FACT CHECK: Did Google Remove Photos of Bill Clinton with Jeffrey Epstein from Search Results?

In Jul 2019, purebred sex delinquent and sidestep account manager Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on charges relating to a sex trafficking of minors. In further to a astringency of a purported crimes, Epstein’s detain done headlines due to his connectors to obvious open total and politicians, including President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton.

The news of Epstein’s detain sent domestic partisans into overdrive as they attempted to uncover that politicians on their side were reduction concerned with Epstein than politicians on a other side. So when images of President Trump with Epstein were published by news outlets and circulated on amicable media, his defenders were dissapoint not to see identical images of Bill Clinton with Epstein being given equal prominence. This led to a gossip that Google was “scrubbing,” “removing,” or “deindexing” images of Clinton and Epstein together from hunt formula as partial of a cover to strengthen a Clintons.

Twitter users Paul Sperry, Jack Murphy, and BNL News all claimed, though evidence, that images of Epstein and Clinton together had been private from Google’s hunt results, and their tweets were collectively common thousands of times over:

These claims are though merit. These tweets supposing no justification that images of Clinton with Epstein could be found on Google before to a latter’s detain in Jul 2019, nor any explanation that Google had private these purported images from their hunt formula in a issue of Epstein’s incarceration. In fact, they supposing no justification that photographs of Clinton with Epstein even existed during all.

Twitter user Robert Barnes arrogant this gossip by claiming that while Google wouldn’t uncover photographs of Epstein and Clinton together, such images were findable regulating other hunt engines, such as DuckDuckGo:

This simply wasn’t a case.

We searched for images of Clinton together with Epstein on Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yandex. The formula for all 5 of these hunt engines were similar, with nothing of them branch adult a genuine sketch of Epstein together with Clinton:






Photographs of Epstein with Clinton were not scrubbed from Google’s hunt results, since images of Clinton with Epstein don’t seem to exist. Or if they do, they haven’t ever been widely disseminated online.

We also checked right-leaning websites such as Breitbart, a National Review, and a Daily Caller to see if they had published any cinema of this span together, though nonetheless again we came adult empty-handed. In fact, a usually picture of Clinton with Epstein we managed to find was a manipulated picture formed on a sketch that creatively showed Donald Trump with Epstein:

Of course, a miss of cinema doesn’t meant that Bill Clinton didn’t have a accessible relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. The former boss reportedly took several trips on Epstein’s private jet, and in 1995 Clinton and Epstein were both on a guest list for a “small cooking party” hosted by Revlon noble Ron Perelman to lift supports for a Democratic National Convention:

Jeffrey Epstein during Clinton/DNC Fundraising Dinner Mar 1995 Palm Beach/ 1 of 15 guest @ 100k each

We reached out to Google for criticism and will refurbish this essay if some-more information becomes available.

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