Greater Neuse River Conference Football Preseason Media Day

I’m gonna uncover we a mic building right there, go forth. Yes, so we meant whatever see we right. Yeah. Mhm. So we have manager Jason webs here with willow springs, we guys have a flattering immature core, um, initial varsity season, what do we design entrance adult for a arriving season? It’s gonna be an ascending battle, not carrying seniors. So it’s just, we usually got to welcome that and we evangelise to a kids about guileless that stand and meaningful that there’s gonna be pizza is gonna be valleys, yet we gotta, we know, usually concentration on a large design altogether um and not get held adult in, we know, some of those valleys and usually continue that stand and, we know, concentration on removing improved any day along with it being your initial season. What does it feel like to start from scratch? You know, you’re being during carrie for a few years kind of had a module in place, a complement in place, yet we being means to horde your possess complement and horde your possess programming team. What is it feel like? What is it we meant to start your possess start from scratch, it’s been unequivocally rewarding. Um we know, it’s a singular event doesn’t come adult unequivocally mostly and as a coach, um, we know, to be in that conditions where we get to kind of unequivocally put your stamp on what you’re perplexing to do and build it. It’s a unequivocally fun process. You know, it’s a lot of time and bid that goes into it, yet thankfully mary we have good village and good propagandize in place with us. So, we know, that partial has been unequivocally rewarding and we know, we’re looking brazen to a hurdles that are in front of us relocating brazen towards a season. You guys did have your initial deteriorate final year, it was on JV, what did that demeanour like? You know, we had some good success via a year, We had, we know, we finished adult 5 and 5 and we know, had some good wins on a highway opposite peculiarity teams and peculiarity programs. We struggled infrequently as good too, yet that was partial of that routine of us training and flourishing as a organisation and we think, we know, nonetheless it wasn’t a varsity year, it was a unequivocally um educational year for a organisation and a players to know what high propagandize football is like and and some of a same players they went opposite final year, they will be going opposite a subsequent few years and we know, removing a ambience of what a discussion is gonna demeanour like. So we feel like, we know, we know, we didn’t get to play on friday nights final year, we got a tiny ambience of it. And so we’re unequivocally looking brazen to holding that subsequent step to a varsity spin after completing open training and summer workouts so distant this year. What are we looking brazen to many this arriving season, You know, usually being a best probable versions of ourselves, we could be and for us, we know, a customary is a best be a best probable chronicle day in and day out all that we do. Um, so that’s what we’re looking brazen to. Um, we know, if we, if we go out there and do that day in and day out, we feel assured in where we can be. Um, and we know, let a cards tumble from there, yet we, we can control that. We control a controllable, give a best effort, all we do, we’ll be in good shape. Uh, vocalization of we carrying a immature team, what’s a summary going out? we theory going opposite a farrago of going opposite comparison guys guys that have been on varsity programs for 4 years, 3 years. Um, dual years during that. What, this is a summary that we give them usually going opposite comparison guys who are apparently some bigger, faster, stronger and usually going out there competing. You know, it’s usually believe, um, desiring in ourselves, desiring in a team, desiring in that daily process. Um, we know, for us, it’s kind of like a faceless foe form proceed where we’re perplexing to go one to know and what we do and, and that goes repute by repute in use and, we know, we’re perplexing to get too held adult in that sound because, we know, we hear it, we know, everyone’s gonna contend we don’t have seniors. We don’t have this, we’re young, we’re that well, we know, we demeanour during those as excuses and we try not to concentration on those who try to concentration on what we do have deposits for any player, deposits for a organisation and module relocating brazen and a opportunities that are in front of us. So, we know, these opportunities don’t come along unequivocally mostly too put your stamp and build something and afterwards also be a partial of a good discussion that we’re in. So we’re super vehement about that. You did finish a season, as we mentioned 5 and 5 final year. What will be a categorical idea in going to this year and alleviation usually one week during a time, You know, we’re not going to demeanour past any opponent. We’re not perplexing to round anything on any schedule. Just perplexing to go in and prepared any day, um, and try to get improved any day. And that same again, a one and o approach, um, usually