Former Google worker files lawsuit alleging a association dismissed him over pro-diversity posts

A former Google operative is suing a association for discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and prejudicial termination, according to justice papers filed today. Tim Chevalier, a program developer and former site-reliability operative during Google, claims that Google dismissed him when he responded with inner posts and memes to extremist and sexist encounters within a association and a ubiquitous response to a now-infamous James Damore memo. News of Chevalier’s lawsuit was reported progressing currently by Gizmodo.

Chevalier pronounced in a matter to The Verge, “It is a vicious irony that Google attempted to clear banishment me by claiming that my amicable networking posts showed disposition opposite my harassers.” Chevalier, who is also infirm and transgender, alleges that his inner posts that shielded women of tone and marginalized people led directly to his stop in Nov 2017. He had worked during Google for a small underneath dual years.

Notably, Chevalier’s posts had been quoted in Damore’s lawsuit opposite Google — in that Damore sued a association for taste opposite regressive white group — as justification Google available liberals to pronounce out during a association unpunished. Chevalier’s lawsuit alleges that his banishment is, in fact, a form of punishment. (Damore recently had a apart labor house censure shot down by a US National Labor Relations Board, that settled in a superintendence memo that Google was in a right to glow him.)

In a statement, Google orator Gina Scigliano says Google was enforcing a process opposite a graduation of damaging stereotypes. “An critical partial of a enlightenment is sharp-witted debate. But like any workplace, that doesn’t meant anything goes. All employees acknowledge a formula of control and other workplace policies, underneath that compelling damaging stereotypes formed on competition or gender is prohibited” Scigliano says. “This is a really customary expectancy that many employers have of their employees. The strenuous infancy of a employees promulgate in a approach that is unchanging with a policies. But when an worker does not, it is something we contingency take seriously. We always make a preference though any courtesy to a employee’s domestic views.”

One of a inner memes Chevalier combined was desirous by a black Google employee, who wrote in an inner Google Plus post that she was being asked to benefaction her ID badge some-more mostly than her white co-workers. A Google worker allegedly responded to a post by observant that seeking for ID was only partial of a job, Gizmodo reported. Chevalier afterwards done a privilege-denying dude meme regulating Google’s inner meme generator with a caption, “I have opinions about forms of hardship that don’t impact me.”

In mid-September, Chevalier was called into a assembly by HR and told that a censure had been done about another post in that he pronounced he would not work with people who common Damore’s views, according to Gizmodo. In a same month, Chevalier’s behaving manager told him regularly he was enchanting in too most “social activism,” a fit alleges.

The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco County Superior Court and Chevalier is seeking indemnification for mislaid wages, romantic distress, punitive damages, and injunctive service opposite those purported damaging acts. One of Chevalier’s attorneys, David Lowe, settled that Chevalier’s stop was a outcome of Google unwell to rein in a mostly unfiltered inner amicable networks. “Company amicable networking forums can be impossibly useful, though employers have an requirement to forestall them from apropos a duct of bullying and harassment,” Lowe pronounced in a press release.

Last August, Chevalier and 13 other Google employees were also targeted by alt-right trolls as partial of a widespread recoil opposite Damore’s firing. A 4chan-related Twitter comment posted a screenshot of a employees’ Twitter profiles, all of whom were of color, women, or trans men. These profiles afterwards became targets of online harassment, some of that Chevalier sum in his complaint.

Update during 7:45PM ET, 2/21: Added matter from Google.

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