How to Actually Enjoy Your Next Work Trip: Women Who Travel Podcast

There are copiousness of perks that come with frequent business travel. For one, we can shelve adult a ton of points and miles usually by doing your job. Plus, we get to check out new cities, get to know locals, and explore—even if it’s simply during a morning run or coffee break—somewhere new. But traveling for work can also take a toll, squashing your attempts during a slight and withdrawal we stranded in hotel bedrooms when you’d rather be in your possess bed. To find a ideal balance, we asked dual highway warriors—Instagram’s Kristie Dash and Gimlet Media’s Christine Amorose Merrill—to pronounce by their strategies for wise in a solo dish and creation a many of their singular giveaway time.

Thanks to Kristie and Christine for fasten us this week. And interjection as always to Brett Fuchs for engineering and mixing. Check behind any Tuesday for a latest installment of Women Who Travel. To keep adult with a podcast any week, allow to Women Who Travel on a iTunes store or Spotify and if we have a notation to spare, leave a review—we’d adore to hear from you.

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Meredith Carey: Hi everyone. And interjection for listening to Women Who Travel, a podcast from Condé Nast Traveler. I’m Meredith Carey, and with me as always is my co-host, Lale Arikoglu. Before we get started today, a tiny housekeeping note. You can now find transcriptions of new episodes during a integrate listed in a uncover notes, along with links to mentioned articles, guest amicable media accounts, finish guides, and more.

Now, let’s flog off today’s episode. Lale and I, as transport editors have a bit of a uncanny attribute with business travel, given a act of roving is indeed a business partial as well. But for many people, work trips meant relocating to a new office, grabbing meetings, staying in some reduction than lush hotels, and maybe anticipating time to try in your altered giveaway time. But it doesn’t have to be a sum loss. We’ve brought in dual experts and visit business travelers who have honed in on how to maximize time on a ground.

Joining us in a studio, we have Kristie Dash on a conform partnerships organisation during Instagram focusing on beauty and lifestyle, who jets between a amicable media giant’s worldwide offices and beauty conferences. And pursuit in from San Diego is returning Women Who Travel guest, Christine Amorose Merrill, a West Coast comment executive for Gimlet Media, who travels by California pitter-patter adult podcast ad sales. Thank we both for fasten us.

Kristie Dash: Thank we for carrying us. We’re pumped.

Christine Amorose Merrill: Yes.

MC: Lale, do wish to flog off a initial question?

Lale Arikoglu: Yeah, so we have a doubt that I’m arrange of unfortunate to find out given we are such pros during a business transport life. After doing it so much, have we got any rituals or routines that we do when we get to a new place?

KD: Yes. So, I’m one of those psycho people who as shortly as we check into a hotel, we empty everything. we consider maybe given we have worked in beauty for so prolonged like we need my things to usually be merchandised, so we can see everything. It’s like a whole thing. And people are like, “Even for two, three-day trips?” Yes.

LA: Oh, actually, we have a doubt about that too then. Which is, we was in a hotel recently, and they were proudly display me around a room. And they non-stop a closet and they were like, one of a favorite pattern facilities is that we have no drawers. You usually have to hang your clothes. And there was one cloak hanger.

KD: Oh, problematic.

MC: Just a one cloak hanger?

LA: It was a singular cloak hanger.

KD: Oh, well, we can ask for more. So we do that. I’ll call down and say, “Excuse me, I’m so contemptible to worry you, yet we need some-more hangers.” And it’s indeed fine. So, prohibited tip-

LA: we should have finished that.

KD: You can do that. But that is problematic. we need some drawers given afterwards we can’t entirely empty like your sweaters or your jeans. Like where do we put them?

LA: Oh, we folded them adult and put them on a bottom of a closet with my shoes.

KD: we adore we can describe to this. This is given we like this podcast.

LA: Christine, what about you?

CAM: Well, we feel like on that note, I’m a sum opposite. we packaged so light for 24 to 48 hour trips, that we roughly have no luggage and zero to unpack. So, we don’t unequivocally do any of that, yet we do go behind to a same cities over and over again. So we go to San Francisco, we go to Seattle, we go to Portland, we go to L.A., and we have, like, unequivocally specific routines, in all of those cities. we go get a same form of food. we go to a same examination classes. we do consider that a large partial of roving so many for work, is that we attempted to provide it a tiny bit some-more like my bland life. So, if we can fit in a examination class, we will do that. If we can go to my favorite place to get extract and a ginger shot, we will do that. That’s indeed another thing that we do a lot of whenever I’m roving for work, we roughly always get ginger shots any day, that we swear helps keep me not removing ill all year long.