perplexing to concentration on one thing. We can urge any day as a team. And if we continue to do those, we’re gonna devalue those tiny wins and eventually those are gonna compensate off large wins for us on a field. You, forgive me, we spoke, we spoke about holding it one during a time. Getting wanna know any week what matchups, if any are we looking brazen to this arriving season? No, all of them. You know, we think, we know, we’re not encircling any games. Uh, but, we know, a initial diversion is opposite New Bern and they’re unequivocally um, peculiarity program. You know, always a contender. They always have good athletes and we know, they have a good winning tradition and enlightenment there. So it’s gonna be a good exam for a module to see where we’re during and where we need to be relocating brazen over that game. And a singular thing about that is we’re gonna be personification them for a subsequent dual years following this year. So it’s going to be, I’m a singular event to play a organisation for mixed years. That’s got that kind of history. But then, we know, a conference, we know, we feel like tip to bottom of discussion is good. You know, any week, um, all these teams, they have a possibility to contest and kick any other and we know, for us to be out there and go and contest opposite those form of teams with that caliber. It’s usually gonna make us improved as a organisation And it’s a module vocalization on enlightenment and organisation chemistry, what does it feel like being in that locker room? It’s great. You know, as a summer is going by and we know, via a past full calendar year, we started off final year, a initial day we had a smoke-stack of cones and 6 footballs, we couldn’t even get into a building. You know, we grew as a year went on, went grew to 47 players, um, during a season. And, we know, going into a spring, we had a lot of hum from players, other students in a propagandize wish to be a partial of it and we’ve now grown to over 100 players in a module usually to feel that appetite and afterwards feed off of any other has been overwhelming and we know, they’re embracing this event in front of them and so we’re super vehement about that. Um, we know, and a team, we know, a culture, a substructure for a team’s family and for us, that means forget about me, we adore we and we know, that that adore partial is it is always comfortable and mushy, yet it’s all, it’s also about holding any other accountable and we consider a organisation is unequivocally bought into that aspect of, we know, perplexing to assistance any other be a best probable chronicle of themselves. That could be, we guys have a ton of immature talent who are some dermatitis players that we trust will have a dermatitis year along with pivotal players that will minister to a team’s success. Yeah, for sure, we know, returning quarterback and played a lot for us final year chasing him gray. He’s young, yet he’s got a lot of talent. So we’re vehement to get him out there again and get him, we know, competing during a subsequent level. We’ve got some good receivers on a outside, we know, Noah Landis had finished a lot of plays for us, that receiver final year and he’s had a unequivocally good off season. So we’re vehement about him there. We’ve got some guys in a delegate that have stepped adult and finished a unequivocally good pursuit and like Chris Harrington, he’s had a unequivocally good offseason as a DB, been means to play mixed spots and then, we know, AJ Bergen, he plays linebacker and parsimonious finish for us and he’s finished a unequivocally good pursuit for us. So we’re vehement about um not usually those guys, yet a lot of them, yet those are some guys that had some unequivocally good off seasons as we approached a arriving year, other than normal goals, like winning a state championship or winning a discussion championship, what are goals that we have for a organisation and for yourself, and again, it usually goes behind and it’s kind of redundant, yet that’s usually what we preached, a players going on in a concentration on one of those particular battles, perplexing to win any repute during a time. You know, if we continue to do those and smoke-stack those and those victor’s gonna take caring of themselves and, we know, we try to concentration on one week during a time, even if we do come out with a win, we’ll try to, we know, suffer it, yet put that to rest and now we usually have a code new proceed of a uninformed start and perplexing to usually go wanna know regardless of what a record is from there. So we know, we consider it’s usually those tiny tiny battles that we go via a week in use and a games and we know, try to concentration on a tiny ones since it’s easy to get held adult in, we know, all a a vigour of perplexing to win on a friday night, that that’s what a idea is, yet we gotta make certain we do a tiny things and be unchanging weekend and week out in sequence to grasp that. Thanks. Thank you. we agree. Also rebuilding we’ve yeah, europe. Yeah, yeah, we was gonna burst in line going around. Yeah, yeah. Selfies, Raleigh what’s been a