that doesn’t need a flight—it could even be a ‘staycation’ in your possess town! The categorical thought is to go out and do something new or different, nonetheless there’s no sequence observant that we have to transport distant to do that.”

I was so taken with a canyon-like expostulate down Mouse’s Tank Road in Valley of Fire State Park that we asked my crony if we could expostulate it some-more than once. Not customarily did she happily agree, nonetheless she was glorious with me pulling over not one, not two, nonetheless 3 apart times in sequence to find this view. This state park is located in a Mojave Desert about an hour divided from Las Vegas. And nonetheless so many people who revisit a Southwest totally skip it (I’m guilty too!). This park creates for an glorious day outing from Vegas, and is filled with brief hikes, extraordinary red stone formations, and even ancient petroglyphs. (And, we know, this overwhelming drive!) Definitely my new favorite place in Nevada. Have we been to a Valley of Fire? Would we expostulate this highway some-more than once, too?

A post common by Amanda Williams (@dangerousbiz) on Jan 7, 2019 during 7:03pm PST

Don’t cruise that customarily given we aren’t going distant divided means we won’t knowledge something new and incredible. “My father and we have taken several tiny trips like this,” she shares. “We’ve finished a wine-tasting weekend on an island reduction than dual hours from a house. We’ve left on a hiking getaway in a circuitously state park that rents lovable cabins. We’ve even finished city breaks in cities in a state that we formerly ignored.”

This tip is generally useful for we millennials with kids: “The micro-trip is generally good if you’ve got a immature family, as it means reduction make-up and reduction transport time!”

8. Don’t Book Flights Too Far in Advance

“Let’s save money!” we exclaim, engagement a moody dual years before a outing is scheduled. Not so fast.

“They contend 54 days out is a ‘magic number,’” reveals Muth. And we cruise she’s onto something. we did a tiny task and CheapAir’s annual airfare investigate of 2017 indeed pronounced 54 days out is a honeyed mark for domestic flights in a continental United States. To be clear, that series went adult to 70 days a following year.

The takeaway? Don’t book flights too early on.

Hi again San Francisco! Your nightfall is looking pleasing tonight! #roadtrip #sanfran #goldengatebridge #travel

A post common by Reannon Muth (@reannonm) on Mar 24, 2016 during 7:38pm PDT

9. “Miss” Your Flight

Listen, I’m not enlivening we to lie, but…

If we unequivocally like vital on a corner and you’re feeling brave, Muth also passes along a unequivocally engaging apparatus on how we can “skip” flights to save money. “I haven’t attempted this privately nonetheless I’ve had friends who swear by this,” she adds.

Basically, instead of engagement a moody true to your destination, we book a moody with a connection through your destination, and afterwards we bound off there and “miss” (read: skip) a final leg of a flight. People do this given it’s presumably cheaper than drifting directly to your destination.

Tread delicately and do your research! This can get generally wily if you’ve got checked bags.

10. Be Realistic About Where Your Budget Can Take You

Last nonetheless positively not least, we all need to be picturesque about where a stream transport supports can take us.

“Traveling on a bill doesn’t indispensably meant that we have to transport ‘cheap,’ nonetheless it does meant that we need to be picturesque about how most a outing will cost,” says Williams. “If your bill is $500 for a weekend getaway, you’re substantially going to wish to select somewhere closer to home that we can simply expostulate to, as against to forgetful about drifting to Hawaii or Europe. Before determining on a destination, set your bill and do a tiny investigate into how distant that bill can practically take we so you’re not stressing about income a whole time or sacrificing tools of your trip. (Eating ketchup crackers and ramen noodles competence have been excusable in college, nonetheless it’s not as most fun when you’re ostensible to be on vacation.)”

The initial thing that strikes we about roving in a prohibited atmosphere balloon is a silence. Especially when you’re doing it during sunrise, when a universe subsequent is still delayed and sleepy. When a balloon is customarily floating along, a customarily sounds are those of a wind, a creak of a basket, and a occasional pant as someone sees something down below. In this case, there were a few early morning gasps, given we were floating over a Maasai Mara in Kenya as it began to stir during sunrise. Below a balloon we saw zebras and giraffes and wildebeest, and even a sole hyena. We floated over a grasslands as a sky incited from drab to colorful, shower in a cold morning atmosphere and a wordless sounds of balloons floating along a horizon. After about an hour, we landed in a park and had a champagne breakfast with African birds for company. This was such an implausible morning – good value a 4:30am arise adult call! Have we ever been adult in a prohibited atmosphere balloon?

A post common by Amanda Williams (@dangerousbiz) on Aug 25, 2019 during 2:03pm PDT

See that? You can still prove your craving for transport nonetheless violation a bank. What a time to be alive.

Ready to devise your subsequent vacation? Learn how we can save adult nonetheless floating your budget.

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