MC: we adore that, and that’s so many improved than like holding Airborne or something.

KD: So many chicer.

LA: And my airfield slight is carrying a McDonald’s.

KD: we do determine with we though. It normalizes a knowledge to not have it be like a “choose your possess adventure” kind of thing, any time. It unequivocally does, to have even like set bedrooms during some of my hotels that we stay during over and over again in L.A. It feels like we know your home divided from home, that afterwards we consider gives we some-more conduct space to adventure.

CAM: Yeah, we definitely, we consider that’s unequivocally true, and we am a same where we stay a lot in a same hotels. So, we feel arrange of get to know that neighborhood, that is unequivocally helpful. So, we find a places that we like and we can go behind to, and afterwards we know, still find a that are fun to transport to or maybe we know find something new to check into yet it a roughly creates it reduction stressful, during a time that I’m there too.

LA: And Kristie, what cities are we roving to regularly?

KD: we go to L.A. a lot, like New York to L.A. So, I’m a die tough Sunset Tower fan in L.A., to a indicate that people make fun of me for it. They’re like, we get it, Kristie, we adore Sunset Tower. The thing about Sunset Tower though, is that it’s indeed not as costly as people think, a tangible bedrooms given they’re so aged propagandize and small. But, we don’t caring given we usually adore it so many and I’ve started to kind of benefit faithfulness there, even yet it’s not unequivocally a indicate system. But, they know me, they customarily ascent me, and my coworkers are like, Kristie, how did we get that room? Like, that’s not a transport policy. You know, we can go adult to a certain volume of money, and it seems proceed over that, yet it’s usually given of loyalty. It’s unequivocally helpful.

LA: So you’ve hacked your work policy.

KD: I’ve hacked yes, yes, yes.

MC: How do we guys find a time when we are in a new city, or going behind and forth, to indeed make a time to make certain we get your ginger shot or see somewhere new? Kind of when we demeanour during your schedule, what kind of gaps are we looking for, to be means to indeed explore?

CAM: So we consider that one of a things we do try to do a lot of, is to indeed transport as many as possible. we between meetings, that is some-more probable in places like San Francisco or Seattle, as against to Los Angeles. But we consider that walking to opposite meetings is helpful, and we consider in a same proceed we do try to report meetings so that we know we have a tiny bit of a opening arrange of in between, so that maybe we get to a area early and we can take a walk. Or we can maybe find a new coffee emporium nearby that office.

I consider it can get really, and we tumble into this trap infrequently depending on scheduling, when we go somewhere, and you’re just, we know, going to a meeting, hopping right into an Uber, and going constant to a subsequent meeting, and afterwards going constant to a next meeting, and afterwards we usually spend a whole time in a behind of a car. So as many as possible, we try to transport or get to places early, so that we can kind of transport around and set a stage before going into a meeting.

KD: So given we customarily am in that Uber boat—I’m a Lyft girl, yet still, Lyft. we consider a categorical tip there, is if we can’t get out of that situation, usually stop looking during your phone. Like demeanour out a window, hurl a windows down have a impulse where you’re sanctimonious like, “Oh it’s pleasing weather, I’m on vacation right now.” You have to kind of pretence yourself into meditative you’re not on a work trip, while you’re in a car.

And then, we consider also, we know in a city—I am formed here in New York—there’s this thing about articulate to your drivers where it’s like, “Oh, do we wish to crack that? Do we wish to open adult a discourse there, or do we wish to usually have your possess alone time?” Usually, we wish my possess alone time in a behind of a car, yet when you’re traveling, articulate to your motorist indeed is unequivocally helpful, given they uncover we around. It’s kind of like a tiny debate guide. So, we do that sometimes.

LA: Oh, so it’s like an communication with someone who isn’t like a colleague.

KD: Yeah, and it’s a internal really. Like if we have no other time to pronounce to a local, besides in a behind of a car, afterwards make friends with your Lyft driver.

LA: Yeah. we consider it’s engaging what we pronounced about always going behind to a same hotel, and going to unequivocally arrange of iconic classical one. we mean, scold me if I’m wrong, yet we suppose that doing that manages to give we a tiny cut of not life in a city given it’s a hotel, yet we go behind and we finish adult observant a same people that work there. You get informed with a bar and a celebration stage in a dusk if there is one. Christine, I’m meddlesome to know if when we go behind to a same cities if we have certain spots that we always returned to over a place where we get your ginger shots?

CAM: Yes, absolutely. we meant we consider we try to stay it during a same hotels. I’m unequivocally dedicated to start with loyalty, that unequivocally arrange of drives a lot of a choices that we make, yet we stay during a same hotels whenever I’m in San Francisco, we try to go to Souvla, that is this extraordinary place that does-

KD: Oh, a best!