focus? This also even this offseason to urge from final season’s record after losing 6 true in discussion play, foe from within removing bigger, stronger and faster than all deteriorate and we know, usually gaining trust within a coaching staff and as good as a players, we had a got it, lot of guys returned with a lot of experience. Mhm. And they usually wish to win manager Campbell, this is your alma mater. What does it meant to we to be partial of a rebuilding of a module during Southeast Raleigh? It means all since it’s not, we know what I’m saying? It’s not usually another pursuit we yeah, we take honour in rebuilding, assisting reconstruct a propagandize village as good as a football team. You know, a football organisation is usually partial of a whole routine that we try to consolidate in Southeast Raleigh magnet high propagandize and it being my alma mater, a kids know a students know afterwards I’m gonna quarrel a tiny bit harder for them, we know, any day in any way. What is it that creates Anthony immature so effective as an officer? What kind of progress? Um, do we feel a organisation is finished in building adult a enlightenment in south easterly Raleigh? Um, we think, we know, altogether like what we consider has helped build a culture. It’s tough a kids, we know, they mentally and physically they’re unequivocally a tough group. Uh, they, they’re conflict tested. Now we had a lot of opposite factors that went into, it’s descending and going to those 6 true waste final year, yet we’ve used that as proclivity any step of a way. Well, we theory looking behind during a open training and summer workouts, what are we looking brazen to many in this arriving season? I’m vehement to see my invulnerability play defensive line, unequivocally good and secondary. I’m vehement to see some guys fly around and make some plays offensively, unequivocally vehement about a quarterback and some of a immature receivers. we consider I’m gonna step adult and make some plays. You pronounced you’re vehement about a defense, your quarterback, immature receivers, uh, what are some of a names that we should be looking out for this arriving season, um, offense we would contend Tyler McLaurin during quarterback. Um, a man will use is like a arms will be a man Marlon. Alan, we got a lot of speed, we can make a lot of plays. We got a man got William lane, he’s gonna make a lot of plays as good as on a defensive side. I’ll contend Alex Williams, he’ll play a tiny offense too. No, Nazeer, Stanley Chase Chase Robinson, Isaiah McClure, Mark Wilson, those are 3 invulnerability fixing that lapse had poignant personification time final year as good as Jason Sanders on a defensive line. Looking during your conference, we pronounce about how it’s a good conference, tough conference. How do we see we guys personification out and just, we theory altogether finale of where you’ll finish adult this season, we know, we consider it usually starts with us being means to be some-more physical, we know, we, we stepped into a discussion final year physically, we weren’t ready, we weren’t clever adequate to withstand what a opponents gave us in a trenches and we consider this offseason we’ve we’ve finished that. So I’m usually vehement to see how we face off opposite a opponents in a church is like we said, like we’ve put a lot of importance on a descent line and defensive line, this offseason, removing those guys in shape, removing them unequivocally large and unequivocally strong. We’ve got unequivocally good descent line coaches, we know, we know, I’m vehement to see a usually conflict any night. There’s a standard goals any year that any conduct coach, any staff players wish to get state championships, discussion championships? What goals do we have privately for your organisation away and as a team? Um, we know, a initial idea we have right now is to win diversion one, um, play on right, we know, organisation that, we know, over over a years, we know, tighten in proximity, a kids know a lot of their kids. Um, yet as good as we’ve got a tough non discussion report with some unequivocally good football team. Um, we know, we usually got to come to play any night and afterwards once we get into conference, usually sojourn healthy as prolonged as we can and compete. You know, we think, we consider we give ourselves a possibility when we don’t spin a football over this year. Like we said, starting with a quarterback position, he’s a man that can make plays with his feet and he’s got a unequivocally large arm, we would contend substantially has one of a strongest arms in this area. Also with a doubt about word, Yeah, right Coach King, this is your initial deteriorate during South Garner. What are we saying from a module so far? I’m saying a lot of kids are dedicated to removing improved and improving a name of South. So we, we, we got a lot of kids here, they’re doing what they’re ostensible to do. I’m kinda vehement about what’s gonna happen. You’ve been a conduct manager during other high schools won a state championship manager in college. This is a new conditions yet with a comparatively new school. What