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Citing ongoing authorised record by stream and former players, video diversion company EA Sports motionless opposite edition another installment of a extravagantly successful college football franchise. Cam Weber, ubiquitous manager of American football, announced a video game’s predestine in September, observant that though a support of specific schools and conferences, EA Sports faces an ascending conflict towards formulating an authentic sports experience.

While it is wholly probable that another territory in a authorization is published in a future, pending fortitude of a lawsuits opposite EA Sports, a NCAA, and a CLC, I’ve grown an outline for how a college football video diversion could be produced, even though chartering agreements from a NCAA or a schools it governs.

The sideboard seems to be dry, though what is left is a unconstrained possibilities of customization, from a ability to emanate uniforms and logos to enormous stadiums. While a diversion would miss a aura of past installments when shipped, with each college football group already preloaded, this diversion could chaperon in a new epoch of sports video games.

When a new college football diversion arrives in stores, it would come as a general football video game, identical to a bizarre recover of a array on a Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis systems. Bill Walsh’s College Football introduced a collegiate diversion to a video diversion world, and though a chartering deal, the teams were famous by city name and common a colors with a propagandize it dictated to represent.

Other video diversion companies, such as 2K Sports, created a general football diversion after EA Sports purchased a disdainful chartering rights to a NFL and NFLPA properties, though unsuccessful to emanate a product that could contest with a Madden franchise. With no other college football diversion on a marketplace and ultimate customization options, EA Sports could potentially make such a diversion succeed.

Striking a understanding with a former college football fable to put his name on a game, or with a Heisman Trophy Trust, whose chartering opportunities are detached from a NCAA, could move an evident impact to a watered-down game. Similar to Bill Walsh’s change on a early stages of a franchise, Archie Griffin’s College Football or Heisman ‘15 could have a same impact.

Starting adult a game, you’ll usually have a choice of personification with teams like Columbus, Ann Arbor, South Bend, Eugene, Tuscaloosa, or Tallahassee in a simple bowl-shaped stadium. Fans will know that propagandize these teams are truly meant to represent, generally when a Columbus patrol is red and gray and a group in Ann Arbor is blue and yellow, and EA Sports would not be subjected to authorised movement if they were to equivocate regulating any logos or correspondence over those colors.

It should be remarkable that gamers though entrance to a internet would be unfortunate with a game, nonetheless it would be sole during a sincerely ignored price, given they will not be means to benefit entrance to a online customization facilities that this diversion will rest upon. From there, EA Sports would have to drastically urge upon TeamBuilder, a online routine that allows we to emanate a high school, college, or illusory group for use in a game.

When we entrance a TeamBuilder screen, a initial step is to submit simple group information, including a propagandize name, nickname, colors, location, conduct coach’s name, track name, and either a module will play during a FBS or FCS level. My usually alleviation would be a choice to emanate Division II and Division III schools, as well.


The subsequent step, that will be vicious to a ultimate customization of a game, is a ability to emanate or upload your possess logo. The latter can use any image, and nonetheless EA Sports asks users to equivocate regulating copyrighted or copyright logos, a association can't be legally reprimanded for user creations. For example, illusory teams and logos from cinema and television, such as Varsity Blues, Friday Night Lights, and The Longest Yard, have all been uploaded to a servers.


Following a logos, users are means to revise their team’s stadium. Sadly, your usually options are to use an already combined college stadium, play venue, or a general high propagandize margin as your home field. From there, you’re means to revise a margin to use your school’s colors and logos, though it might demeanour bizarre if your stadiums seats are one tone and your group is another. With these customization options clearly lacking, a radical change would be indispensable for a subsequent installment of a game.


Madden dabbled in track construction when users changed their franchise, permitting we select all from how many levels of seating to how many lighting fixtures you’d like in your stadium. However, that has been transposed with 10 preloaded track options in a latest chronicle of a game, Madden 25. It would be excellent for a preloaded stadiums to come in a college football game, identical to a general teams, though what we introduce is a ability to emanate a track from a belligerent up.