CAM: … these unequivocally good, yeah, these Greek duck salad things that I’m spooky with, so we always try to get one when I’m in town. They also do solidified yogurt with cherry syrup and sea salt on tip that is fantastic. So a lot of times, we go out of my proceed to get a fro-yo before my dinner.

In Seattle, there’s unequivocally some coffee shops that I’ll try and go behind to, and we always try to transport along a waterfront in Seattle, when a weather’s nice, it’s usually a unequivocally smashing place to be and usually coffee shops. we feel like we go, we have my order, we see a same people get a slight down.

KD: we went to Souvla a final time we was in San Francisco, given we use a Instagram questions ticker, to ask my followers, “Hey guys, I’m in San Francisco.” we indeed had usually been a handful of times, and we feel like creation a outing out of your dish sounds unequivocally gluttonous, yet it’s helped me see cities. Because, even if I’m staying in a opposite area in San Francisco, if everybody on Instagram told me to go to Souvla, afterwards I’m going to go and I’ll take a automobile there, see a route, see a neighborhood, and we have kind of, if those are your usually moments, like make that a thing.

MC: we have a crony whose trainer doesn’t like when they’re roving that she like cooking alone from them, even yet it’s like not a work-related event, or dinner, in her specific job. Do we guys feel like we mangle divided some-more mostly for dinner, or are we compulsory to uncover adult a lot for organisation dinners?

KD: It depends on a vibe. It depends on a vibe, and who you’re with. we have a organisation of coworkers that we tend to transport together, and we’re so tighten that we’re excellent to be like, “Hey, we have to usually like go have my alone time, or see my sister who lives in L.A. and whatnot yet we consider it depends. we am though, and Christine, we am wondering if we would determine with this, yet we consider from roving for work, it unequivocally does empower we to be on your own, as a solo traveler.

I don’t feel a clarity of anxiety, that a lot of my friends feel roving solo and I’m totally excellent to go to a grill by myself with a book, and it’s like a best thing ever. we don’t know given people don’t like doing that. So we unequivocally do sometimes, yet it kind of depends if it’s like a work joining or not.

CAM: Yeah, we would unequivocally determine with that. we meant I’ve unequivocally been roving solo for longer than I’ve been roving for business, so I’ve always been flattering gentle in that space. But, a lot of what I’m doing, we meant we work in sales, so we spend all day assembly with clients, assembly with opposite teams. Usually, we try to arrange of finish those meetings before dinnertime, usually so that we can have some space behind to myself, and we know lay ideally in a new place with a potion of wine, and a book and usually arrange of regroup after that day given a lot of times afterwards I’m going behind and finishing adult work and things in a evening. But, we feel unequivocally good about that. And we consider that there are some trips obviously, where I’m roving with colleagues and it’s good to locate up, or infrequently when we have to get cooking with clients yet some-more than not, I’m on my own, that is indeed a unequivocally good time for me to arrange of reset.

KD: Right. Like if we can set that range to have meetings finish by 5 p.m., 5:30 latest, we still have a few hours of illumination to explore.

CAM: Yes. And that’s outrageous for me too. Like we report all of my possess meetings so as many as possible, if we can report them progressing in a day, so that we can hang adult a tiny early and maybe have some time to usually do something for myself, possibly that’s going out to eat, or squeezing in a examination category or usually going and observant something new in a city, that creates it so many some-more palatable, to be roving so many for work.

LA: For anyone who’s arrange of starting out, we know their early on in their career and they’re starting to transport for a initial time for work, and maybe aren’t informed or gentle with solo travel, what is your recommendation to them for kind of starting to drop their toes in that, so that they still get that time for themselves?

CAM: we consider that if we can find something that we like to do on your own, and everyone’s a tiny bit opposite in that way, yet possibly you’re a runner, or if we like to eat and find new restaurants, or if we like to go see houses, basically, we would contend try to find something that we adore to do, that we can arrange of do on your possess when you’re traveling. And we consider that creates it easier as arrange of a gateway into a rest of things on your possess and we do consider usually scouting out that time for yourself, is going to make a whole knowledge some-more beneficial. That’s my take.

KD: That’s a unequivocally good tip. we have a colleague who religiously does like runs wherever she is. She’ll go on like a five-mile run and see a whole city and to me, I’m not a runner, so I’m like, that’s unequivocally inspirational. I’d rather go to a grill and eat by myself that sounds like unequivocally many some-more joyless than running, yet it is like anticipating your thing. we consider that’s unequivocally like a good square of advice, Christine.

