How To Avoid 8 Travel Scams That Are Costing You Serious Money

According to a American Hotel Lodging Association (AHLA), online engagement scams cost consumers $5.2 billion in 2017. (Photo pleasantness of Shutterstock)

With 500 online hotel bookings function each minute, technology is transforming a way people book transport — though it’s also creating real problems. Travel fraud is on a rise, with one in 4 consumers being scammed , according to new examine from the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA). The accused? Third-party transport resellers. And shady online offered practices by these companies have led to 28.5 million fake and dubious hotel bookings — costing consumers a whopping $5.2 billion in 2107 alone.

In Dec 2017, the Federal Trade Commission staid a lawsuit with a third-party hotel engagement reseller called Reservation Counter, LLC, which was indicted of regulating call centers and websites to trick consumers into desiring they were engagement — and even vocalization — directly with a hotel. But it’s not enough. “The consistent upsurge of new companies entering a online transport marketplace suggests we need to do some-more to strengthen consumers,” says Katherine Lugar, boss and CEO of a AHLA.

According to a AHLA’s research, a numbers are grim: 23 percent of consumers contend they have been misled by third-party transport resellers; 46 percent were charged additional fees on their credit card; 34 percent had their reservation mislaid and had to book another room, losing a cost of their strange reservation; 44 percent done a special room ask that was not relayed to a hotel.

We held adult with Lugar, who has been in this purpose given 2013 and has been a victim of online hotel scams herself. She gave us her tips on some of a many pervasive scams and how to equivocate them.

Katherine Lugar, boss and CEO of a American Hotel Lodging Association. (Photo pleasantness of Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

The Scam: High-Pressure Tactics

The Solution: Look out for dubious messages. “Book now.” “Three bedrooms left.” “Other people are looking during this hotel right now.” “Sale ends tonight.” Messages such as these on a third-party transport website could be dubious offered strategy to vigour travelers to book immediately. Third-party websites are offered a apportionment of a hotel’s rooms, though they do not have entrance to their whole inventory. If you’re disturbed about a sold date stuffing up, call a hotel directly to get a clarity of their availability.

The Scam: Fake Hotel Website

The Solution: Double check a website’s URL. Some third-party engagement sites will go so distant as to use a hotel’s code name in a URL. Take an additional notation to make certain you’re on a hotel’s tangible website, not a third-party businessman regulating a hotel’s temperament though permission. If we are unsure, call a company. You can always call and ask if a website we are on is a tangible hotel or is dependent with a hotel in any way. You’ll also be means to safeguard any special requests are being relayed directly to a hotel.

The Scam: Identity Theft

The Solution: Make certain a site is secure before payment. Double check that a URL has a tiny close within a hunt bar before providing your personal information. The URL should start with https:// with an “s” as against to only http:// though an “s.” Booking with a secure website provides an combined covering of insurance for your credit label and personal information. The deficiency of a secure tie is also a outrageous red dwindle that a association we are engagement with might not be legitimate.

The Scam: Sneaky Policies

The Solution: Know and know a hotel’s termination or outing change policy. Always endorse a termination or trip-change process so that we know what we are entitled to if we need to cancel or cgange your hotel arrangements. Some third-party websites don’t scrupulously arrangement a termination process and do not yield refunds or concede we to cgange your outing after we book your stay. Always endorse those critical sum before engagement your hotel.

The Scam: Lack of Transparency 

The Solution: Do your examine before engagement your hotel online. An online hunt can assistance we find a right hotel to accommodate your needs, and examine shows consumers revisit 7-10 websites before engagement a reservation online. Unfortunately, what many consumers don’t comprehend is that when they’re acid mixed websites, they’re customarily comparing only dual companies, Expedia and Booking Holdings. Together, these dual companies control 95% of a online transport market. That’s because we inspire we to take an additional notation and demeanour on a hotel’s website. Oftentimes, you’ll find a improved value when engagement directly with a hotel.

The Scam: Extra Fees

The Solution: Look closely during a relapse of a sum cost of your stay before we pay. Some third-party transport sites will assign we a reservation/booking fee, in further to a cost of your hotel room.

The Scam: Lost Reservations or Requests

The Solution: Booking by third-party engagement sites can outcome in mislaid reservations and busted vacations. Important information or requests might not be relayed to a hotel rightly either. That includes spelling on your name, that can emanate an emanate when we go to check in, or requesting a specific form of room, such as one that is wheelchair-accessible.

The Scam: Unsolicited Phone Calls

The Solution: Be discreet if anyone contacts we unsolicited. They might be a legitimate business, though it’s value holding a additional time to examine them if we didn’t find out a information. Check with a Better Business Bureau for some-more information about a company, and any unused complaints about them.

Other Tips

Lugar also shared this useful advice:

• Always book direct. Booking directly with a hotel or a devoted transport representative can assistance safeguard we get what we wish and need from your reservation and mostly provides improved value.

• Take advantage of faithfulness programs. Many hotels offer giveaway advantages by their faithfulness programs. Booking directly with a hotel ensures we will get your prerogative points.

• Celebrating something special? Let a hotel know. Hotels are in a liberality business, and they adore assisting emanate noted practice for guests.

• Report it. If we trust we have been scammed, cheated or misled by an online hotel reseller, hit a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to record a complaint.


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