Ex-Liberia President Charles Taylor in bid to leave UK prison

Charles Taylor in justice on Sep 26 2013Charles Taylor arrived in a UK final October

Ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor has asked to offer a rest of his fight crimes judgment in Rwanda, claiming that being incarcerated in a UK denies him a right to a family life.

Taylor’s mother and children have been incompetent to revisit him in County Durham, counsel John Jones QC said.

He was convicted of helping rebels who committed atrocities in Sierra Leone.

The UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone hearing was hold during The Hague on a agreement he was jailed elsewhere.

The abroad venue for a justice box was selected in box a hearing sparked renewed disturbance in West Africa.

An act of parliament was upheld to concede for Taylor to offer his judgment in a UK, during a cost of a British government, following his conviction.

Taylor was condemned in 2012 and arrived in a UK final October, carrying unsuccessfully challenged a preference to be incarcerated there.

Human rights

Legal papers have now been lodged with a justice claiming that portion his judgment in a UK breaches his tellurian rights.

The former leader, 66, says it would be some-more “humane” for him, and his mother and 15 children, if he was to lapse to Africa to finish his sentence.

His counsel told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme: “In a 8 months that he has been in a UK he has not perceived a singular revisit from his mother and children.

“He has teenager children. When he was in The Hague on trial, he had unchanging visits, they came, they saw him, they went back.”

Players of a Sierra Leone polite fight amputees football group poise on 7 Apr 2006 during a beach in Freetown, Sierra LeoneMany victims of Sierra Leone’s polite fight had limbs hacked off by rebels

Mr Jones added: “What we are observant is a UK has a avocation to safeguard family life, not usually for him though for his family. It’s a transparent avocation underneath general law and English domestic law.”

The UK would save income if Taylor was transferred, he claimed.

“He is not suing a British Government, he is not seeking indemnification from a UK and, on a contrary, for a UK taxpayer it would be much, most cheaper if he were to offer his judgment in Rwanda with all a other prisoners from a special court,” pronounced Mr Jones.

Mr Jones pronounced visas had not been postulated to members of his family as immigration officials were “not confident that they are going to lapse to Liberia after their revisit to see him, that is ridiculous”.

Taylor timeline

  • 1989: Launches rebellion in Liberia
  • 1991: Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebellion starts in Sierra Leone
  • 1997: Elected boss after a 1995 assent deal
  • 1999: Rebels take adult arms opposite Taylor
  • Jun 2003: Arrest aver issued; dual months after he stairs down and goes into outcast in Nigeria
  • Mar 2006: Arrested after a unsuccessful shun bid and sent to Sierra Leone
  • Jun 2007: His hearing opens – hosted in The Hague for confidence reasons
  • Apr 2012: Convicted of helping and aiding a elect of fight crimes – after condemned to 50 years in jail
  • Oct 2013: Arrives in a UK to offer a residue of his sentence

Charles Taylor: Preacher, warlord, president


He pronounced Taylor was a usually chairman convicted by a special justice for SCSL to be eliminated from their home continent and that he had a sense “there is a counsel will to besiege him” – not usually in a UK, though in a North of England.

Taylor has been kept in a sanatorium wing during HMP Frankland given his attainment as he is deliberate vulnerable, according to a request submitted to a justice by his authorised team.

‘Freezing cold’

An unknown minute sent to Taylor, presumably from within a prison, melancholy him with corporeal mistreat and genocide demonstrates a “seriousness of a danger”, a request adds.

Speaking to a BBC news website, Mr Jones stressed that Rwanda was a some-more benevolent place for Taylor to be, as “everything is opposite here” – from a “freezing cold” continue to British food.

Taylor was convicted on 11 charges including terrorism, rape, murder and a use of child soldiers by insurgent groups in beside Sierra Leone during a 1991-2002 polite war, in that some 50,000 people died.

The former Liberian personality was found to have granted weapons to a Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in sell for supposed blood diamonds.

The rebels were scandalous for hacking off a limbs of civilians to threaten a population.

Taylor has always insisted he is trusting and that his usually hit with a rebels was to titillate them to stop fighting.

A Ministry of Justice orator said: “Charles Taylor is being treated in suitability with a United Kingdom’s obligations and in a same approach as any other restrained in England and Wales.”

The Foreign Office pronounced it did not criticism on particular prisoners or particular visa applications.

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