MC: we know that Christine, we usually got behind from a work outing to New York that we kind of extended. Have we guys ever tacked time onto work trips so we could spend a weekend or some-more giveaway time in a place if your report was so packaged and we knew that we weren’t going to have any time to explore?

CAM: we have a tiny bit, we have unequivocally grand aspirations of this. When we altered out from this job, generally given we have a messenger pass with Southwest, and my father has his possess company, so we was like, “You can come along with me, and afterwards we’ll usually stay longer and try all these places” yet he’s kind of like, “We transport so much. Other than that, like why? Why are we always adding on time?” But we have finished this a tiny bit. we consider that, we know, what we also try to do is demeanour and see like, hey, this is a weekend that we wish to locate adult with friends in San Francisco, or in Denver. Can we arrange of figure out my report so that we can supplement meetings on in a days before? And that is unequivocally useful sometimes. It unequivocally helps with a costs of going to places to see people that we know we wish to be seeing.

KD: we adore doing this. we consider though, a pivotal is not doing it usually for a consequence of doing it, given that exhausts you. So we have to know like where you’re during in your mindset, where you’re like, “Okay, do we overtly wish to explore, or is this going to highlight me out?” Like holding a integrate of days off usually given we were in this crazy city, yet did do this about a year ago. we was in San Francisco, and we had this bucket list thing, where we had this prophesy where we rented a convertible, and drove adult to Big Sur, solo, and usually like wasn’t on my phone given there’s no service, and afterwards we did it. It was a best trip.

San Francisco, we consider it’s unequivocally polarizing. Some people adore it, some people hatred it. we have not spent adequate time there to unequivocally put my interest in a belligerent with one proceed or a other. Although we keep lifting my hand, if there’s an event to go to San Francisco, we consider it’s a unequivocally good city to afterwards take like a day outing or ideally like a two-to-three day outing somewhere else, so I’m vehement to try to do that again in a entrance months.

LA: And that expostulate is a best expostulate in a world.

KD: The best.

CAM: we haven’t finished utterly as many of it on a West Coast usually given I’m a tiny bit some-more familiar. we grew adult in Northern California, yet we do have a work outing entrance adult this Nov to Stockholm, and we am so vehement to supplement on, on possibly side of that outing some-more in Sweden, and afterwards to go somewhere else in Europe when I’m there. So…

LA: I’m meddlesome to know, when we are formulation to hook on a few days, apparently everyone’s work places are different, some places are unequivocally relaxed, some places are strict, some places are open to we holding time off and others are harder to navigate. How do we negotiate carrying your flights requisitioned for a after or progressing date so that we can get that time in?

KD:So with Facebook, they’re unequivocally stretchable with a dates of transport as prolonged as it’s not some crazy aloft price. We would compensate for a possess hotel, obviously, if we’re staying longer yet they’re unequivocally stretchable with dates in terms of flights, that is unequivocally amazing. So, that’s not an emanate for us yet it is apparently insincere that you’ll compensate for your additional hotels.

CAM: Yeah. Ours is a same. we book all of my possess travel, so it’s unequivocally many adult to my option as to when I’m engagement things. It usually needs to not be super costly and if I’m there not for business reasons, we need to be covering my non-business expenses. But, luckily, we do have a lot of coherence with that and we consider even in other jobs that I’ve had, there’s arrange of an bargain of: “We’re going to compensate for we to get there and to get home. But, if we wish that to be on a Sunday afternoon, instead of a Friday afternoon, that’s adult to you.”

KD: we would inspire listeners to not be fearful to ask given even in my former life as a beauty editor, we would do a lot of these press trips where brands send we on a outing to learn their code story or a new product launch. And there’ve been so many times—and that was we theory when we was a some-more amateur traveler—that we was like, “Wait, how are we staying? That’s so cool.” And they’re like, “Yeah, we usually have to ask.” Like it’s all a same. If it’s a same price, no one cares, for a many part. So, we would usually inspire we to not be fearful to ask, given it does take we to pronounce adult to finish adult carrying an extraordinary additional time.

MC: Totally. we wrote a story final year, about hacking your company’s vacation policy, and one of a biggest things that other business travelers told me was like, “You have to pronounce with your manager, given if we don’t, you’re going to have no suspicion that it’s fine or that maybe it’s not, yet we make an adjustment, or maybe your manager has never suspicion about that before and if we don’t ask, a answer is always going to be no. You know we were observant Copenhagen, yet I’m extraordinary what other cities we feel like are unequivocally good for work trips?