has this routine been like for you? The routine has been kind of any process. we mean, we know, in a past, we know, always had kids that you’ve famous this year has been new. Um this, this organisation that’s entrance adult stage has been a initial 4 year class. Um, so they’re comparatively new 4 years, including a covid year. So usually training them ball, training them history, perplexing to put bequest and things inside of a build. How do we see your discussion this year? And where do we wish on, where do we wish on finishing a season? Um tough conference. We got some determined teams in this conference. That’s, that’s used to winning, that’s used to going low in a playoffs. Um What we’re perplexing to do, we’re perplexing to be improved than we were final year. We’re perplexing to win one some-more diversion to some-more games, 3 some-more games, whatever that might be, be improved difference final year competent for a playoffs and usually keep a arena of South Garner going on a ceiling on a right tip. Speaking of during slightest comparing to final season, winning one game, winning dual games, winning 3 games, usually improving from final year. What keys and points will have to go into Consideration for that to happen. Um well, some of a things I’ve seen from examination film, these kids, we gotta play 4/4 gotta play from start to finish diversion is not over compartment a diversion is over. Um, We gotta discharge some of a mistakes we finished alignments assignments and we got to discharge some of a large plays. We give up, we got to measure some some-more points opposite a discussion opponent. Were some pivotal players to demeanour out for this arriving season. Well with me, all always start adult front. So an descent line, we gotta demeanour um Elijah Marshall 63-70. You demeanour during Jairus Johnson 6-2 50, we know, we demeanour in a backfield with Jordan Reed, they’ll be opening holes for him receiving wise. we consider we’re flattering good, flattering stacked. There was a small Winston, that’s a line commit. You know, we’re using back, we got Jordan Reed, quarterback Julian deadline got 65 V Leicester, we know, so we got some guys linebacker sean, we know, we’ve got some good immature talent. Junior rising James, johnson and reserve sophomore Javon. Right? So we got some pieces, we usually got to make certain a pieces are in a right place and creation a place. Speaking of a square is what will be, what will go into care for we utilizing those pieces and removing touches to profitable weapons on a bureau of special teams and usually going out there. I’m during a finish of a day, we know, it’s about jimmy’s and joe’s all this good, all of us coaches, we, we know, we, we consider we’re very, unequivocally smart, yet it’s during a finish of a day it’s about removing your playmakers a ball, putting them in space, putting a event to be great. So we got to get those guys a chances, put them in a right spots to make a plays and let their God given ability to take over. What do we consider are a biggest strengths for your team’s descent and and defensive and special teams on a biggest strength of is we have immature guys that’s been personification long, comparison classes, comparison class, sophomore class, youth class, been personification bars in a prolonged time. So they have a knowledge that we get knowledge or not, we give we wish to to be good enough. Um and a things about it is they connect into a concepts and no, we have to play football in all 3 phases to be successful offense, invulnerability and special teams, so they’re not holding plays off and they all, they wish to be good on possibly side of a round coaches and teams, standard goals for a deteriorate or winning state championships, winning discussion championships. But what do we have for your team’s particular goals along with organisation goals for a addition season? Well, away goes, we know, that’s something that’s on them, we wish those guys to be a best they can get all out of it, they can if that’s deliberate going to propagandize free, we know, cite travel on what have you, that’s what it would be. Um, if we looking during organisation goals and all else, like we pronounced earlier, we wish to be improved than we were final year. Um Our biggest idea this year is to validate for a playoffs will be initial in a propagandize history. So we wish to be improved than final year, validate for a playoffs and a seniors and juniors and all that. Get all that should be entrance to them since of bid and tough work. Thank we sir. we consider all a other coaches great. Yeah. Okay, awesome. Get my good sack. I’ll spin around. You finished a deteriorate with a 4 and 5 record final year. Do we design to see alleviation on that record this season? Yes sir. Absolutely. We had a unequivocally good off season, Our conditioning module is unequivocally clever via a year. It was unequivocally a possibility for us to kind of refocus and kind of not take things for postulated as much. And as distant as a kids have done, a extensive pursuit of scheming this year and we’re unequivocally vehement about what