“Every diversion reviewed” is my weekly try to yield a summary of what fans of college football need to know about any diversion around some brief form records gleaned from possibly examination a diversion or drilling down into a box score. These are a tangible records we keep on teams for handicapping, podcasting, and essay purposes. we am usually endangered with what happens before rubbish time sets in.

I start with a final measure and work my approach behind by a opening until it creates sense. This means looking into things like stealing rubbish time, deliberation margin position, and reckoning out because a group got outgained nonetheless lost. It’s about as a low of a dive as can be done while attempting to get to each diversion played over a weekend.

I try not to make extended unconditional conclusions formed on a singular game. But we will indicate out concerns that could be current after a representation set of only one game. If we saw something we missed, greatfully let me know in a criticism section.

There was small transformation during a bottom and tip of a ACC, though some teams in a center started to apart a bit.