CAM: we adore going to a Pacific northwest in a summer. Going to Seattle and Portland, between a months of May to September, it is truly a many illusory place to be. Like everybody is outward celebration rosé, a skies are blue, people are unequivocally excited. It arrange of has that same Scandinavian take of it, being gray and murky for many of a year, so when a object comes out it’s unequivocally usually unequivocally fantastic, and I’ve unequivocally enjoyed all of my trips out there.

KD: For me, we adore a event to go anywhere in Europe, given afterwards it’s usually so easy to get around once you’re there. So if you’re perplexing to extend your trip, it doesn’t have to be that city. It’s like a one, two-hour sight ride, and you’re in a adjacent city. So for me, like a Paris and London trips have been great, usually to bound over to Rome or Copenhagen or whatnot. It usually creates it so easy once you’re in that region.

CAM: It’s true. we wish we had some-more opportunities to go to Europe in my job. Sadly, sadly I’m stranded on a West Coast.

MC: We’re usually going to get some-more Gimlet podcasts in a U.K., and afterwards you’ll be good to go.

CAM: we know. I’m hoping.

MC: Did we guys promulgate or demeanour privately for jobs that offering transport when we were looking for a positions, or interviewing for a positions that you’re in now, or did we promulgate that kind of after a fact, that we were meddlesome in traveling?

KD: we didn’t. we had no idea how many roving my pursuit would entail. It’s something that’s unequivocally critical to me, and a passion of mine. So, we got lucky. But honestly, we don’t consider we satisfied that my purpose was even, this sounds crazy to contend on a podcast, yet we didn’t comprehend that it was truly global. So, we hoop beauty and lifestyle partnerships on a conform team, and it’s indeed a tellurian role. So that means we have leads who are formed in other regions who conduct radically like a country. There’s like a organisation of 5 extraordinary superstars, formed in London, who hoop a lot of EMEA, so it’s a opposite verticalized role’s job, to block into what they’re doing to roughly teach and commission them to work with a conform or beauty community. So we had no clue, and it’s been extraordinary and it’s unequivocally been an moving aspect to a job.

CAM: we started out in a New York bureau and we was covering essentially usually accounts in New York, and a few in a south. But when we eliminated out to a West Coast, we knew that there was going to be a tiny bit some-more transport involved, and we arrange of unequivocally straightforwardly put my palm up, generally to cover a Pacific Northwest as good as northern California, that notwithstanding vital in southern California, is a place that we adore spending time in. So, we knew that there would be more, yet we don’t consider we unequivocally had a outrageous grasp of usually how mostly it would be, and it’s unequivocally usually arrange of ramped adult from there. And we transport some-more now than we did during a get-go, that is good.

MC: we feel like Christine, we go on a lot of 24-hour or 12-hour trips, brief flights for like dual meetings and afterwards back. How do we tackle those differently from a longer trips?

CAM: we consider that there is also a indicate where, given we transport so many for work, and given we transport so many for fun too, we do try to be during home in my possess bed a tiny bit some-more than we than we used to usually given it is good to be home. So, if it’s possible, if we usually have a integrate of meetings, we will go adult usually for a day. we consider it is flattering easy. One of a genuine highlights of vital in San Diego is that I’m a twenty notation expostulate from a airport. The airfield is unequivocally small. We always have good weather. It’s unequivocally easy to fly in and out of. So things are generally on time, that creates it a lot easier to fly that much. But, for those it’s unequivocally just, we know it’s going to be an early day. I’m on a plane, go do my meetings, go if we can fist in a salad during Souvla in San Francisco, or what not. Do that and afterwards come back, and overtly have my potion of booze on a plane, and afterwards get home and go to bed.

So, we consider that those ones, we honestly, they’re usually like a normal day during a office. we usually container like I’m going to work. The cab motorist is always unequivocally confused as to given we don’t have any luggage entrance in or out of a airport. But, those ones, we unequivocally get to do a tiny bit reduction of a fun stuff, yet a longer ones are where we can widespread things out. When we we stay for a night, we can arise adult early a subsequent day, and do some exploring too. So if possible, we like to keep a change of both.

LA: We’ve been articulate about opportunities to transport to some unequivocally extraordinary cities, both in a U.S. and in Europe. Obviously, a lot of people who have to transport for work, don’t indispensably get to go to sparkling places all a time. When we are kind of cramped to your hotel room, or you’re on such a despotic report that we don’t have a opportunities to explore, arrange of what are tiny things we do to try and make that knowledge some-more pleasant? Even if it’s usually arrange of a bit of self care, or like a reading strategy. How do we like make it still feel like you’re not always on all a time?