Similar to a renouned game MineCraft, users should have a choice to build each territory of a stadium, section by brick. While some users would find this charge daunting, that is a beauty of downloadable calm around online servers. Quite simply, we can guarantee that someone would emanate it for you.

If we confirm to have a simple stadium, one alleviation can be done on a field. The stream options for margin customization are minimal, permitting users to select between standard, college, and italic fonts in a endzones, and either they’d like healthy grass, turf, or blue turf. we introduce options for other endzone fonts, striped endzones, and mixed colored margin options.


With today’s college football programs clearly wearing a opposite uniform each week, EA Sports’ concentration on uniform customization should have been a priority years ago. Instead, users have had to select between dual helmet, 4 jersey (two home, dual away), and dual pants options from TeamBuilder’s inception.

To keep adult with reality, this territory of a diversion should be unlimited. Since a calm is downloadable and does not have to fit onto a disk, if users wish 10 helmets and 10 uniforms, they should have that option. In addition, a actor should have a choice of what finish they’d like on their helmet, either it be gloss, matte, lead flake, airbrushed, and so on.


It might seem like I’m seeking a lot, though EA Sports has been holding out for distant too long. The array hasn’t had a convincing aspirant for years, and many have complained that a association has been radically edition a same game. Focusing appetite on a customization cause would go distant to set a diversion detached from prior versions, and give fans a constrained reason to buy a game.

The uniforms contingency be subjected to an overhaul, as well, as a stream options are dated. If EA Sports were to enter into a new chartering understanding with attire companies like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, a diversion could use updated, manufacturer-specific templates. EA Sports’ FIFA authorization already uses identical customization options, where users select a manufacturer, a template of a uniform, and trademark placement. If a college football authorization were to adopt this format, users could emanate each uniform imaginable.


*Note: EA’s stream customization options didn’t concede me to reconstruct Ohio State’s stream sleeve stripes.

Included in a uniform customization improvements are some-more numerical rise options and a ability to change sock colors, as black and white are a usually stream options.

The final step in TeamBuilder is to set a register for your combined team, where users are stirred to select either their group is a juggernaut or a cupcake. If we so choose, however, players can revise a roster, player-by-player, to replicate current, past, or illusory teams. As already noted, users mostly emanate teams formed on cinema or radio shows, though have also combined some of a best college football teams of all-time. In fact, a TeamBuilder’s home shade allows users to download group such as a 2001 inhabitant champion Miami Hurricanes or Vince Young’s Texas Longhorns.


I will contend that environment each team’s register to compare a real-life reflection is a prolonged process, though again, that’s a beauty of downloadable calm around online servers. Someone has already combined a teams we wish to play with. A discerning hunt of TeamBuilder shows that we can download any group inhabitant champion Florida State to my tiny city high school.

Once you’ve downloaded each group you’d like in your unconstrained college football landscape, a ability to emanate conferences should be an option. Despite a fact that some conferences pulled out of their chartering agreement with EA Sports, users should be means to reconstruct a Big Ten or SEC in a same light that they would emanate a Ohio State Buckeyes, by uploading an picture to TeamBuilder.

Finally, what would a college football deteriorate be though a play games, a arriving playoff, and postseason awards? As already remarkable for a Heisman Trophy Trust, a play games and other postseason awards are away protected and can be purchased by EA Sports. In addition, given a playoff, and many play games, are owned by ESPN, EA Sports would not have to enter into another agreement with a Worldwide Leader. In 2005, a dual companies sealed a 15-year understanding for ESPN to be integrated into a video games.

If EA Sports is to save a college football video diversion franchise, it contingency give a fans a ability to totally customize a game. It’s not probable to envision either a diversion would be profitable, generally during a ignored cost tab that a general diversion would have to sell for. Personally, we would have no qualms about shopping such a game, as we use a TeamBuilder and a downloadable calm EA Sports provides already, and it’s certainly improved than no diversion during all. Hopefully, other consumers would agree.

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