Fighter on Fighter: Breaking down UFC 222's Cris Cyborg

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight queen, Cris Cyborg, will block off with promotional newcomer, Yana Kunitskaya, this Saturday (March 3, 2018) during UFC 222 inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s tough to get a full review on someone’s skills when they are murdering undeserved competition. That’s a reason informal prospects with undefeated annals are always looked during with a bit of dishonesty until they infer themselves in a Octagon, as it’s many harder to demeanour good conflicting legitimate competition. Luckily, Cyborg lived adult to expectations final time out conflicting a toughest enemy of her career, showcasing calm and technique to kick adult Holly Holm. It would be poetic to see those skills again with identical compare up, though Cyborg is behind to confronting an tiny enemy with tiny high-level experience.

Nevertheless, let’s take a closer demeanour during her ability set:


Cyborg is a special athlete. Few women in fighting figure are vast adequate to need a weight cut to 145 pounds, so stretch alone separates Cyborg from most. Of that brief list, distant fewer are versed with Cyborg’s jaunty gifts and earthy strength. Even outward of Featherweight, a infancy of fighters in women’s churned martial humanities (MMA) tend to be grapplers though a ability to chuck technically purify punches with fight-ending power.

Much of Cyborg’s diversion relies on strenuous her opponents. Regardless of what operation or facet of MMA from that she’s working, Cyborg is assertive and relentless in office of a finish. On a feet, that charge comes in a form of countless right hands. She’ll spasmodic use a pointy poke to mountain adult her competition true before a difficult blows come, though a right palm is a core of her striking. To brew it up, Cyborg does do a good pursuit of punching to both a conduct and body. Since her competition mostly is gripping her hands unequivocally parsimonious to try and equivocate a knockout punches, a physique is mostly an easy target.

Though she’s changed divided from rushes, Cyborg has a choice of simply ignoring her opponent’s offense flurrying. Alternating right hands and left hooks, Cyborg’s proceed is elementary though positively effective. She’s a unequivocally durable fighter, and there isn’t a lady in MMA who could trade punches with Cyborg and come out on tip consistently.

Leslie Smith attempted — and her toughness should never be questioned — though a palm speed and energy disproportion was immediately apparent (GIF).

Cyborg’s final span of performances were a many technical and totalled of her career. In a first, she still walked down and crushed Tonya Evinger like a red-haired terminator, though Cyborg was intelligent from each distance. At range, she punished her opponent’s lead leg to a indicate where it was giving out. As Cyborg changed closer, her conduct transformation showed thespian alleviation and authorised her to equivocate many of Evinger’s furious strikes.

Once in a closer range, Cyborg would let her hands fly, though she was never messy or loading adult too much. In addition, Cyborg would finish her combinations by punching into a clinch, another area where Cyborg tends to browbeat with a polished brew of physicality and technique. After clubbing her competition with a right hand, Cyborg will transition into a double-collar tie. From there, she’s means to chuck her opponents around, impact home knees to a face, and even moment her competition with a occasional elbow.

Opposite Holm, Cyborg fell into some of her opponent’s trap early. Holm was relocating good and angling off, refusing to give Cyborg an easy target. If Cyborg stepped in too heavily, Holm would detonate brazen with a cross, and a few of them bloodied her foe’s nose. Once Cyborg supposed that she could not overcome Holm with perfect ferocity and began to conflicting instead, a formula were immediate. Cyborg fast gained a review on Holm’s timing, regularly tackling a left hand. In this week’s technique highlight, we talked about because Cyborg was so successful in throwing Holm entrance in.

In Cyborg’s usually new detriment in any sport, she faced Jorina Baars in a Muay Thai pretension fight. Baars’ stream record is 42-0-4 in her sport, so there’s apparently no contrition in that loss, though it’s value mentioning that Cyborg softened from that defeat. In all likelihood, losing to Baars desirous Cyborg to refocus on her conduct transformation and equivocate barreling forward, a span of traits that authorised Baars to conflicting with kicks and knees adult a middle.


Getting brutalized by Cyborg’s right palm and knees is flattering unappealing, so many of her opponents try to take her down. Unfortunately for them, physicality and stretch are even some-more critical in wrestling exchanges, heading to tiny success for her opponents.

Cyborg usually looks for takedowns when her competition is actively perplexing to clinch. Once again, it unequivocally comes down to physicality, as Cyborg is mostly means to simply lift and impact her opponents though many effort. For example, she likes to conflicting a stereotypical women’s MMA head-and-arm toss simply by obscure her base, squeezing her hold and lifting her competition a other direction.

It’s value mentioning that Cyborg’s tip diversion can be flattering devastating. It’s not complicated, though Cyborg has crushed opponents simply by station over their ensure and dropping bombs. Alternatively, Cyborg will chuck her opponent’s legs by and dive in with a punch, as she’s utterly nasty from widespread positions with punches and elbows.

Tonya Evinger is maybe a many gifted wrestler who Cyborg has faced, and Evinger did find some success. She was means to close her hands around a double leg on a fence, that is substantially a best position in MMA to finish a takedown from. Cyborg detonate up, though Evinger clung to her hips and countered with a trip. Cyborg returned to her feet in seconds once some-more and pressed all destiny shots, though that sell should give any full-size grappling dilettante during 145 pounds some wish … if such a thing exists.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Cyborg’s fights might not underline many extended grappling exchanges, though she does have a ton of credentials. She’s a brownish-red belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu underneath Andre Galvao — one of a sport’s best — and has won mixed bullion medals as a purple belt in large tournaments. Plus, she took bronze in 2009 during ADCC, that is utterly an accomplishment.

In MMA, a usually time Cyborg unequivocally pounded with submissions came in her hitch with Gina Carano. After giving adult mountain in a bad takedown attempt, Cyborg fast hip transient into a good heel offshoot attempt, that authorised her to hasten behind to good position.

It was a discerning and effective arrangement of transitory jiu-jitsu.

Beyond that tiny instance, it’s tough to get a review on Cyborg’s jiu-jitsu in MMA. She could have looked for submissions from tip position conflicting Marloes Coenen, though Coenen is a plain acquiescence warrior herself. Plus, Cyborg was positively winning with belligerent strikes, so there was no genuine reason to switch it up.


Cyborg is roughly positively going to brutalize another tough Bantamweight. Kunitskaya has some distinguished credentials, though she’s hopelessly out-matched in terms of energy and athleticism. Barring some catastrophe, it’s protected to design a 16:1 favorite to do her partial in environment adult a super quarrel with Amanda Nunes come July.


Andrew Richardson, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt, is an pledge champion who trains during Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, California. In further to training alongside world-class talent, Andrew has scouted opponents and grown winning strategies for several of a sport’s many chosen fighters.

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