KD: For a travel? That’s hard. we like we were observant progressing Christine, we try to keep my rituals as in place as possible, to a indicate that we will literally watch Real Housewives during night on my laptop in my room, as if we was during home. So, we consider we again, it kind of goes behind to what we was observant progressing about meaningful if you’re in a conduct space to explore, or if we need to have self care, in that box we hang to my routines. we will say, one of my favorite things to do in a new city is anticipating some place to get a massage. I’m unequivocally into massages, and anticipating like a internal spots to a indicate that I’ll ask a concierge for recommendations. I’ll content all my friends and say, “Where’s like a inexpensive hole-in-the-wall massage place that’s personally unequivocally amazing?” It’s like that kind of things that we adore doing, usually for self care.

CAM: Yeah, we agree. we mean, we unequivocally transport with a lot of my skincare now, and one of my favorite things to do after I’ve had a unequivocally prolonged day of transport is to stay in a hotel during night, maybe even get some delivery, that we don’t mostly splurge on when I’m during home. And maybe do a mask. we watch a lot of constant crime. So we feel like that’s whenever I’m in a hotel, I’m like sitting in bed, with a facade on, examination Forensic Files, and it is indeed very, unequivocally arrange of rejuvenating for me, and it’s unequivocally relaxing and unequivocally nice. So we consider that’s unequivocally not a misfortune thing sometimes: to be in a hotel room and usually have like a lot of silence. we consider that’s another thing. I’m married, so we am mostly with my father during home. So we also try to take that time, it’s like, fine I’m here, I’m by myself. we can, we know, review my book as many as we want. we can watch whatever we went on TV. There’s no arrange of conversations around that. So, we do try to take advantage of that as many as possible.

KD: We’re unequivocally inspiring.

MC: So inspiring. I’m extraordinary given we both talked about how we weren’t, we guess, entirely wakeful of how many we would both be roving in your roles, how we indeed change a transport with your friendships and relations that are still apparently going on during home, while you’re away?

KD: It’s hard. Honestly, I’m perplexing to figure that out still. So, if we guys have tips, let me know.

LA: I’m also perplexing to figure it out.

KD: Yeah, it’s hard. And a existence is that.. So, I’m single. we don’t have a family here that I, we know, have that joining to, that creates it easier, and we commend that, yet it is still unequivocally hard. we consider we can contend “no” to certain trips, and we have been perplexing to be improved about balancing that, and not usually observant “yes” to any singular thing. Especially as a immature chairman in New York who’s vehement to travel, my healthy instinct is to contend “yes” to any singular opportunity. And in general, we consider we am that “yes” person. But, comprehend when we are usually too tired, or don’t have time, that there’s always another chairman who can fill in for you. So, we consider I’ve been perplexing to feel improved about those decisions.

CAM: Yeah. One thing that I’ve unequivocally attempted to do is to be some-more unchanging in scheduling a days that I’m going to be away. So we fundamentally try to do Tuesday morning to Wednesday night trips, or Wednesday morning to Thursday night trips, yet unequivocally perplexing to be as unchanging there given we consider for me, it’s easier to know like, “Okay, we can always make skeleton with friends on contend Thursday night, or Wednesday night” ideally, yet meaningful okay, many of a time, I’m going to be left Tuesday night. we know we won’t generally make skeleton with friends during home that night, that does make it a tiny bit some-more useful in terms of me usually scheduling and looking forward.

But it is tough. we consider that that’s a arrange of existence is usually being left a lot, means that we do skip out on things. So, we do try to be unequivocally conscious about scheduling a time to see my friends, time to see my husband, time to do a things that we adore to do during home, possibly that’s going to my favorite examination classes, or removing acupuncture, or usually vital in San Diego, holding advantage of being means to go to a beach, those sorts of things, as many as probable when we am home.

KD: But a existence is that this all sounds good and fun, yet it’s still work, we know? And we consider it, there’s still a outrageous aspect to work on these trips. So, we mean, we know this summer I’ve had to contend “no” to bachelorette parties. I’ve had to contend “no” to marriage showers, and it’s hard. But, we consider we have to kind of find a change and know that yes, like, we wanted to go to those things yet also if we did, we knew we would have usually been so sleepy and some of those work trips were unequivocally important. we couldn’t pierce them. No one else could go. So, that’s given I’m perplexing to be improved about observant “no” yet a existence is that it’s tough and we don’t know that there is a balance.

CAM: Yeah, we consider it’s a unequivocally exhausting thing, and we consider that is something that doesn’t always get communicated. It’s usually like a early days, and it’s a tiny bit reduction sparkling sometimes, when your moody is behind and you’re gonna skip a assembly as against to your flight’s behind or something, and you’re going on a illusory vacation. So, we consider perplexing to like mentally stay a tiny bit some-more even-keeled about it, has arrange of been useful for me too.

