Finn: If Love Deal Doesn’t Happen, Let’s Hope Embiid Falls to a C"s

Embiid is a ridiculously jaunty large male who plays with a meant streak, one who has already softened by leaps and end and nonetheless has not come tighten to his ceiling. And by all accounts he’s as good a teammate as he is a prospect. For basketball fans intrigued to see what he competence become, this is a genuine bummer. we wasn’t anxious to see him compared to Hakeem Olajuwon, since The Dream was a actor so skilled, generally with his Admiral-destroying fakes and footwork …

… that there is no genuine comp in joining history. Hakeem was one of a kind, and we don’t consider there will ever be a duplicate. It’s astray to Embiid, even with overwhelming if still-faint similarities to a college chronicle of (H)Akeem in tender talent, enchanting demeanor, and relations inexperience, to review a two.

But being compared to a No. 1 collect in a 1984 NBA Draft certain beats being compared to a No. 2 pick. The Blazers will never live down selecting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan (Greg Oden over Kevin Durant isn’t looking so swell, either), yet anyone who saw a healthy Bowie during Kentucky knew of his appeal.

He was an unusual all-around talent, a means passer and defensive force. Bowie’s bequest — and it’s a same to varying degrees for associate former Blazers large group Bill Walton and Oden — is that of a cautionary tale, a vicious and long-lived sign that feet and leg injuries can case and even destroy a many earnest careers.

Here’s anticipating that this is usually a hiccup for Embiid, that he goes on to perform all of his guarantee in a prolonged NBA career. We won’t know a long-term effects of this — if there are any — for during slightest a year, if not years. But in a short-term, one outcome is already apparent — there’s a decent probability that this injury, that could need scarcely a full year of recovery, will lead him to a opposite NBA destination.

Cleveland could still take him No. 1 overall. But right now, it seems too risky, generally with talents such as Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and a rising Dante Exum available. The doubt is not either he ends adult in Cleveland, yet how distant he will fall.

From a green-eyed viewpoint here, Embiid’s damage — holding magnetism for a child out of it — is a power blessing for a Celtics. It’s probable that he’s there during No. 6, yet a camber here is that they’ll skip out on him by a collect or two. The miss of team-work from a ping-pong balls not usually might force them to give adult some-more for Kevin Love than they would have had to do had they landed a improved pick, yet it might also forestall them from removing Embiid if they do hang onto a pick.

I still trust they can make a trade for Love before a draft, quite if his self-organized recruiting revisit a few weeks ago went good adequate that he uses his precedence to tell a Timberwolves that Boston is a usually place he wants to go and a usually place he will re-sign. But a Embiid damage and a probability of him shifting adds another covering of amour to a Celtics’ power options before and during a draft.

Bringing Love here (and gripping Rajon Rondo, who goes if there’s an apparent rebuild) is what we wish happens. But if it does not, I’d adore to see Embiid as Plan B. The feet damage is troubling, yet it’s a risk value holding in sequence to acquire that singular gold of size, athleticism, instincts, and intensity.

Yeah, maybe he will be a subsequent Sam Bowie. And we know how we feel about speak that he’s a second entrance of Hakeem. But this most is certain — during slightest there’s no subsequent Michael Jordan who will still be on a house after Embiid is gone

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