we can do this season. Speaking of a open training and summer workouts, what are we looking brazen to many this arriving season? Um We’re looking brazen to removing behind on a margin and competing good final year, we know, we had some, we know, challenges, we think, we know, a numbers being a tiny down, Covid attack some of a kids not carrying a pro, we know, not carrying a time in a weight room that we used to, we consider this year we feel like we indeed had a full year of scheming and so we’re looking brazen to removing behind on a margin and competing and and personification tough this year uh is what we’re many vehement about Garner. There are some pivotal youth contributors returning from final season, including QB and using back. How many will that knowledge assistance this fall? Tremendously, tremendously. Great leadership. Mhm. Between between Jacob, Taylor and Corey Davis. Uh we have Tyler Stephenson entrance behind just, we know, Charles Burrell, ah we know, we can go on and on and on about a care and what’s many critical is that a kids that we have are turning, they unequivocally like any other. Yeah, some, we know, kids here unequivocally work together, They reason any other accountable and we’re awaiting a lot of good things from this organisation since of their attribute and how, how many they trust any other and uh and like any other out there in a margin and they’re carrying a lot of fun, their practices. That use is fun and a kids suffer being out there, you’ve oral about everybody fondness any other and being a fun atmosphere. Uh what is that? How does that relate to a field? Oh, it’s when you’re, when you’re, when you’re out there, you’re carrying fun a time a time goes by a lot faster. You know, we don’t consider about a feverishness so much. You don’t, we don’t consider about, we know how, we know a sprints and a using and the, we know, we can, they can demeanour during any other and say, look, yeah, this is, we know, here we are operative together. Well, we know, carrying some, it’s not a job, it doesn’t turn a pursuit for them. It’s something they wish to be atmosphere they, when use is over with, we know, like kids looking during any other going loud. It’s, it’s over with already. You know, it’s too dual hours is gonna buy that quick or it’s amazing. So, so that’s what it looks like with us. It’s usually it’s a kids wish to be there, they wish to be around any other and we fundamentally have to run them out when all is pronounced and finished since they still wish to hang out and speak and, and, and we know, they’re very, unequivocally friendly. What are a biggest dreams offensively defensively and special teams that will be bringing to a organisation to assistance with a success of a team. we consider we mentioned before, I’ve seen your care uh this year. We’ve got such an unstinting glass. They are uh they lift kids with, they’re not, they’re not out there usually for themselves, they lift other players with them and that and that’s opposite a ball? That’s offense, defense, special teams. That’s, that’s a strength is and, and that’s what, we know, all good teams. That’s where your strength is, is is those, those uh players that got that final year that wish to make it special and that wish to not usually leave, we know, leave on a high note, yet leave a bequest and be means to lift those that are, we know, a underclassmen with them. Hey demeanour guys, you’re gonna be following my footsteps subsequent year, You’re gonna be concerned in what we’re doing subsequent year. Those, that’s, that’s a strength of a organisation personification in a larger news. You play opposite good competition. What do we wish that your organisation will finish this year? Well, well, good we have, we have unequivocally high expectations. We, we know, we are going to, going to magnet high school, we’ve got a extensive tradition uh that we, uh, that we continue to pierce brazen with. we design us to finish towards a top. we mean, there’s some good teams in this conference. You know, Cleveland’s incredible. Clayton’s always got good athletes. You know, Willis Springs is young. You know, a few utterly a few Quays Quays, substantially a toughest organisation we play here in a year out usually a fortify and they play well. So yeah, it’s good foe and out there and and so we’re looking brazen to being rival and finish adult towards a tip of a discussion when everything’s pronounced and done. What goals do we have for yourself along with a organisation this year that we that we improve? That we urge in practice, that we urge in any diversion that we grow and that and by doing that, all good things happen. And we consider that’s a ultimate idea is that we, we know, we take things, we take things as they come one day during a time when use during a time when play during a time. And we grow from that any and any time. And that’s a ultimate idea is to urge and get better. And if we do that, we’re gonna be unequivocally successful this year. Thank you, sir. Appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you.

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