MC: we have a crony who has not been means to go to a utterly as poetic of places as we guys have for her work trips, yet she has used all of a points that she’s gotten to indeed compensate for genuine vacations on her personal time. Christine, we were articulate about being a constant hotel booker. And also, we know we have a lot of affinity to Southwest. Have we guys used your business trips to feed vacations, if we maybe haven’t been means to take advantage of a time to try a cities that you’re in?

KD: we am spooky with points.

CAM: Yes.

KD: we am obsessed with points, to a indicate of… Oh, God, we did it to myself. we don’t even wish to repeat myself. You have to leave that in. The people who aren’t utilizing points strategically, it blows my mind. We had a coworker, and we won’t call her out on here, yet she knows who she is, who wasn’t even regulating like, we all kind of fly Delta for whatever reason, on my proceed team, and she usually wasn’t regulating her Delta faithfulness series and I’m like, “What are we articulate about, we usually went to Australia.” That’s like evident Platinum status. Right? Right, right.

So we got her on, and now she interjection us. But, it’s unequivocally critical to be vital about it, so that we can use these points for your personal travel. So for me, I’m a Delta loyalist. Otherwise, I’m reduction about hotel groups, and some-more into credit cards. So, we have a corporate label of course, yet we try to use my personal card, and usually be unequivocally as good about losses as we can. we know that’s unequivocally tough with these like high sheet trips, yet it’s unequivocally useful to get points.

I use Amex Platinum, to book my hotels, and my new favorite trick, that we guarantee this is not sponsored, it sounds like such a sponsored thing, is a Uber credit card. Do we guys know about Uber credit card? It’s 4 percent money behind on dining out. So, if we have dinners with clients, and it’s a large expense, putting your Uber credit label down gets we 4 percent money back. That adds adult so much. Again, we comprehend like, I’ll come behind from a outing and it’ll be a month that’s passed, and I’m like, oh my god, I’m so poor, this is bad and afterwards it’s time to do expenses. But, that’s my proceed of kind of gaming a complement for personal use.

CAM: Yeah. So, we am unequivocally dedicated to Southwest, that unequivocally creates clarity being formed on a West Coast, yet I’m A-List Preferred now. There are dual things that make it so, so useful in terms of both my work and fun travel. One is that we get giveaway same-day standby, any day. So, we can usually book a late flight, uncover adult during a airport, and get on a subsequent moody home. And afterwards for personal stuff, we also have a messenger pass. So anytime my father wants to transport with me, for any personal travel, it usually costs twenty bucks, so it’s pretty-

KD: That’s insane. we have to miscarry you. Can we explain more?

CAM: Yeah. Yeah.

KD: So, usually given we have faithfulness to Southwest, it’s like a, it’s a thing?

CAM: Loyalty, yet also given we got their credit label and it was a bonus one year. we arrange of suspicion it was too good to be true, yet it wasn’t. we got a credit card, and afterwards we got a giveaway messenger pass for a subsequent year, and now we have to fly adequate to get adequate points to keep it. But, it is wild. So fundamentally anytime we go somewhere, so like, when we go to New York for fun to see friends, see family, we can book my whole outing on points, and compensate $20 for myself, and afterwards we can supplement my father on and compensate $20 for him, and it’s $40 for us to go, fundamentally anywhere, that is incredible.

I’m also unequivocally clinging to Marriott Bonvoy, that is not… we don’t consider it’s a biggest prerogative during this point, yet like we were observant earlier, like a thing that is good is that now we have standing there, so they will always ascent me. I’ll always be in a nicer room. we can also use those points for my personal trips. I’m going to Denver for a marriage this weekend. we am staying during hotels for giveaway given I’m regulating my points. And afterwards a other thing we did not know about a Uber credit card, yet a large reason that Uber indeed got me behind was a Uber rewards program.

And so basically, for any however many points we get by my business travel, they make it unequivocally easy. They send a profits directly to my responsibility system, all of that. But afterwards we acquire personal credit. So, for any contend 5 business rides that we take, we get $5 in personal credit. So basically, a lot of my Uber’s for now when I’m roving on vacation those are free, that was unequivocally nice.

KD: So, okay. So we have to plea we to a Uber thing. Just one, usually a flag. Lyft does a same thing. So, for any 5 business rides we get $5 for your personal, that is extraordinary yet if we are a Delta loyalist, we can integrate your accounts. I’m observant some nods, I’m observant some nods and it’s so easy. And we consider so many people don’t know that it exists. But, all we have to do is integrate to your account, and we get… we don’t know if it’s, any dollar is a point.

MC: Yeah. It’s based, so a series of a volume that we spend on your ride, you’ll get points behind to your Delta Frequent Flyer account.

KD: Like that’s wild. Even like a Lyft to a airfield alone, that’s like 80 points.

MC: It’s like double dip. You’re doing it anyway.

KD: Oh, and it’s… contemptible I’m removing low here. It’s we consider 5 times a points when we are going to an airport.

MC: we did not know that thing, yet that’s why. we didn’t indeed check that.

KD: No, no, no. I’m ninety-nine percent sure.

LA: Like for looking during my Lyft app now.

KD: No, it actually, so if it’s a float to an airfield somehow they know, and we get some-more points. It says, Lyft airfield float miles dual times. So it’s dual times a amount. So, let’s contend it’s this one we got 132 miles. So that must’ve meant it was like 60 some dollars and times two.

MC: Incredible.

KD: So usually FYI for Delta people out there.

MC: You should unequivocally listen to a 1.0 Points and Miles episode. We are operative on a 2.0. we competence hear these ladies on it.

KD: Let me know if we need me back. Very passionate.

MC: Well prepared on points. Lale and we are not a best during points.

LA: Okay. we might or might not have been your colleague who didn’t put her membership series in.

KD: That’s okay. You’ll start. You’ll start.

LA: we do it now. There was a outing to Japan that we screwed adult over, yet I’ve let it go. It was devastating.

KD: we won’t make we feel even worse than we clearly feel, yet yeah, that’s sad.

LA: Yeah. It was.

CAM: we would usually contend pointer adult for like if there’s any thing, usually pointer adult for a rewards program, and dedicate to it. Whether it’s a automobile rental, possibly it’s an airline, possibly it’s… You can do all a research, and we can arrange of drown in a research, yet we consider usually make a decision, and hang to it and fundamentally we will get something back, and something is improved than nothing.

LA: Sound advice. And to hang things up, we meant by a sounds of it, you’ve really, we know, you’re pros when it comes to roving during this indicate given you’re doing it so much, yet I’m wondering how all this work travel, has altered a proceed we transport for fun? If we found that a proceed we proceed vacation time, and what we do on a ground, when you’re in a new place is opposite now?

CAM: we consider that it has done me a tiny bit pickier about a trips that we take. we do wish to have my vacations be a tiny bit some-more outlandish or relaxing as against to a city that we could be going to for work. we also consider I’ve gotten a tiny bit pickier about hotels given we stay in hotels so many now. we unequivocally like to stay in nicer ones, when we can indeed be there and suffer my time relaxing in them.

And we consider that we still adore to transport outward of it, and it hasn’t unequivocally damped my unrestrained for travel, yet we am usually a tiny bit some-more wakeful of like, we consider we were observant earlier, like not wanting to bake out, to not wanting to book so many trips, right on tip of when I’m roving for work all of a time. we do try to space them out, so that I’m not entrance off a work trip, going right into a personal trip. But, it’s still unequivocally fun to go to places that we don’t have to be going to any meetings on. So, I’m unequivocally vehement for those trips.

KD: we totally determine on a point, where we wish to contend that we would select to go on an scrutiny somewhere crazy, yet lately, all we wish is usually like to sit on a beach and do nothing. So, that’s changed, usually given of all a stupidity or a disharmony of work travel.

I would contend though, a categorical thing for me, is usually my certainty as a solo traveler. we do feel many some-more empowered to usually collect adult and go somewhere. Like, if we finish adult carrying a giveaway prolonged weekend, where we comprehend we don’t have a ton of meetings on Friday. In New York, we like kind of almost have summer Fridays. I’m like, should we usually go somewhere, and be spontaneous?

And then, when we get there I’ll be loose and usually kind of lay around and not do a ton, yet it’s unequivocally done me feel some-more assured as a solo traveler, that I’m unapproachable of.

MC: Well good for you. That’s amazing.

KD: Thank you. Yeah.

MC: If people wish to follow your personal vacations, yet also maybe your work trips, Christine, where can people find we on a internet?

CAM: You can find me on Instagram @cestchristine, C-E-S-T-C-H-R-I-S-T-I-N-E and for all of my arrange of past travels, they’re still online during, nonetheless I’m not updating utterly as regularly, anymore.

MC: Amazing. And Kristie?

KD: You can find me on Instagram, @kristiedash, it’s K-R-I-S-T-I-E-D-A-S-H.

MC: Amazing. I’m @ohheytheremere.

LA: I’m @lalehannah.

MC: You can check out stories, and other episodes of Women Who Travel, that Christine has been on, on We will pronounce to we subsequent week.

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